The Blues Begin the Stretch Run Standing Pat

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The NHL's trade deadline came and went yesterday without the Blues making an major moves. They had Brad Boyes out there on the market, but found no offers to take. They did make a couple small moves, but when Matt D'Agostini is the only player traded for who's expected to join the big club, it's fair to say it was a quiet deadline. 

And really, that's probably okay. There are two ways you can go at the deadline; you can buy or you can sell. Honestly, though, I'm not sure either one of those was the right way for the Blues to go. No matter how much you might like to see them make a move just for the sake of the movement, standing pat might have been the only option that made sense. 

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The Blues' Best Win of the Year?

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The Blues and their new head coach, Davis "Bring The" Payne got a little bit of revenge last night on the Chicago Blackhawks
A month ago, when Payne took over as interim head coach of the Blues, replacing Andy Murray, his first game was against the Blackhawks, on home ice. 

It did not go well. 

The Blackhawks absolutely destroyed the Blues that night, 6-3, hanging a rather prominent lantern on what had been - and, to a degree, continues to be - the Blues' biggest bugaboo this season. The Blues' problems winning games at Scottrade Center have been well-documented, if not particularly well understood. Their dismantling at the hands of Chicago was just another in a long line of setbacks at home. 

Well, it may not have been a blowout, and they may not have put up a half-dozen, and come to think of it, it wasn't at home, but the Blues still got the win last night over the Blackhawks, who continue to look like the class of the NHL this season. 

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Game Notes: Blues 1, Wild 0 -- A Shutout at Home

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Well, I think it's pretty clear now that Andy Murray may quite possibly be the worst coach in the history of the National Hockey League, and Davis Payne is unequivocally the greatest coach in the history of said league. 
What's that? You don't believe me? The record is clear: under Murray, the 2009 St. Louis Blues were 17-17-6, a .500 team languishing in the lower ranks of the Central Division. Under Davis Payne, on the other hand, the 2010 St. Louis Blues are 3-2-1; project that out to a full season and the Blues are a 41-27-14 team. That's a 96 point team. Need I say more? Under Murray, the Blues were a .500 team. Under Payne, they're a borderline juggernaut. Davis Payne is clearly the greatest coach who has ever lived. 

Well, okay, so perhaps it's a little too early to anoint Davis Payne a Hall of Famer just yet. Still, the Blues have now won three games in a row, none more impressive than their shutout of the Minnesota Wild last night at the Scottrade Center. 

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The Most Momentous Moments of the Aughts: The Blues

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The decade of the 2000s was one of tremendous change for the St. Louis Blues. They began the decade riding high on a wave of success that carried over from the 1990s, endured the league lockout, disassembled a powerhouse team, and then slowly began the painful process of selling and rebuilding a once-proud franchise. Along the way, there were bright and dark moments, both in great measure. Let's see if we can't pick out the three most important, shall we? 

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Blues Puncher Cam Janssen Loves the Nightlife, Baby

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St. Louis-born Cam Janssen remembers his first legit fight in the NHL and gives a ringing endorsement to Lure Nightclub on Washington Avenue in a recent interview posted over at InsideSTL.

Here's a snippet, but read the full interview here.

St. Louis Blues Forward David Perron is Just Like the Rest of Us: He Loves Lady Gaga

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And there you have it. Read the rest of the interview with the Blues forward at InsideSTL.

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Breaking Down the Blues' Slow Start

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Sadly, it's become an annual tradition here in St. Louis, it seems: the Blues' Slow Start. Happens every year, right around this time, when we look at the record of our beloved boys in blue and notice they aren't doing so hot. 
Slow 5.jpg
This year, though, this seems a bit different. Oh, sure, they were way worse than this a couple years back, but we didn't expect that team to be any good. I have it on good authority several of the Blues' players during the 2006-07 season didn't have their own skates and had to use rentals. But this team? We all thought 2009 was going to be the Blues' season, the year they took that next big step forward and became not just a playoff team, but a legitimate contender to play deep into the spring. 

Unfortunately, that hasn't happened yet. The Blues' record currently stands at 6-8-4, good for a rather dismal 16 points and a last-place standing in the Central division. Worse yet, they're an absolutely miserable 3-7-1 at home. It seems some nights like the Blues left all their happy thoughts back in Stockholm. 

The thing is, the Blues have plenty of talent. So why are they struggling so badly again this year? 

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Blues' TJ Oshie Will Eat at the Drunken Fish, Wear Flip-Flops on the Ice

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Blues fans love TJ Oshie, and to satisfy their hunger for more Tiger Beat-esque facts about the 22-year-old phenom, Kevin Lorenz of InsideSTL caught up with Oshie after practice recently for a proper-sit down interview.

Here's our favorite excerpt; the player's diet:


Brett Hull's Hall of Fame Speech: The Word Cloud and Transcript

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One-time St. Louis Blue Brett Hull was inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame on Monday in Toronto.

Hull spent most of his career with the Blues, from the spring of 1988 to the summer of 1998, before he signed as a free agent with the Dallas Stars. Although he spent the majority of his career with the Blues, Hull contributed to  Stanley Cup championships with the Dallas Stars in 1999 and the Detroit Red Wings in 2002. He retired in 2006 and his number 16 was retired by the Blues in December of that year.

After the jump is the full transcript of Hull's speech, and using some fun Internet technology, here's a word cloud -- an info-graphic that gives more prominence to words that appear more often in a group of text, like a speech -- of Hull's speech, courtesy of Wordle.
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Game Notes: Calgary 2, Blues 1 (O/T) -- Still Struggling to Score

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-- Well, the Blues still can't score, but at least Lars Eller had himself a nice debut, eh? Eller became the twelfth player in St. Louis Blues' history to score in his debut game, as he put in a game-tying, power play goal in the third period. (Well, I say he put the goal in; technically, the puck just sort of bounced off him, but hey, that's the way hockey works.) So congratulations to Mr. Eller on his first NHL goal. 

As for the rest of the team, I'm going to have to hold off on the kudos until they actually start scoring some frigging goals. Especially at home, where they've lost seven out of eight. At the beginning of the season, looking at the schedule, I thought the Blues might have a chance to get off to a fast start, given such a large percentage of their games were in the Lou to begin with. Turns out it may have been the worst thing that could have happened to them, because they apparently just can't score at home. 

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