Mike Anderson Officially Asks Gov. Jay Nixon for Clemency, Rebuts AG Chris Koster

Courtesy LaQonna Anderson/Office of the Governor
Mike Anderson and Governor Jay Nixon.

Through his attorney, Cornealious "Mike" Anderson III filed a petition yesterday asking Governor Jay Nixon to grant him clemency or commute his prison sentence of thirteen years. Anderson is asking for relief given the fact that a clerical error prevented the state of Missouri from incarcerating him for a burglary he was convicted of back in 2000. He was finally arrested this past July (Riverfront Times broke the story in September 2013).

"My client is a beloved father of 4 beautiful young children, a husband to a devoted wife, and a well-respected small business man in St. Louis," writes Anderson's lawyer, Patrick Michael Megaro. "In the past 13 years, he has committed himself to being a productive and valuable member of society, and has proven that not only is he no danger to the community, but is a pillar of the community."

Megaro also filed an answer to Attorney General Chris Koster yesterday, harshly rebutting the AG's claim that Anderson is responsible for his situation. We spoke with Megaro to better understand Anderson's chances of receiving credit for time served or parole. The answers, like everything in this case, are complicated.

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STL Cops to End World's Oldest Profession by Publicly Shaming Johns with Postcards

Categories: Crime, Police

Wikimedia/Kay Chernush for the U.S. State Department
Nobody sends postcards anymore...except the police.
The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department wants to put an end to prostitution once and for all, darn it! And they're going to do it with the help of bright yellow postcards.

Captain Dan Howard of the SLMPD's 1st precinct says people in Carondelet and Holly Hills are sick and tired of prostitutes walking the streets, so he's going to put them out of business with a public-shaming campaign. People arrested for prostitution and solicitation will get a snarky postcard informing them of their court date.

Here's what the card says:

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AG Chris Koster Files to Deny Release of "Mike" Anderson But Suggests Path to Parole

Thumbnail image for cornealious_michael_anderson.jpg
Cornealious "Mike" Anderson. | Courtesy LaQonna Anderson

Yesterday, Attorney General Chris Koster filed a response to Cornealious "Mike" Anderson's plea to be released from a Mississippi County prison. Unsurprisingly, it argues that the judge hearing this case should deny Anderson's request.

Anderson is nine months into a sentence for an armed robbery that took place in 1999 -- he was mistakenly free from prison for thirteen years because of a clerical error, and during those years completely turned his life around. He's a dad, a businessman, an upstanding member of the community. Riverfront Times broke the story of his arrest in July in our cover story "The (Extremely) Long (and Sometimes Forgetful) Arm of the Law."

Anderson's attorney filed a writ of habeas corpus back in December calling this "cruel and unusual punishment" and asking for Anderson's release. While Koster argues against this, his response lays to rest what caused the delayed sentence and includes a possible path for Anderson to be immediately considered for probation.

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Adam Capriglione Sexually Tortured Captive Women With Kitchen Utensils: Police

Categories: Crime

Adam Capriglione.
A 29-year-old man is in jail after a four-month police investigation revealed he held women captive in his squalid south-county apartment while raping and torturing them with utensils, including scissors, plastic wrap, a mallet, knives and a can opener.

A grand jury indicted Adam Michael Capriglione, of the 13000 block of Butler Oak Drive, on nineteen felony counts, including rape, sodomy, domestic assault and felonious restraint ranging back to 2006.

Capriglione also faces charges of child endangerment for filming himself having sex with a girl under eighteen in 2007 and for exposing a four-year-old to his dangerously unsanitary apartment, where investigators found a knife in a cereal box.

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Teen Shoots Teen Boarding Metro Bus

Categories: Crime

David Wilson on Flickr
Buses are for riding, kids, not shooting.
A seventeen-year-old boy was stepping onto a Metro bus in north St. Louis Monday when another teen fired several rounds and struck him in the shoulder, according to St. Louis Metropolitan Police.

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Kansas Hate Crime Suspect Tells Howard Stern Why He Hates Jews, Loves Hitler So Much

Can you spot Hitler peering over Glenn Miller's right shoulder?
Before white supremacist and anti-Semite F. Glenn Miller faced state and federal hate-crime charges for killing three at Jewish community centers in Kansas, he wrangled a slot on Howard Stern's radio show to tell America why Missouri should elect him to the U.S. Senate.

"We call Glenn [Miller] the only honest politician out there, actually," Stern says on the 2010 episode. "At least he isn't a lie...Glenn's very upfront about where he stands."

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F. Glenn Miller, Accused Killer of Three at Kansas Jewish Centers, Has Deep Missouri Ties

F. Glenn Miller is arrested in connection with two Kansas shootings that left three dead at Jewish community centers.
Before Frazier Glenn Miller allegedly attacked two Jewish community centers in Kansas City on Sunday, he was gambling in a Missouri casino near his home outside of Springfield.

Miller called his wife, Marge, Sunday morning to say his winnings were up, she tells the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups. Ten hours later, Miller was shouting "Heil, Hitler" in handcuffs and three people at two Jewish community centers in Overland Park, Kansas, were shot dead.

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Delmar Loop Shooting Victim Swindles Moonrise Hotel Valet, Steals Get-a-Way Car

Categories: Crime

Braland Norman stole his get-away car from a Moonrise Hotel valet.
Braland Norman was technically the victim in a drive-by shooting late last year in the Delmar Loop, but he now faces felony charges for packing his own heat and stealing a car to get escape.

Norman and a friend were stopped at a red light at Skinker and Delmar boulevards at 7 p.m. December 29 when a blue SUV pulled up and an unknown suspect began shooting rounds into Norman's car.

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Are Mexican Drug Cartels "Marketing" Heroin to Pain-Killer Addicts in St. Louis?

Categories: Crime, Drugs

Any good business needs good advertising.
A Washington Post article this week reported on the rise of heroin coming into the United States and mentions Mexican drug traffickers' "shrewd marketing strategy": targeting areas where prescription-drug abuse is high, including St. Louis.

According to the story, drug cartels aren't making as much money on marijuana, mainly because laws are changing in the U.S., and the need for Mexican weed isn't as high as it once was. The cartels are still making money off of cocaine and human trafficking, but cartel leaders have mansions and tigers to pay for, so heroin is coming into the U.S. at a greater pace.

But the cartels aren't just picking areas of the U.S. at random. Rather, they've decided to cut in on the pharmaceutical companies' action:

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Robber Shoots Teen in Both Hands After Hold-Up

Even after an eighteen-year-old robbery victim turned over all his belongings during a stick-up Sunday night, the thief left him with two parting gifts: bullet holes in both hands.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police are investigating the robbery and assault that occurred around 11:45 p.m. Sunday near Thrush and Lillian avenues, in Walnut Park East.

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