Suspect Who Allegedly Shot Two Officers Confessed to "Confidential Source"

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St. Louis County PD
Jeffrey L. Williams' booking photo.

According to the warrant issued for his arrest, Jeffrey L. Williams told a confidential source that he is responsible for shooting and wounding two police officers at the Ferguson Police Department on March 12.

As first reported by Yahoo News, the warrant details how an informant who had been "proven reliable in previous law enforcement investigations" contacted Ferguson Police Department detective Robert Brannan to say that he or she "had a phone conversation with a subject who claimed he was involved in the shooting of two police officers in the City of Ferguson."

The informant met with Brannan, where he or she was given a hidden audio and video recording device, then went to see Williams at his house in north St. Louis.

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15-Year-Old Suspect Arrested After Shooting in Delmar Loop

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Google Street View
The 6100 block of Delmar Boulevard.

Two freelance photographers were in the Delmar Loop Saturday night to cover a Ferguson-related protest when they say a fifteen-year-old suspect took a shot at them.

"I saw it in his hands, I saw the muzzle flash when he shot at us," says James Cooper, a Kirkwood resident who has covered the protests extensively since this past summer. "I think we just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time."

The incident occurred at about 10:30 p.m., following a protest in the Loop during which activists marched in the street and closed down the busy intersection of Skinker and Delmar boulevards. However, the shooting happened after organizers had declared the action a success and demonstrators dispersed.

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Woman Sues Florissant Police in Federal Court for Excessive Force, Civil Rights Violations

Joy Arnold and Officer Kyle Feldman just moments before the altercation at the center of a lawsuit.

Joy Arnold and the Florissant Police Department agree on one thing: She should never have been arrested on March 29, 2014.

Weeks before then, Arnold was pulled over in the north-county municipality and charged with an infraction for a "defective muffler." She was fined and entered into a payment plan with the city, but found herself short on funds for her February 2014 installment. She was able to pay only a portion at the beginning of the month, and a Florissant court clerk called to tell her she needed to get up to date or risk a warrant being issued for her arrest. Arnold did manage to make the payment before the end of February, and pay for March as well.

It didn't matter. Owing to a clerical error, Arnold's account was never brought up to date and a warrant for her arrest still went out. That's what led to a physical altercation in the Florissant jail that is now the center of a federal civil-rights lawsuit between Arnold and the city's cops.

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Jeffrey Williams Arrested and Charged for Shooting Two Officers in Ferguson

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Courtesy St. Louis County Police
Jeffrey Williams' mugshot

Today, St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch charged Jeffrey Williams, a twenty-year-old resident of St. Louis County, with the shooting of two police officers at the Ferguson Police Department early last Thursday morning. One was shot in the face, the other in the shoulder. Both are now recovering at home.

See also: VIDEO: Two Officers Shot Near Ferguson Police Department

According to McCulloch, Williams has "acknowledged his participation in firing the shots."

"He is a demonstrator," McCulloch said at a press conference Sunday afternoon. "He has been out there on other occasions."

However, McCulloch said, that it is possible Williams' intended target was not law-enforcement officers, but rather someone he had a "dispute" with and that his actions had nothing to do with the protest. He is charged with two counts of first-degree assault, firing a weapon from a vehicle and three counts of armed criminal action. He is currently in custody with a $300,000 cash-only bond.

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Several Taken in for Questioning in Shooting of Two Officers in Ferguson

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Google Street View
Officers moved into this neighborhood with a tactical team.

A police tactical team raided a home in the area of Tiffin and Dade avenues this morning and several people were taken in for questioning. St. Louis County Police spokesman Sergeant Brian Schellman confirms that the action is related to the search for the gunman who shot two officers outside of the Ferguson Police Department early this morning.

Post-Dispatch reporter Kim Bell began tweeting images of the raid just after St. Louis County police chief Jon Belmar wrapped up a news conference about the status of the two policemen. He declined at that time to talk about the investigation, saying he had not yet spoken with his detectives on the scene.

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Cornealious "Mike" Anderson Will Sue City Police for Civil Rights Violations

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St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department/Jessica Lussenhop
Anderson's mugshot after he was arrested, and the surveillance footage that cleared him.

