Man Who Burned Dog to Death Over $50 Debt Sentenced to Four Years

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Wesley Reid.
Zeus' killer is going to jail.

Yesterday, Wesley Reid pleaded guilty to felony charges of animal abuse and knowingly burning for the death of the three-year-old pit bull back in August 2013. According to the circuit attorney's office, Reid believed Zeus' owner owed him $50, so he doused the dog with gasoline, lit a match and dropped it. Zeus, who was tied to a fence, couldn't escape the flames.

"This dog wasn't hit by a car. This wasn't an injury he sustained running down the block. This is something that someone intentionally did -- it is just unforgivable," Mike Perkins, director of the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force, told Daily RFT at the time.

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Ex-Alderwoman Triplett Avoids Charges; Fined $22,000 For "Breaking Community's Trust"

Kacie Starr Triplett
In a series of decisions she herself called "indefensible" and motivated by "greed and selfishness," former St. Louis alderman Kacie Starr Triplett admitted in February to using a campaign fund as her personal ATM, paying for everything from spa outings to her gas bill and withdrawing thousands in cash.

But on Friday, Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce announced that Triplett can avoid criminal charges by paying $22,000 in restitution. Though the law recognizes no victim in a case of misused campaign funds, Joyce says the money will be given to the St. Louis public school system, since "it's the community's trust that is the victim here."

However, the deal only exists because Triplett waived the statute of limitations on her own crimes, choosing to fully implicate herself in raiding her campaign's coffers.

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Two Men Sentenced for Multi-State Sex Trafficking Rings in St. Louis, Hazelwood

Both men will be on supervised release for life after transporting women to multiple states to sell them for sex.
Two men were sentenced Wednesday to more than 50 months in prison each for operating separate, multi-state human sex-trafficking operations in St. Louis and Hazelwood, according to the United States Attorney's Office.

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FBI: Ronald Roberts Steals $2.5 Million For Fake Walmart, Gambles it Away at Casino

Walmart Corporate on Flickr
Federal investigators say Ronald Roberts, 53, stole millions of dollars pretending to buy real estate for a future Walmart store and instead gambled the money away at a south county casino.

The FBI and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service are investigating the Town & Country man for three felony counts of wire fraud and one felony count of mail fraud. Roberts turned himself in Tuesday after a federal grand jury indicted him December 11.

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Murphysboro Man Kills Self In House Explosion After Brutal Hammer Attack

The last thing Thomas Allan Miller did before his house exploded early Friday morning was light a fire in his living room.

Miller had already warned the Murphysboro, Illinois, officers gathered at his front door that his home was filled with gas and that he was armed. Police could smell the gas, and they backed away from the door because of the threat of the firearm, according to a press release.

Less than a minute later, an explosion rocked the Oak Street home, blowing out the east windows. A second explosion occurred within the house soon after.

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O'Fallon Father Pleads Not Guilty to Locking Autistic Son in Urine-Soaked Cage

Terry and Victoria Smith
Terry G. Smith of O'Fallon says he is not guilty of keeping his six-year-old autistic son naked and covered in excrement in what police describe as a crude, makeshift cage.

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Craigslist Scam: Maurice Nicole Quinn Charged with Stealing Cash from Online Girlfriends

Circuit Attorney
Maurice Quinn, 38, of Wentzville.
Maurice Quinn of Wentzville faces two new charges of stealing from St. Louis women he met and started dating online, and Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce says she's looking for more victims.

The scam seems to work like this, according to probable-cause statements: Meet a woman online. Become her boyfriend. Offer to fix a problem for her if she'll send you the money. Get the money. Disappear forever.

Quinn, 38, was charged with pulling a similar scheme in Ste. Genevieve earlier this year.

See also: Emily Graham Duped Out of $19K Ring in Elaborate Craigslist Scam

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Man Gets 4 Years for Chopping Cat to Death with Hatchet

Grieg Ragen/Facebook
Ragen, convicted cat killer, showing off his pecs.
Grieg Ragen says he was just putting Molly, an eleven-year-old calico cat, out of her misery after she got hit by a car. But the judge didn't buy that story and sentenced him to four years in prison.

The cat killing happened on May 8, 2012, the Post-Dispatch reports. According to a probable-cause statement, Ragen said he found the cat lying on the road, apparently hit by a car. And in order to end the cat's suffering, he grabbed a hatchet and chopped up Molly.

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Cancer Patient Kidnapped For Cash, Police Arrest Ferguson Couple

Eunique R. Cooper and Marcus W. Pratt-Pegues.
A heartless attempt at extortion ended in two arrests Wednesday after a Ferguson couple kidnapped a man with Stage IV brain cancer and ordered him to withdraw money from his bank.

On Wednesday, Marcus W. Pratt-Pegues, 24, and Eunique R. Cooper, 21, were charged by St. Louis County prosecutors with kidnapping and first-degree burglary. The couple lives together on the 100 block of Elkan Avenue.

According to the probable-cause report, the victim, Thomas M. Nedich, 63, was snatched on Tuesday from his hotel room in the America's Best Value Inn in Bridgeton at 1:30 p.m.

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Cheryl Dudley, St. Peters Mom, Left Loaded Gun in Toddler's Crib, Tied Girl to Garage: Cops

Cheryl Dudley.
Update below: If the accusations against Cheryl Dudley are true, the 37-year-old St. Peters mother may be one of the worst parents we've written about in a while (though there is certainly a lot of competition).

Police say that Dudley, among many other shocking allegations, left a loaded rifle in her toddler's crib and also left the home in very unsanitary condition. The property, court documents say, was apparently covered in dog feces, dirt, cigarettes and mold, and the bathrooms looked like they had not been cleaned for months.

She also reportedly tied her 22-month-old daughter to the garage with a rope.

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