Star Clipper to Hold Downtown Grand Opening on April 25

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Photo by Jennifer Silverberg
The new Star Clipper will have the same fixtures and staff as the old location in the Delmar Loop.
Two months after Star Clipper closed its doors in the Delmar Loop, its new owners have set a date for its grand reopening downtown: April 25.

The soft opening may come even sooner, says Keya Matanagh, who will be managing the location for owners Fantasy Books Inc.

"We are definitely going to be open by then," Matanagh promises.

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Erotica From St. Louis-Based Publisher Queer Young Cowboys Is Lambda-Award Finalist

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Danny Wicentowski
Jared Rouke, founder of Queer Young Cowboys, aims to find books that hit readers in the head, heart and crotch.
Jared Rourke fell in love with Georgina Li's writing.

"The minute that I read it, I ran and immediately read it again out loud to my partner," says Rourke, founder of locally based, gay erotica publisher Queer Young Cowboys. "The writing was so strong. I was just like, 'You have to hear this story.'"

That was 2010. Two years later, as Rourke was just getting Queer Young Cowboys up and running, Li was among the first authors he reached out to as he sought new projects. It wasn't until 2014 that Queer Young Cowboys finally published Like They Always Been Free, Li's first ever short-story collection. The time and effort paid off, as the collection is now a finalist for the 27th annual Lambda Literary Award, for "Best Gay Romance." It's an accomplishment made all the more significant by Rourke and Li's somewhat confrontational stance toward the traditional romance genre. After all, the publisher's tagline is, "books about dudes who fuck dudes."

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Left Bank Books Makes Shortlist for Publishers Weekly's 2015 Bookstore of the Year

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Lindsay Toler
Left Bank Books in the Central West End.
One of St. Louis' most beloved book stores is on the shortlist to earn some well-deserved recognition.

Left Bank Books is one of five bookstores across the country contending for Publishers Weekly's coveted Bookstore of the Year title.

"We are so proud to be nominated for this award and to be counted among some of the very best bookstores in the nation," co-owner Jarek Steele, who has worked at the store since 2002, says in a statement.

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Judy Blume Is Coming to St. Louis, Publishing a New Novel for Adults

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CLender via flickr
Judy Blume will sign copies of her new book, In the Unlikely Event, in St. Louis in June.
Are you there St. Louis? It's me, Judy Blume.

No, it's not actually Blume. But the award-winning author -- whose young-adult novels are beloved by anyone who discovered them in their tumultuous teenage years -- is coming to St. Louis later this year to promote a new novel, this time for adults.

Blume, who penned Tiger Eyes, Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, will speak and sign copies of her new book, In the Unlikely Event, in June at Chaminade College Preparatory Academy.

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Mike Matheny's Failproof Tips for Becoming the Most Hardass Little League Coach Ever

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Keith Allison via Flickr
Cardinals manager Mike Matheny expanded his "manifesto" into a full-blown memoir, which goes on sale today.
St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny didn't know what to expect the first time he read his "manifesto" on coaching to the parents of a little league team.

It was 2009, and Matheney knew that before he could agree to sign on as coach, he'd have to be upfront with the team moms and dads about his tough-love approach -- including his belief that, as he says in his five-page, 2,556-word manifesto, "the biggest problem with youth sports has been the parents."

"As I am writing this, I sound like the little league Nazi, but I believe that this will make things easier for everyone involved," Matheny wrote.

Six years and a new job leading the Cardinals later, Matheny publishes a memoir today called The Matheny Manifesto: A Young Manager's Old School Views on Success in Sports and Life based on the manifesto that made such a splash in baseball circles across the country. Billed as an inspirational look at how sports can teach everyone to win on and off the field, Matheny has filled his new book with the same throwback beliefs about discipline, faith and respect.

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Five Things We Learned from What the Hell Is St. Louis Thinking?

