Ferguson Business Owners Ask Protesters to Stay Peaceful After Grand Jury Decision

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Lindsay Toler
Businesses along West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson prepare for more protests by boarding up.
Business at Dellena Jones' 911 Hair Salon, one of the many boarded-up storefronts along West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson, is down 70 percent after protests started there in August.

It's a common story on this street, where the burned-out husk of the QuikTrip looms as a reminder of the weeks of unrest that followed the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. A local doctor says his business is down 35 percent, and he still needs to repair the windows and doors broken during the protests. A lawyer for Florissant Avenue businesses says his clients are "at a breaking point," still missing out on "millions and millions" of dollars in sales.

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5 Tips for Pet Owners In Case of More Unrest in St. Louis, Ferguson

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nguyenhoangnam via flickr
The Humane Society of Missouri offers tips on handling civil unrest for pet owners.
St. Louis is getting ready.

Churches are setting up as safe spaces. Governor Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency. Mayor Francis Slay is asking for hundreds of National Guard troops to help with security. Before the city finds out whether Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson will face charges for fatally shooting unarmed teen Michael Brown, St. Louis is gearing up for the protests and unrest that are sure to follow.

Saint Louis County Animal Care and Control is starting its own preparations in case the unrest affects families with pets. Partnering with the Humane Society of Missouri, animal control is preparing assistance for displaced or injured animals, as well as emergency pet supplies.

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In Time's Person of the Year Poll, Ferguson Protesters Are Ahead of the Pope, Taylor Swift

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Steve Truesdell
Could Ferguson protesters win Time's Person of the Year poll?
Who should be Time magazine's 2014 Person of the Year? In the online readers' poll, Ferguson protesters are beating out dozens of household names.

Time's editors have bestowed the annual Person of the Year title on a person (or persons) who has influenced the news, for better or for worse, each year for nine decades. But the magazine also holds an annual online poll to gauge how readers feel about the year's newsmakers. So far, Ferguson protesters are polling high.

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Ferguson Mayor, Police Chief Say No More Media Interviews Until Grand Jury Decision

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Lindsay Toler
Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson.
Ferguson's mayor and police chief will not talk to reporters until the grand jury announces whether officer Darren Wilson will face charges for fatally shooting unarmed teen Michael Brown.

The New York Times reports that it requested an interview with Mayor James Knowles on October 29 after rumors spread that chief Tom Jackson was about to resign. The city waited three weeks to respond, sending this unsigned statement Wednesday afternoon:

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Clayton Businesses Start Boarding Up Windows in Preparation for Grand Jury Announcement

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Jessica Lussenhop
Wooden frames go up on the windows of Clayton businesses.

Daily RFT spotted three businesses on South Bemiston Avenue in downtown Clayton that have begun boarding up their windows. The stores -- a Potbelly Sandwich Shop, Diamond International and Tani Sushi Bistro -- are all less than a block away from the Buzz Westfall Justice Center where the grand jury has been deliberating on charges in the shooting death of Michael Brown. Their decision on whether to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the incident is expected in a matter of days or weeks.

"It's the first phase. We're just taking a precaution for when the verdict does come," says Potbelly manager Marci Beasley. "We do probably plan on boarding up."

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St. Louis Tactical Gear Shop Sees Spike in Sales, More Law Enforcement Customers

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Photos via
Sales at and the company's Chesterfield store are up more than 20 percent.
St. Louis-based is crediting the "Ferguson phenomenon" for a double-digit bump in sales.

Sales from last week are 21 percent higher than sales for the same week last year, a jump CEO Chad Weinman calls "significant growth." Weinman says the uptick is especially noticeable at's Chesterfield store, where many of his customers are Department of Homeland Security and Missouri State Highway Patrol officers arriving in St. Louis to handle security at expected future protests.

"You can feel the tension in the air," Weinman tells Daily RFT. "I think everybody is a little on edge, and people are taking steps to ensure their safety and the safety of their families."

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Fundraiser Aims to Keep "Pants Up, Don't Loot" Billboard in Florissant As Long As Possible

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The proposed billboard would read, "#PantsUpDon'tLoot."
An online fundraiser to put up a Florissant billboard aimed at Ferguson protesters has reached its $3,000 goal and is still raising money with 31 days left.

The Indiegogo campaign aims to put up a billboard in Florissant, a St. Louis suburb near Ferguson, that reads, "#PantsUpDon'tLoot." The promise to display two racial stereotypes in one hashtag on a north St. Louis County billboard brought in $3,000 in donations, enough to rent a billboard for at least a month, though the real goal is to earn enough money to keep it up even longer.

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Jaris Hayden, Former Ferguson Corrections Officer, Charged with Raping Inmate in City Jail

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Jessica Lussenhop

A former City of Ferguson corrections officer has been charged with the rape of a jail inmate. The incident occurred back on October 9, 2013, but the charges against Jaris Hayden -- for felony sexual contact with an inmate and permitting an escape -- were just filed on November 5 of this year.

The indictment came just a week and a half before the victim, identified only as J.W., filed a suit in federal court against the City of Ferguson as well as Hayden. She was in custody for driving with expired plates and giving a police officer a fake name.

"When you read the case, you're going to see there's claims against Ferguson that state that Ferguson's department has customs and practices that are so bad that those practices cause those incidents," says W. Bevis Schock, the attorney representing J.W.

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KKK Hacked: Anonymous Targets Hate Group For Ferguson Threats

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A screenshot of the video announcing Anonymous #OppKKK campaign.

Local KKK leader Frank Ancona's recent spate of media appearances has attracted the lulz-seeking hooligans of hacker collective Anonymous -- a loosely affiliated network of self-identifying activists with a very particular set of skills.

Ancona, the imperial wizard of the Missouri-based Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, found himself a target of those skills on Sunday, when hackers posted his personal information, including a home address, and shut down the TAK website. The measures followed a larger weekend campaign to digitally harass the KKK into submission, called #OpKKK.

Last week, Daily RFT reported that Ancona's group was distributing a flier addressed to "the terrorists masquerading as 'peaceful protesters'" and which ominously referenced Missouri's lethal-force statute. Many perceived the flier as a threat toward Ferguson protesters, and Ancona later appeared on MSNBC to defend himself and the KKK to anchor Chris Hayes.

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Reuters Calls Delmar Loop "Downtown St. Louis" in Report on Protests

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Paul Sableman on Flickr
The Delmar Loop, a.k.a. downtown St. Louis, according to some...
It's been 101 days since Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson fatally shot unarmed black teen Michael Brown, but the media covering the story still have a lot to learn about St. Louis.

Back in the early days of unrest and protest, outsider news outlets struggled to explain the complicated sociopolitical and geographic oddities that St. Louisans are used to: divided city and county governments, a bevy of teensy-tiny county municipalities, Provel cheese. But months later, few seem to have learned their lesson.

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