Boston Comic Loses Facebook Name Because of RFT Troll, Has Last Laugh

This is Goddamn Glenn, and one of Daily RFT's regular trolls has a problem with that.
No one could escape the Internet trolls in 2014.

They spread their poisonous commentary on RFT and fill other St. Louis news sites with all-caps angst and misspelled, racially charged manifestos. It got so bad that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch turned off their editorial comment section entirely to halt the hordes of foaming-at-the-mouth ideologues who, for reasons we cannot fathom, never learned to play nice with others.

But when Boston comedian and RFT fan Glenn di Benedetto -- best known as "Goddamn Glenn" -- encountered a Daily RFT comment-section troll, things crossed the line from petty to personal.

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New ACLU of Missouri App Records, Reports Interactions with Police

Categories: Blowback, Ferguson

ACLU of Missouri
The ACLU of Missouri's new app, with the witness setting turned on (L) and off (R).
As the St. Louis region prepares for more protests following a grand-jury decision in the case of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, the ACLU of Missouri released a smartphone app to help demonstrators record and report interactions with law enforcement.

The ACLU Missouri Mobile Justice app lets users send an alert when they've been stopped by police so other app users can come to their location and document the interaction. Users can also send reports and videos directly to the ACLU of Missouri.

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Bill Maher: Michael Brown "Was Acting Like a Thug," But Wilson Is a "Plain Murderer"

Categories: Blowback, Ferguson

Bill Maher talks about Michael Brown and Darren Wilson on his HBO show.
While a St. Louis grand jury deliberates indicting Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, it seems like everybody else wants to have their say on the shooting death of Michael Brown.

The latest celebrity to weigh in is comedian and talk show host Bill Maher, known for not shying away from controversial opinions.

During his HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher angered Brown family supporters by implying that Brown was acting like a thug before his fatal encounter with Wilson.

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Neighbors Still Trying to Stop the Loop Trolley With Legal Roadblocks

Categories: Bidness, Blowback

Neighbors are moving forward with one of two lawsuits against the Loop Trolley project.
As utility crews prepare Delmar Boulevard for the construction of the $43 million Loop Trolley line, three neighbors and a Delmar Loop business owner are pushing for a federal lawsuit to stop it altogether.

The four people challenging the Loop Trolley filed a lawsuit last October saying the project is unlawful. A U.S. district judge threw out the lawsuit, saying the three neighbors have no legal standing and that the business owner missed his chance to sue. Now, all four are appealing that decision to the U.S. Court of Appeals, asking for another chance to argue against the trolley project.

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Too Good for Goodwill? Eureka Blocks Proposed Goodwill Store By Doing Nothing

Categories: Blowback, Politics

MERS Goodwill
If Eureka ever does get a Goodwill store, this is what it will look like.
With silence and obtuse inaction, Eureka city government is preventing MERS Goodwill from opening a store in the town.

Goodwill officials say they've never experienced such a resounding-yet-mysterious refusal to their stores, which they say create jobs, bring shoppers to the area and support their mission to help the unemployed. Chief of staff Dave Kutchback says he hasn't seen a community reject Goodwill like this in the thirteen years he's been working there.

"They've been unwilling to give us a reason for not wanting (a store,)" Kutchback tells Daily RFT. "We directly asked for that reason, and the city attorney explained to us that they don't have to give us a reason for not approving the store."

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LISTEN: 911 Callers Tell Dispatcher Sunset Hills Mayor Ran Cyclist Off the Road

Tom Carlson
Mayor Mark Furrer's Mercedes parked outside Sunset Hills City Hall.
In 911 calls made after Sunset Hills mayor Mark Furrer and cyclist Randy Murdick collided last week, Murdick tells dispatchers he was run off the road by a car, and a witness screams at the driver to stop leaving the scene.

The full two-minute audio clip, obtained by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, records two callers, a witness and Murdick himself, describing a hit-and-run.

"I want to report a hit-and-run over here on Old Gravois Road, right here by Delta Dental," the witness tells the 911 dispatcher, later saying, "The guy hit a bicyclist, drove off and then turned around and came back."

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St. Louis Leasing Manager Claims She Was Fired for Burlesque Alter-Ego

Categories: Blowback

Levi Nance Photography
Victoria Burwell performs burlesque as "Vera Valentinaa" -- a fact she claims rankled her corporate bosses.
The way she tells it, Victoria Burwell arrived at her job Monday morning in good spirits. Hired in February by the Lindell Strip apartments, the strikingly blonde 25-year-old had risen to become the leasing and marketing manager, heading a team of consultants and assistants who gave tours to prospective residents -- mostly college students.

"I was on time for work, we'd had a great leasing week and everything seemed to be fine and dandy," she recalls. "Then they called me into the office and asked me, 'Do you dance outside of work?'"

What happened next ripped the tassels right off Burwell's day: She claims a corporate human resource officer began interrogating her over the phone about her other job -- as burlesque dancer "Vera Valentinaa." Burwell says she was accused of "soliciting" a resident to attend one of her shows during an apartment tour.

"She fired me over the phone," Burwell says. "She said, basically, 'We're going to have to let you go on the basis of impropriety since your outside ventures are a negative reflection on our company.'"

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St. Louis Superman Says Security Banned Him from Busch Stadium (UPDATE)

Categories: Blowback

Steve Truesdell
Superman says he never forced fans to pay him gratuity.
Who will save the day now?

Charlee Soffer, better known as the St. Louis Superman, announced Wednesday that security has banned him from entertaining baseball fans outside Busch Stadium.

Another street performer -- who was demanding gratuity from passers-by -- told security that Soffer and another Busch Stadium staple, Joe the Balloon Man, were also forcing money from people, Soffer says.

See also: St. Louis Superman Breaks Up Fight, Saves the Day at Busch Stadium

UPDATE, 3 p.m.: Great news, Superman. Stadium officials say Soffer, Joe the Balloon Man and any other street performers who follow the ballclub's rules prohibiting soliciting are welcome outside the stadium. A Cardinals spokeswoman says Superman has never caused a safety issue, but when someone told security that Soffer was soliciting, security officers told Soffer he was not allowed to ask for money. End of update.

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14 Reasons St. Louis Drivers are the Absolute Worst

Categories: Blowback

Jon Gitchoff
Jeez, use your turn signal, asshole.

A few weeks ago, a survey declared that St. Louis has the third most courteous drivers in the U.S. It seems that most people agree with that assessment, at least according to the comments under the post we wrote about it. But others pointed out that "most courteous" is not the same as saying St. Louis has the "best" drivers.

Daily RFT couldn't agree more with that last part because let's be real: St. Louis drivers are (often but not always) the absolute WORST. Here's why.

See also: St. Louis Has the 3rd Most Courteous Drivers in U.S.: Study

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Hidden Cash St. Louis Is Upsetting and Weirdly Racist, But Who Cares, Free Money

Categories: Blowback

Who cares about social equality when there's FREE MONEY?
If your idea of a good time is watching people dig through trash over the possibility of finding $30, then it's been a great week for you.

Hidden Cash St. Louis is part charity, part social experiment, part game and part social-media craze. Inspired by a uniquely generous real estate developer in California, Hidden Cash St. Louis' organizers hide envelopes of money and tweet clues, drawing hundreds of harried treasure hunters.

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