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Henry Goldkamp holds the anonymous, typed messaged that questioned the diversity of his What the Hell is St. Louis Thinking? project.
The first line of the first entry of What the Hell Is St. Louis Thinking? tells you almost everything you need to know about the story behind the book:

"Typewriters evoke a world of the immediate, a world in which our actions have immediate consequences, a world in which a thought becomes an incarnate word."

Who wrote that line? Nobody knows, not even the book's creator Henry Goldkamp. Yet it ably reflects Goldkamp's fascinations with typewriters and spontaneous poetry, interests he honed while hanging around the Grove and banging out verses for bar patrons on his 1957 Smith Corona. In August 2013 he set out to distribute dozens of typewriter stations across St. Louis, and bystanders were asked to anonymously write something -- anything -- and add it to the growing collection. The end result, as Goldkamp himself writes in the book's introduction, is akin to St. Louis "having a discussion with itself."

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St. Louis Sci-Fi Author Ann Leckie Makes Science Fiction History With Debut Novel

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Shrewsbury resident Ann Leckie holds up her Hugo Award for Best Novel at the World Science Fiction Convention in London on August 17.
Ann Leckie is living every first-time novelist's fantasy. Sort of.

Sure, her sci-fi epic Ancillary Justice destroyed the 2014 award circuit -- that was true before she traveled to London last weekend to attend the Hugo Awards ceremony. Ancillary Justice won that one, too, making the Leckie's novel the first to ever win the Hugo, Nebula and Arthur C. Clarke awards in a single year. Not even sci-fi master and Missouri native Robert Heinlein pulled off that feat.

The only problem is pressure. Leckie's next book, Ancillary Sword, is a direct sequel to her award-showered debut. And she still has to write the third and final book in the Imperial Radch trilogy.

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St. Louisan Gina Sheridan Gets a Book Deal for Her Librarian Tell-All

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Gina Sheridan stands next to the free library she helped established in an Old North St. Louis park.

Gina Sheridan did not expect that a woman who drinks chocolate milk from a sock would be the inspiration for a book. Nor did she think keeping a journal of crazy conversations and goings-on in public libraries would amount to anything but her own amusement. But here we are.

In her recently released book I Work at a Public Library, Sheridan and other librarians around the country share stories that sprawl from horrifying to hilarious to heart warming. The book, released last month, shows librarians as trustworthy gatekeepers of all knowledge, basically as Google personified. They are called on to answer questions about taxes and cars and cats and email and jobs and books and relationships. They're asked to open cans of oysters, create a website and plunge a toilet.

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The Rough & Tumble: STL Filmmakers Trade Scripts for Speech Bubbles in New Comic Book

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Jim Ousley
The 1980s produced fantastically fun movies. Take Sixteen Candles, The Goonies or The Breakfast Club -- each one is considered a classic of the era.

But for Jim Ousley and Oscar Madrid -- the RFT MasterMind Award-winning duo behind buddy cop mockumentary Hooch & Daddy-O -- nothing can match watching Sylvester Stallone use scissors to slice his pizza in 1986's Cobra.

"When we were kids we loved that scene, we were like, 'Aw, that's so cool!'" says Ousley. As filmmakers, he and Madrid spent more than a decade tapping the same blend of goofy seriousness they found in '80s action flicks. Their newest project, a crowd-funded comic book, is no different.

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STL Team Debuts Blaze Brothers at Comic-Con International; Read Special-Edition Issue Now

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Courtesy of Matthew Scott Krentz

When we launched the annual Riverfront Times MasterMind Awards in 2008, we set out to seed a few innovative projects that would help shape St. Louis creatively and culturally. And even though all of our award winners have been talented and successful, we had no idea that one of the first MasterMind recipients would go on to conquer film and comic books on such a noteworthy scale.

But that's exactly what 2008 MasterMind winner Matthew Scott Krentz has been doing. With his writing and production partner, Vernon Whitlock III, Krentz has his fingerprints all over Hollywood. From the critically acclaimed, award-winning film Streetballers to scripts for major studios, the team already has made its mark on the film industry.

But Comic-Con International? That's a whole new level of success.

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