With No Love for St. Louis, Huffington Post Names Kansas City "Coolest" City in America

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L Allen Brewer via Flickr
Lookin' good, Kansas City. But are you really America's "coolest" city?
Sorry, St. Louis, but you're just not as "it" or "hip" as your across-the-state counterpart, Kansas City.

That's according to a Huffington Post lifestyles blog post about the new up-and-coming cities for young people. Kansas City (the Missouri side, not the Kansas side) takes the top title.

What makes Kansas City so totally in right now? After "much map-scouring and a sprinkle of savvy" from author Carly Ledbetter, Kansas City was named No. 1 thanks to its jazz scene, BBQ and food, historical sites, affordability and "nice" residents.

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How To Buy One of St. Louis' 250th Birthday Cakes

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Paul Sableman on Flickr
The Citygarden-inspired birthday cake for St. Louis' 250th anniversary.
As St. Louis' 250th birthday year comes to a close, it's time to find new home for the 250 birthday cakes spread across the region. The question is: Who will take the cake?

Now Stl250, the volunteer group organizing the year-long sestercentennial celebration, is auctioning off many of the cakes painted by local artists to decorate the city.

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Hey Dogtown, This is Why Your Sewers Smell Awful (Hint: It's Not Poop)

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Thumbnail image for stlsewergrate.JPG
No, St. Louis isn't being attacked by Ghostbusters 2 ooze -- but that smell in Dogtown is definitely sewer related.
There's something stinky in Dogtown.

Residents of the quaint neighborhood south of Forest Park have been whiffing the mystery odor for several days, describing it as a sort of toxic, permanent-marker-type smell. Some have reported the stench in their homes.

It turns out the odor is coming from the sewer, although not for the usual poop-related reasons.

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Three of America's 25 Wealthiest Suburbs Are in St. Louis

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Paul Sableman on Flickr
A year-old home in Ladue.
Not every St. Louis suburb is Ferguson.

After four months with the national spotlight on Ferguson, a racially diverse, middle- to lower-class suburb, the town's name has become interchangeable with St. Louis as a whole.

"Ferguson has become synonymous with St. Louis, and St. Louis with Ferguson," the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership wrote in a September letter to the St. Louis County Council. Chief executive Denny Coleman was outlining how tens of thousands of negative news stories about Ferguson were affecting the entire region. "These two names have been used interchangeably, and it has had an immediate effect on economic development efforts."

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[VIDEO] St. Louis Flash Mob Honoring Martin Luther King Featured in PBS Documentary

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Tony Barsanti
The unrest in Ferguson brought the PBS documentary crew behind Dance the Dream, a world-wide tribute series and flash mob in respect of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to St. Louis last month.

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9 Things To Be Thankful For in St. Louis

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Steve Truesdell
Volunteers transform South Grand's broken windows into painted murals.
Happy Thanksgiving, St. Louis!

We've come a long way in the last three months, Lou. We've seen fires, tear gas, blood, tears and outrage. While today's national day of gratitude can't take away from the pain this city has been through, it is a good time to remember what's worth a hearty, "Thanks."

So here are nine things we at the Riverfront Times are thankful for in a St. Louis forever changed by the shooting death of Michael Brown.

We are thankful for...

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For Sale on St. Louis Craigslist: Engagement Ring Edition

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Who wants to buy Mike Farris' engagement ring?
Even if you're not in the market, Craigslist postings of engagement rings for sale make for fascinating reading.

"The girl that it was for unfortunately left me...Willing to trade for a bike," writes one prospective seller. "Small, elegant, brilliant ring. Worn four days after Christmas," writes another.

But one post in particular caught Daily RFT's interest recently. Christine Farris, 26, of Tower Grove East, is selling the ring her 66-year-old father bought for the woman who left him after he had a stroke -- a fourteen-carat, white-gold ring with a one-third carat, princess-cut diamond and matching contour wedding band.

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Yoga Instructor Hopes To Bring Healing To Ferguson With New Studio

Mitch Ryals
OM Turtle Yoga in Florissant opened one year ago, and owners hope to add a second location in Ferguson by December.
As anticipation in Ferguson mounts, maybe the town could use a little yoga.

Angie Carron wants to be the one to bring it there.

The fifteen-year Florissant resident and owner of OM Turtle Yoga recently signed a lease for a second studio, an 1,100-square-foot space down the road from the Ferguson police station.

"Everyone is like, 'Why Ferguson? Why now?'" Carron says. "But truly, why not Ferguson right now? We all need to find our center, our peace, our balance, and I think this is a better time than any to bring our studio to Ferguson."

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13 St. Louis County Municipalities Fit in One City Neighborhood

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This is how many St. Louis County municipalities fit in a south St. Louis city neighborhood without changing the area or directional orientation.
Ever since protests erupted in Ferguson in August, experts have been pointing to St. Louis County's unique political geography as a root cause of the unrest.

Nearly all of St. Louis County's 90 municipalities come with their own elected officials and police forces. Even small local governments need money to operate, so the municipalities draw 20, 30, sometimes even 40 percent of annual revenue from petty fines and fees paid to their municipal courts by residents busted for traffic offenses, noise violations and other minor crimes.

Even after reading (and reading and reading) how St. Louis' scores of municipalities contribute to a suffocating legal landscape -- especially in mostly black north county -- nothing drives the point home more than this map, created by Tod Martin, a city resident and the deputy chief of staff for Senator Claire McCaskill.

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15 Signs You're a Ferguson/Shaw Protester

Steve Truesdell via
You might be a Ferguson or Shaw protester if...
The last two months have brought wave after wave of protests and demonstrations to the city of St. Louis. What started as an outpouring of grief and anger over the death of one black teen has grown into a movement known around the world.

But as the protests move from Ferguson to Shaw (to South Grand to political fundraisers to Walmart stores), Daily RFT has noticed a few overlapping consistencies among protesters young and old.

See also: PHOTOS: Ferguson Protesters Hit Rams Game, Steve Stenger Rally, Walmarts: 50+ Arrested

Want to know if you're a *real* Ferguson or Shaw protester? Here are fifteen tell-tale signs:

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