Homicide No. 49: Teenage Ex-Girlfriend Stabs Thearon Maxey in Chest with Butcher Knife

Kaila Chambers, seventeen.
The Circuit Attorney's Office charged a teen with first-degree murder after she stabbed her ex-boyfriend in the chest with a butcher knife, according to police.

Kaila Chambers, seventeen, of the 3600 block of Ohio Avenue, is being held without bond after she turned herself in to St. Louis Metropolitan Police headquarters Tuesday evening.

Police found Chambers' ex-boyfriend -- Thearon Maxey, nineteen, of the 4200 block of Connecticut Street -- unconscious with a puncture wound in his chest on the front porch of an apartment in the 3100 block of Clay Avenue at 9:30 p.m. Sunday. Maxey was pronounced dead at the hospital.

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Jeronnia Graves Stabbed at Downtown Library By Jealous Homeless Man (Homicide No. 48)

The Central Library in downtown St. Louis.
St. Louis Metropolitan Police are still searching for the homeless man who stabbed another homeless man in the neck on the 13th Street steps to downtown's Central Library Wednesday morning.

Police found Jeronnia Graves, 41, whose last known address was in the 4500 block of Davidson Avenue, unconscious and bleeding from the neck at 10:37 a.m. Wednesday. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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Homicide No. 47: Demetrius Griffin Shot in Jaw by Neighbor Who Also Attacked Teen Brother

Richard Watson, 43.
A ticked-off neighbor shot 20-year-old Demetrius Griffin in the head, neck, jaw, thumb and arm and shot Griffin's teen brother in the ankles because he was angry at them over a previous incident, according to police.

Richard Watson, 43, faces charges of first-degree murder, first-degree assault and two counts of armed criminal action for shooting the brothers, whose home neighbors Watson's in the 2600 block of Burd Avenue in the Wells-Goodfellow neighborhood.

Griffin died in the hospital just after 9 p.m. May 5, about 24 hours after he was shot. His brother, who is sixteen-years-old, is in stable condition.

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Teens Charged With Murder After Fistfight Turns into Deadly Shooting (Homicide No. 44)

Lonisha Cummings, seventeen.
Two seventeen-year-olds face murder and armed criminal action charges after a four-woman fistfight escalated into the shooting death of Alicia Miller, 26, in the Wells-Goodfellow neighborhood.

Darius Hamell, seventeen, of the 5900 block of Wabada Avenue, was charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action Monday, and a judge ordered a $1 million cash-only bond. Hamell is in custody in Indiana for his involvement in an unrelated shooting after a fight at an apartment complex.

The Circuit Attorney's Office also charged Lonisha Cummings, seventeen, of the 5300 block of Minerva Avenue, with second-degree murder and armed criminal action. She is held in jail without bond.

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Police: Son Shoots Mother in the Head, Tries to Hide Body

Courtney Cunningham.
A north city man shot and killed his mother at home and tried to hide her body, say the St. Louis Metropolitan Police.

The Circuit Attorney's Office charged Courtney Cunningham, 32, of the 4600 block of Pope Avenue, Wednesday with first degree murder and armed criminal action.

Police found the body of Cunningham's mother, Joyce Boxx, 56, Tuesday morning while checking on her at her home in the 4600 block of Pope Avenue after getting a call from a concerned relative. Boxx had several gunshot wounds to the head and torso, police say.

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UPDATE: Dean's List Student Killed, Infant Injured in Shooting On the Way to Church

Google Maps
The 2500 block of North Market Street in St. Louis.
A shooting Sunday afternoon left a St. Louis woman dead and put three others, including a nine-month-old, in the hospital.

Four adults and a baby were in a car in the 2500 block of North Market Street, in the St. Louis Place neighborhood, when unknown suspects opened fire around 12:20 p.m., according to police reports.

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Homicide No. 30: Boy, 11, Shot in Head, Killed When Gunman Attacks South St. Louis Family

Lindsay Toler
The home in the 3600 block of Tholozan where an 11-year-old boy was shot to death.
Update 10:40 a.m. - This story has been updated with more details about the victim from police.

A gunman unloading round after round through the window of a south St. Louis family's home Wednesday night, striking Antonio Johnson, an eleven-year-old boy, in the head and killing him.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Chief Sam Dotson says the eleven-year-old was likely not the intended victim in this brazen gun attack.

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Homicide No. 27: Clem Russell, Suspected Jack in the Box Robber, Shot While Gambling

Clem Russell, a nineteen-year-old from south city, was just one of the four people in St. Louis City shot in three separate shootings in a two-hour stretch Saturday night.

But he's the only one who didn't make it out alive.

Russell was gambling with friends in the alley behind the 3500 block of Pennsylvania Avenue before 6 p.m. when an unknown gunman started firing, striking Russell in the back and shoulder and striking another twenty-year-old victim in the shoulder.

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Reward Increased for Information on Murder of Nick Kapusniak, Pharmacy Student

Nicholas Kapusniak, twenty, died in a drive-by shooting in south city.
The St. Louis College of Pharmacy is offering a reward for any information on the murder of one of its twenty-year-old students, Nicholas "Kappy" Kapusniak.

The school will give $10,000 for information leading to an arrest. CrimeStoppers doubled its originally $1,000 reward offer yesterday, bringing the final tally up to $12,000.

The seemingly random drive-by shooting rocked the pharmacy school's campus, where Kapusniak was known as a happy-go-lucky music lover who played drums in a band called the Rxtions.

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Homicide No. 20: Nicholas Kapusniak, St. Louis Pharmacy Student, Killed in Drive-By Shooting

Nick "Kappy" Kapusniak died after a drive-by shooting early Saturday morning.
Nicholas Kapusniak, a twenty-year-old pharmacy student living in St. Louis, was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting early Saturday morning in the Fox Park neighborhood.

He was hanging out with friends in the back yard of a house party in the 2700 block of Accomac Street just before 1 a.m. when an unknown gunman started firing from a white sedan in the alley, striking Kapusniak in the upper left torso, according to a police report. Partygoers carried Kapusniak inside, where first responders would later declare him dead.

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