New Missouri Mayor Totally Understands Why That Kansas City Shooter Hated Jews

F. Glenn Miller is charged with a hate crime and suspected of killing three people last weekend at Kansas City Jewish centers.
Only a week into his job as the mayor of Marionville, a small town outside of Springfield, Dan Clevenger is already making national headlines.

But it's not his town or his elected position attracting a media scrum. It's his friendship with F. Glenn Miller, the KKK leader accused of shooting and killing three at Kansas City Jewish community centers.

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Knockout Game Fan Fiction: For Once, St. Louis is Ahead of the Curve

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TRF_Mr_Hyde on Flickr
Don't worry, it's not real.
We're sorry to break it to you, folks: The story about a 93-year-old gun-toting grandmother who shot her knockout-game assailant in the head isn't real.

As the rest of the country joins St. Louis in its shock over the violent game designed to hurt random bystanders, wannabe writers are taking advantage of the national mania, penning elaborate fake news stories that readers share online as fact.

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Photos: Westboro Baptist Church Protests at World Series For Some Reason

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Danny Wicentowski
Dave Winter, professional clown and haunted-house actor, needed just a few words to describe the Westboro Baptist Church.

"They're a special kind of fucked up."

Daily RFT isn't sure there's better way to characterize the hate-fueled antics of the Topeka, Kansas-based church, which sends protesters across the country to spread the word of God's indiscriminate hatred. So it's not a major shock they visited their nauseating brand of goofy bigotry on Game 3 of the World Series on Saturday.

Thankfully a couple dozen counterprotesters, like Winters, gave the Westboro Baptist Church a hearty St. Louis "reception," and Daily RFT was on the scene to capture the showdown. Enjoy!

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Vilify With Flair Using The "Brian Nieves Insult Generator"

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Progress Missouri
Missouri State Senator Brian Nieves is, well, a passionate man. An outspoken man, a patriot who gave an assault rifle to a campaign contributor and sent a rambling, bizarrely aggressive e-mail to a guy who just wanted to be removed from Nieves' e-mail list.

But when it comes to trading barbs over Facebook, Nieves is a verifiable put-down assassin.

In recognition of Nieves' singular talent, Progress Missouri created the Brian Nieves Insult Generator, a website which randomly displays one of Nieves' hall of fame insults in massive black font across the page. One reads:

"Why haven't I heard back from you? Did yur Mom ground you from twitter? Or have U been too busy playing X-Box?"


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Daisy Coleman: Anonymous Demands Justice For Maryville Rape Victim

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via Flickr/Galex
Anonymous, everyone's favorite hacktavist collective, has set its digital sights on the rural Missouri town of Maryville, the site of a convoluted and horrible rape case involving two teenage girls and a three high school athletes.

In January fourteen-year-old Daisy Coleman and a thirteen-year-old friend met up with a handful of high school seniors. Two of the boys had sex with the girls, while a third videotaped. Coleman's mother found her the next morning slumped on the front lawn with a with a blood-alcohol level of 0.13.

The girl spent the freezing night outside in just a T-shirt and sweatpants after seventeen-year-old football player Matthew Barnett and his friends deposited her there following a party. Both Coleman and her friend were later examined in a hospital, revealing physical evidence of recent sexual activity. Barnett and the two other boys eventually confessed to their roles in the incident, and the three star athletes soon found themselves facing various felony and misdemeanor charges.

Those charges, however, were short-lived.

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Ty Nsekhe, Former Rams Player, Disses Soldiers Because it "Doesn't Take Much Skill To Kill"

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Ty Nsekhe
Pro football player Ty Nsekhe was already having a rough summer before he put his cleats in his mouth via Twitter.

Cut from the Rams practice squad in late August, Nsekhe apparently used his newfound free time to jump into a Twitter exchange Monday that culminated in the offensive tackle spouting some seriously offensive sentiments about the military.

"It doesn't take much skill to kill someone," he wrote in response to a user who questioned why football players make more money than military service members.

Nsekhe deleted the tweet soon after, but other Twitter users screen-grabbed and re-tweeted it, stoking the Internet's white-hot flame of indignation.

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Claire McCaskill Responds to WSJ's James Taranto: "There Is No War on Men"

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Thumbnail image for McCaskill_Taranto.jpg
McCaskill Flickr/
Senator Claire McCaskill fires back at columnist James Taranto.
A little over a week ago, Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto penned a mind-numbingly backwards column about Senator Claire McCaskill's efforts to combat sexual assault in the military.

McCaskill decided not long ago to block an appointment for Lieutenant General Susan Helms because Helms tossed out the conviction of a military officer for sexual assault.

McCaskill's actions, according to Taranto, is evidence of a "war on men" and "an effort to criminalize male sexuality."

Today, McCaskill answers in a new column for The Daily Beast titled "There is No War on Men."

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Veolia Water Contract Officially "On Hold" Says Mayor Francis Slay

Slay and Reed Veolia.jpeg
Theo R. Welling
Slay and Reed (far right) tangle at a mayoral debate over Veolia.
Ahead of a day of action at City Hall this afternoon, Mayor Francis Slay's office has just released a statement formally declaring the consulting contract with Veolia "on hold."

The contract between Veolia, the largest water service provider in the world, and the city's water division was destined for a quiet approval back in December. However, after Riverfront Times broke news of the deal, a coalition of local activist groups representing environmental, labor, and social justice interests made Veolia into a mayoral campaign issue.

"I understand there are constituencies who have other questions about the contract and its place in international politics or its potential impact on the environment," Slay's statement says. "They deserve to have their questions answered and their concerns addressed."

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Hello There, Homophobe! Twitter Users Answer Missourians' Racist Slurs with Gay Slurs

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Hate Everyone Meme.jpeg
Basically, everyone is terrible.
Last week, we told you about a Tumblr account called "Hello There, Racist!" which is tracking racist tweets in the wake of Obama's re-election.

The website identified six Missourians who threw around the N-word pretty freely and even hinted at assassination. It was disheartening.

But, we were also curious what kind of Twitter-shaming these boys were receiving and searched their handles. Maybe this is naive, but we were shocked by how many people thought it was appropriate to answer racial slurs with homophobic slurs.

Come ON! Does anybody know how to use Twitter appropriately?

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Karlie Kloss and Victoria's Secret Under Fire for "Indian" Runway Lingerie Look [UPDATE]

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Picture 5.png
Karlie Kloss get kontroversial.
Update #2: Karlie Kloss responds via her Twitter account.

Update: Victoria's Secret has responded via social media.

An outfit worn by Webster Groves-native Karlie Kloss in the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on Wednesday has the company under fire.

Kloss strutted down the runway in a Native American-themed ensemble, featuring a feather headdress with tails down to the floor.

She looked super hot in it and to some people, also super racist.

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