Attorneys for Cornealious Michael Anderson III announced in a letter to Mayor Francis Slay and Police Chief Sam Dotson that they intend to file a federal civil rights lawsuit over Anderson's November 16, 2014, arrest.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police officers -- who are named as potential defendants -- arrested Anderson as he was walking to his car from a club at about 1 a.m., and accused him of snatching a purse. After the victims ID'd Anderson at the scene, police arrested him and the St. Louis Circuit Attorney charged him with second degree robbery.

Four months later, Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce dropped all charges after new evidence emerged proving Anderson's alibi. Now, Anderson is threatening to sue for "deprivation of Federal civil rights, and commonlaw causes of action for false arrest, false imprisonment, battery, negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress, as well as a claim for municipal liability," according to the notice of claim.

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Thieving Teens Thought Grandfather's Ashes Were Cocaine, Relative Claims

Take note: This is the precise expression to wear when explaining the theft of your father's ashes.
If television and movies have taught us anything, it's that the urn of a cremated loved one is a hilarious mishap waiting to happen.

In November, the well-worn trope became reality when three teens broke into a St. Peters home and made off with the wooden box containing what remained of the homeowner's father. Thinking the powdery substance was cocaine, one of the boys tasted the mixture.

Police arrested the culprits last week, but the story didn't end there. Now -- in a development that threatens to blur the line between real life and whatever reality Keith Richards lives in -- the victim of the burglary claims that two of the teens were grandchildren of the very man whose cremains they mistook for a pile of drugs.

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[UPDATE] Wellston Cop Jumps Into Moving Car, Fatally Shoots Fleeing Suspect Thomas Allen: Police

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Google Maps
Thomas Allen Jr., drove down this road for two blocks until a Wellston police officer fired three shots at him from inside the car, according to St. Louis County police.
A Wellston police officer fatally shot a 34-year-old man who tried to flee a traffic stop, according to the St. Louis County Police Department. The shooting marks the seventh officer-involved shooting death since August, when then-Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown and shone a spotlight on police killings in St. Louis.

Update, 9:50 a.m.: St. Louis County police have released several new, important details about Saturday's shooting.

Police said a five-year-old girl, the daughter of the driver, was in the rear seat behind the front-seat passenger when a Wellston police officer with more than seven years experience on the force pulled the car over for making an improper left turn.

The Wellston officer checked Thomas Allen and the vehicle for weapons and did not find anything illegal, so he let Allen and the child stay in the back seat of the car while the officer talked to the driver and the front-seat passenger outside of the car.

That's when Allen climbed over the car seat and started driving away -- with the girl in the back seat -- police said.

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Police Discover Suitcase Full of Weed In Car of Guy Peeing In Stranger's Front Yard

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erix via flickr
Yeah, you can put your weed in there.
If you're driving around town with hundreds of grams of weed in your trunk, here's some free advice: Think twice before taking a leak in public, especially when your house is only a three-minute drive away.

A Florissant man faces a felony drug charge after police discovered more than 375 grams of marijuana in his car, according to St. Louis County circuit court.

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St. Louisans Used Facebook, Paypal to Gather Money, Supplies for ISIS: Justice Dept.

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A screengrab from a video from ISIS showing the execution of British aid worker David Haines.
Ramiz Zijad Hodzic had almost everything ready: boots, belts, jackets, shirts, money.

After almost a year of fundraising and sending tactical gear to terrorists with the Islamic State and al-Qaida, the Bosnian refugee living in St. Louis with his wife and family could think of only one additional item a wanna-be terrorist needed before joining the bloody fight in Syria and Iraq: a $540 night vision optic, so that when he killed someone he'd be able to record it and show supporters.

Hodzic made this gruesome suggestion to a fellow Bosnian native and New York resident, Nihad Rosic, in April 2014, just before ISIS seized Fallujah, Tikrit and Mosul, Iraq's second most populous city. In July, Rosic tried to board a Norwegian Airlines flight out of JFK International Airport to meet another Bosnian man who'd lived in St. Louis and was now fighting with terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.

That's according to the documents the U.S. Attorney's Office released Friday outlining terrorism charges against six Bosnian immigrants, including three living in St. Louis. All six face charges of conspiring to provide material support and resources to terrorists and with providing material support to terrorists. Hodzic and Rosic are also charged with conspiring to kill and maim persons in a foreign country.

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