St. Louis Leasing Manager Claims She Was Fired for Burlesque Alter-Ego

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Levi Nance Photography
Victoria Burwell performs burlesque as "Vera Valentinaa" -- a fact she claims rankled her corporate bosses.
The way she tells it, Victoria Burwell arrived at her job Monday morning in good spirits. Hired in February by the Lindell Strip apartments, the strikingly blonde 25-year-old had risen to become the leasing and marketing manager, heading a team of consultants and assistants who gave tours to prospective residents -- mostly college students.

"I was on time for work, we'd had a great leasing week and everything seemed to be fine and dandy," she recalls. "Then they called me into the office and asked me, 'Do you dance outside of work?'"

What happened next ripped the tassels right off Burwell's day: She claims a corporate human resource officer began interrogating her over the phone about her other job -- as burlesque dancer "Vera Valentinaa." Burwell says she was accused of "soliciting" a resident to attend one of her shows during an apartment tour.

"She fired me over the phone," Burwell says. "She said, basically, 'We're going to have to let you go on the basis of impropriety since your outside ventures are a negative reflection on our company.'"

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St. Louis Superman Says Security Banned Him from Busch Stadium (UPDATE)

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Steve Truesdell
Superman says he never forced fans to pay him gratuity.
Who will save the day now?

Charlee Soffer, better known as the St. Louis Superman, announced Wednesday that security has banned him from entertaining baseball fans outside Busch Stadium.

Another street performer -- who was demanding gratuity from passers-by -- told security that Soffer and another Busch Stadium staple, Joe the Balloon Man, were also forcing money from people, Soffer says.

See also: St. Louis Superman Breaks Up Fight, Saves the Day at Busch Stadium

UPDATE, 3 p.m.: Great news, Superman. Stadium officials say Soffer, Joe the Balloon Man and any other street performers who follow the ballclub's rules prohibiting soliciting are welcome outside the stadium. A Cardinals spokeswoman says Superman has never caused a safety issue, but when someone told security that Soffer was soliciting, security officers told Soffer he was not allowed to ask for money. End of update.

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14 Reasons St. Louis Drivers are the Absolute Worst

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Jon Gitchoff
Jeez, use your turn signal, asshole.

A few weeks ago, a survey declared that St. Louis has the third most courteous drivers in the U.S. It seems that most people agree with that assessment, at least according to the comments under the post we wrote about it. But others pointed out that "most courteous" is not the same as saying St. Louis has the "best" drivers.

Daily RFT couldn't agree more with that last part because let's be real: St. Louis drivers are (often but not always) the absolute WORST. Here's why.

See also: St. Louis Has the 3rd Most Courteous Drivers in U.S.: Study

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Hidden Cash St. Louis Is Upsetting and Weirdly Racist, But Who Cares, Free Money

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Who cares about social equality when there's FREE MONEY?
If your idea of a good time is watching people dig through trash over the possibility of finding $30, then it's been a great week for you.

Hidden Cash St. Louis is part charity, part social experiment, part game and part social-media craze. Inspired by a uniquely generous real estate developer in California, Hidden Cash St. Louis' organizers hide envelopes of money and tweet clues, drawing hundreds of harried treasure hunters.

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Monsanto Protesters Picket Against GMOs, Honey Bee Deaths at Headquarters [PHOTOS]

Photos by Jon Gitchoff
Protesters demonstrate on the road outside Monsanto's headquarters in Creve Coeur. SEE ALL PHOTOS HERE.
Hundreds of protesters demonstrated outside of Monsanto's corporate headquarters in west St. Louis County this weekend as part of an international march against the agrichemical giant.

The Creve Coeur protesters joined anti-Monsanto demonstrators staging protests in 47 states and 52 countries on Saturday, according to organizers. There were no arrests in St. Louis, the Creve Coeur Police told KSDK.

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Father of SE Missouri Student Shown in NSFW Photo Tweet Incensed at University Response

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An employee of the Southeast Missouri Redhawks tweeted himself out of a job last week.
We've got more details on the creepy bathroom photo mistakenly tweeted from an official Southeast Missouri State University Twitter account last Friday. A source tells Daily RFT that the two semi-nude women in the photo are actually student athletes at the college, and the photo itself was taken and publicized without their consent.

In a prepared statement, SEMO Redhawks sports information director Jeff Honza says the investigation into the incident is complete, and the school took "appropriate action" to prevent this kind of thing from happening again. He would not tell Daily RFT who actually sent the offending tweet.

But our source -- the father of one of the women in the photo -- filled us in on the rest of the story. Not surprisingly, he's mad as hell.

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Car Salesman Sued For Scamming Customers Says His Customers Are To Blame

Exclusive Imports, where a state lawsuit claims Tadarrell Qualls operated a used car racket.
Tadarrell Qualls is tired of being portrayed as the bad guy. A north city auto broker, Qualls is being sued by the state for allegedly selling pre-owned vehicles without titles, leaving customers with a hefty bill for cars they can't legally register or drive.

We first learned about Qualls when KMOV aired the latest in a string of reports targeting his previous dealership, Top Quality Auto, and his current consulting business. The report captured Qualls' wife in a magnificently goofy meltdown in which she clearly had no intention of playing a round of "gotcha!" with KMOV reporter Chris Nagus.

After more than a year chasing this story, KMOV has never managed to interview Qualls. We got in touch with him yesterday. He tells Daily RFT that KMOV and Attorney General Chris Koster are being manipulated by a few scheming customers trying shake down his legitimate business.

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New Missouri Mayor Totally Understands Why That Kansas City Shooter Hated Jews

F. Glenn Miller is charged with a hate crime and suspected of killing three people last weekend at Kansas City Jewish centers.
Only a week into his job as the mayor of Marionville, a small town outside of Springfield, Dan Clevenger is already making national headlines.

But it's not his town or his elected position attracting a media scrum. It's his friendship with F. Glenn Miller, the KKK leader accused of shooting and killing three at Kansas City Jewish community centers.

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Knockout Game Fan Fiction: For Once, St. Louis is Ahead of the Curve

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TRF_Mr_Hyde on Flickr
Don't worry, it's not real.
We're sorry to break it to you, folks: The story about a 93-year-old gun-toting grandmother who shot her knockout-game assailant in the head isn't real.

As the rest of the country joins St. Louis in its shock over the violent game designed to hurt random bystanders, wannabe writers are taking advantage of the national mania, penning elaborate fake news stories that readers share online as fact.

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Photos: Westboro Baptist Church Protests at World Series For Some Reason

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Danny Wicentowski
Dave Winter, professional clown and haunted-house actor, needed just a few words to describe the Westboro Baptist Church.

"They're a special kind of fucked up."

Daily RFT isn't sure there's better way to characterize the hate-fueled antics of the Topeka, Kansas-based church, which sends protesters across the country to spread the word of God's indiscriminate hatred. So it's not a major shock they visited their nauseating brand of goofy bigotry on Game 3 of the World Series on Saturday.

Thankfully a couple dozen counterprotesters, like Winters, gave the Westboro Baptist Church a hearty St. Louis "reception," and Daily RFT was on the scene to capture the showdown. Enjoy!

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