St. Louis Native Karlie Kloss Shares Vogue Cover with BFF Taylor Swift

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Mikael Jansson, Vogue
Karlie Kloss with her BFF Taylor Swift on the latest cover of Vogue.
It's one thing to land the cover of Vogue magazine, the preeminent publication of the fashion world. It's wholly another to front the magazine's power issue alongside worldwide It girl and pop star Taylor Swift in celebration of feminine friendship.

Now supermodel and Webster Groves High School alumnus Karlie Kloss has accomplished both. Vogue released Friday the cover of its March issue, which features the blonde beauty best friends, and a video of the pair playing "The Best Best Friend Game," where they compete over who is the better bestie.

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Vines Brothers Bring STL Style to St. Louis Cardinals, Modern Family

Allison Babka
Randy and Jeff Vines are bringing STL Style to the Cardinals and Modern Family.

The St. Louis Cardinals and Modern Family like to do it in style -- STL Style, that is.

This summer, the baseball team with the best fans and the television show with the biggest audience are turning to a small design and print shop in St. Louis for some of their biggest fashion needs. STL Style owners Jeff and Randy Vines and their team of city-proud designers are on deck to provide winning looks for the Cardinals' "Christmas in July" T-shirt giveaway for the Wednesday, July 23, game and for Modern Family's upcoming baby and toddler line.

"We're thrilled! Sometimes we pinch ourselves," Jeff Vines tells Daily RFT. "We can't believe we'd have this broad of a reach when we started out so many years ago, just the two of us."

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Designers Needed! How to Show Your Work on the St. Louis Fashion Week 2014 Runway

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Mark Schwigen
A Wai Ming by Emily Koplar design at St. Louis Fashion Week.
Are you a fashion designer with big dreams? ALIVE Magazine might have a spot for your creations at St. Louis Fashion Week.

The magazine is looking for an exclusive group of elite, emerging designers to fill this year's event, which will show at St. Louis' revitalized Union Station for the first time.

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Miss Gay America Pageant Brings "Sparkles" and More to Downtown St. Louis

Jon Gitchoff
The Miss Gay America 2014 pageant kicks off with some song and dance. See the full slideshow of photos here.

On Sunday night more than 50 contestants gathered in the Millennium Hotel to compete in the 2014 Miss Gay America pageant, a national contest established in 1972 for female impersonators. Among them were three local girls whose rhinestones, false eyelashes and jazz hands did the Show-Me State proud.

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- Slideshow: Miss Gay America 2014
- Slideshow: Miss Gay Missouri America 2013

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Top Thirteen Skanky Prom Gowns: Definitely Not Mom-Approved (PHOTOS)

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prom image fp.jpg
Back in the '90s, this happened at prom -- and we were PISSED.
Prom season is here! Magazines, websites and well-meaning-but-crazy family members have been preparing girls for this magical dance for years, ensuring that prom is second only to a wedding in terms of a young woman's self-worth. How exciting!

Such a grand occasion calls for just the right dress -- something classy yet memorable, unique but age appropriate. Unfortunately, the prom dress websites we've researched have terrible grammar and cater only to future escorts who have crackwhores for moms. Where are the pastel cupcake dresses from Footloose or the black taffeta number that both Brenda and Kelly wore on Beverly Hills 90210? But perhaps we're jaded and aren't seeing these gowns with clear eyes. Maybe we need a dose of reality from someone who's lived through two tantrum-prone girls clamoring to grow up too fast.

Enter our mother Marsha, a corn-fed Ohioan with good taste and solid Midwestern values. We showed Mom a few dresses and asked if we could wear them to prom. Boy, did she have opinions:

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No Sweat: St. Louis Filmmaker Faces Obstacles for Documentary on Clothing Industry

tom kavanaugh 2.jpg
Photo: Jen Silverberg
Tom Kavanaugh's "No Sweat" will trace five articles of clothing to the factory where they were made.
Tom Kavanaugh realizes his documentary on sweatshops in the clothing industry won't be an easy one to make. For starters, the companies he plans to profile -- Walmart and Nike, to name a few -- aren't likely to cooperate. Then there are the language barriers and other logistical challenges of shooting a documentary that will largely take place in Southeast Asia and Central America.

But the biggest hurdle, for the moment, is financial. The 35-year-old SLU grad estimates the movie will cost at least $150,000 to make. So last week the budding filmmaker turned to Kickstarter to help raise part of those funds.

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OMG! Karlie Kloss Gets New Haircut!

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NYT Style Page
A story with far-reaching importance.
Can we all just agree that the New York Times Style section is the most important source of news in our time? How else would we know about all the ways wealthy, Ivy League-educated residents of Williamsburg and Park Slope mingle, mate, marry, raise dogs and children and send those dogs and children to private clubs and private schools and thence to Ivy League institutions (children only). Ah! the circle of life!

But today's edition contains the most important story we have read all week. Even more than the Manti Te'o fake-girlfriend hoax. Yes, it's true. Webster Groves-raised supermodel Karlie Kloss has a new haircut!

Take a minute to absorb that. This is a story that has far-reaching importance. You may never have a fake dead girlfriend. But you can get Karlie's new haircut, known as the Chop or, simply, the Karlie. Everyone will be getting Karlie's new haircut. It is the haircut of the year. The Style section has declared it so!

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Why Stan Kroenke Should Lose the Moustache and "Hair"

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kroenke headshot.jpg
Stan Kroenke, walking tonsorial faux pas.
Stan Kroenke, owner of the St. Louis Rams, Arsenal Gunners, Colorado Avalanche and a few other sports teams we're too lazy to mention, No. 92 on the Forbes 400 list, subject of a recent and thoroughly unilluminating Sports Illustrated profile, is 65 years old and -- if for no other reason than that he's a grown man -- is entitled to dress himself however the hell he wants.

And wear his, um, hair however he wants.

But dude would actually look kinda rad if he shaved off that 1970s cop 'stache and the -- let's face it -- small rodent perched atop his dome.

Really, if he took those two small steps, he'd actually look like a guy who can bench press 225 pounds.

See for yourself....

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People of Walmart: The Missouri Gallery

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MPW bigbutts.jpg
Perhaps our favorite part about People of Walmart, a site where readers submit photos of Walmart fashion, is that you can isolate just one state -- like ours!

Click through to see who's been shopping at Missouri Walmart stores in the last year.

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Amanda Zuckerman: Wash. U. Student/Dorm Decorating Maven

Dormify founder and Wash. U. senior Amanda Zuckerman in the bedroom of her off-campus apartment, decorated with Dormify's Fall Into Fall bedding collection.
Amanda Zuckerman is a young woman with discerning tastes. "I'm very into fashion," she says. "And if you care about fashion, you're going to care about how your dorm room looks. It's another form of self-expression."

Three years ago, though, when she and her mom, Karen, made the epic shopping trip to purchase fittings for her very first dorm room at Washington University, she was bitterly disappointed.

"Everything was so youthful," she complains. "It's stuff I could have had back in elementary school."

As they made the rounds of stores near their home in Potomac, Maryland, trying to assemble, piecemeal, a dorm room that would best display Zuckerman's personal style, an idea occurred to them: Why not start a business that sold cool, sophisticated dorm room furnishings all in one place and shipped them straight to school?

Now is one of the leading online retailers for stylish extra-long twin sheets, comforters, decorative pillows, wall hangings, desk accessories and, most importantly for dorm rooms, not known for their spaciousness, storage boxes and organizers. A team of 250 style advisers at colleges across the country are on-hand to tell shoppers exactly what to do with it all.

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