St. Louis County Police Shoot, Kill Armed Suspect in Jennings (VIDEO)

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St. Louis County Police
A police car was damaged after an armed suspect crashed into it before fleeing on foot from police. Officers later shot and killed him and recovered his weapon.
Two St. Louis County Police officers shot and killed a 42-year-old St. Louis man who was armed with a loaded rifle and searching for his ex-girlfriend, according to police.

Three independent eyewitness have corroborated the officers' accounts of how Michael M. Willis, Jr., ended up dead on a construction site near the 8000 block of Anodyne Lane Thursday night, police said.

The shooting comes less than two months after a Ferguson Police Officer shot and killed unarmed teen Michael Brown -- an act that spurred violent standoffs with police, plunging Ferguson into a state of emergency.

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F. Glenn Miller, Accused Killer of Three at Kansas Jewish Centers, Has Deep Missouri Ties

F. Glenn Miller is arrested in connection with two Kansas shootings that left three dead at Jewish community centers.
Before Frazier Glenn Miller allegedly attacked two Jewish community centers in Kansas City on Sunday, he was gambling in a Missouri casino near his home outside of Springfield.

Miller called his wife, Marge, Sunday morning to say his winnings were up, she tells the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups. Ten hours later, Miller was shouting "Heil, Hitler" in handcuffs and three people at two Jewish community centers in Overland Park, Kansas, were shot dead.

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Another 11-Year-Old Shot: Girl and Dad Gunned Down After 3 A.M. White Castle Stop

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The White Castle at N. Kingshighway.
Less than a week after an unknown gunman shot an eleven-year-old boy in the head while he studied at home with his family, an eleven-year-old girl and her father are in the hospital after being chased down by a car and shot.

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Robber Shoots Teen in Both Hands After Hold-Up

Even after an eighteen-year-old robbery victim turned over all his belongings during a stick-up Sunday night, the thief left him with two parting gifts: bullet holes in both hands.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police are investigating the robbery and assault that occurred around 11:45 p.m. Sunday near Thrush and Lillian avenues, in Walnut Park East.

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St. Louis Police Chase, Shoot Armed Robbery Suspect

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Tex Texin on Flickr
St. Louis Metropolitan Police officers shot and injured an armed-robbery suspect Thursday, just a day after another officer-involved shooting in the city left a 27-year-old suspect dead.

Lavaughn Lewis, 23, was in critical but stable condition with gunshot wounds to the hip, thigh, back and hand after police returned gunfire during a chase, according to police. He faces one charge of first-degree robbery, one charge of first-degree assault, six counts of armed criminal action, four counts of assault on a police officer, one count of resisting arrest and one count of possessing a defaced firearm.

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Skeleton Found with Russian Coins in Pocket Gets a Face Thanks to FBI

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Courtesy Sauget Police Department

A little over a year ago, a hunter stumbled across skeletal remains in a thicket near the American Bottoms wastewater treatment plant in southwest Sauget. Far away from any path that a normal pedestrian might wander down, in a densely wooded area, the hunter found a skull with a tiny hole in the back.

Sauget police searched the area and came up with a jawbone, about 40 other assorted bones and a pair of size 44-46 navy blue sweatpants. In the pocket, cops found five coins: Russian rubles, cumulatively worth about $3.66.

The man's identity remains a mystery. Yesterday, however, the victim got a face thanks to some help from the FBI.

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Sister Charged with Stabbing Brother in Chest, And You Thought Your Christmas Was Bad

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Angela Hallmon's argument with her brother did not end well, police say.
A 53-year-old north city woman faces four felony charges after stabbing her brother in the chest after an argument, police say.

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Police Chief Sam Dotson Rants Against Courts Mishandling St. Louis Gun Crimes

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Chief Sam Dotson
Years of watching career criminals slip through the cracks finally got to Sam Dotson. The chief of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police took to his blog to rant about how River City handles violent crimes.

"Today, I feel it's my duty not to remain calm and composed," Dotson writes. "Today, I feel anger and have every right to shove professionalism aside."

In a post titled "The Sad Truth That I Wish Was Fiction: Another Chief's Rant," Dotson shares a story about a career criminal arrested and imprisoned for violent gun crimes three times in six years. The man only served three years in jail -- a slap on the wrist -- and problems with witnesses meant prosecutors couldn't charge him with a 2012 drive-by shooting, Dotson writes.

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Man Gets 4 Years for Chopping Cat to Death with Hatchet

Grieg Ragen/Facebook
Ragen, convicted cat killer, showing off his pecs.
Grieg Ragen says he was just putting Molly, an eleven-year-old calico cat, out of her misery after she got hit by a car. But the judge didn't buy that story and sentenced him to four years in prison.

The cat killing happened on May 8, 2012, the Post-Dispatch reports. According to a probable-cause statement, Ragen said he found the cat lying on the road, apparently hit by a car. And in order to end the cat's suffering, he grabbed a hatchet and chopped up Molly.

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Tawanda Kunonga: Kansas City Man Convicted for Killing Ex-Girlfriend with Meat Tenderizer

Tawanda Kunonga, 29, of Kansas City.
A Kansas City man will likely serve a life sentence for beating his ex-girlfriend with a meat tenderizer and stabbing her to death, says Attorney General Chris Koster.

A Jackson County jury found Tawanda Kunonga, 29, of Kansas City, guilty of first-degree murder and armed criminal action Tuesday for the brutal 2010 murder of Latoya Hopkins, of Raytown.

Kunonga left his fingerprint and palm print in Hopkins' blood and his DNA at the scene, according to Koster.

"This was a horrific crime," Koster says. "While nothing can lessen the loss for the victim's friends and family, at least the conviction brings some measure of justice."

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