St. Louis County Council Meeting Sees Ferguson Protesters and One Darren Wilson Supporter

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Many seats were available at the St. Louis County council meeting.
Despite calls from Ferguson activists to flood the St. Louis County council meeting Tuesday night, the evening was mostly calm -- a far cry from the previous meeting that was dominated by anger and frustration from activists over the Michael Brown shooting.

Although tempers weren't as flared as they had been, most speakers focused on events in Ferguson and took the opportunity to remind the county council that they believe nothing has been done to improve policing and correct injustices during the ongoing Ferguson protests.

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Arrested in Ferguson: What It's Like to Go to Jail While Protesters Negotiate Your Release

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Mitch Ryals
Angelique Kidd (right) in front of the Ferguson Police Department two days before she was arrested and charged with failure to disperse and resisting arrest.
Angelique Kidd has learned her lesson.

"When you're at a protest and someone starts saying, 'Link arms,' don't do it," she says.

Kidd was one of the eight people arrested in Ferguson Sunday night in a move protesters compared to a hostage negotiation. Police said as long as protesters didn't enter the street or break the 11 p.m. noise ordinance, all eight people arrested, including Kidd, would be released without bond.

The rest of Sunday night's quieted-down protests were broadcast by journalists and live-streamers, so we reached out to Kidd to find out what happened to the eight people who waited the protest out in jail.

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VIDEO: A Night of Anger, Violence in Ferguson After Michael Brown Memorial Burns

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Ferguson protesters demonstrate outside the beauty store that had its windows smashed that night.
By the time night fell in Ferguson on September 23, anger and frustration had been brewing all day long.

First, there was the disappointing news that the grand jury tasked with charging (or not charging) Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson won't make a decision for weeks.

Then part of the makeshift memorial built where Michael Brown, the unarmed teen Wilson shot to death, burnt to ashes in the early morning.

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ACLU: Police Used "Five Second Rule" to Arrest Ferguson Protesters at Random

Danny Wicentowski
Officers arresting protesters the night of August 18. Nineteen people were charged with failing to disperse that day.
The American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri argued to a federal judge Monday that St. Louis County and Missouri State Highway Patrol are enforcing an unconstitutional "five second rule" that allows cops to arrest protesters at will.

Known as either the "five second rule" or "keep moving rule," the controversial police tactic was sprung on protesters August 18, nine days after Ferguson cop Darren Wilson shot and killed eighteen-year-old Michael Brown. Police threatened protesters with arrest if they stopped moving, forcing crowds into grueling marches to avoid violating the ill-defined rule.

According to the witnesses brought by the ACLU, police used the tactic arbitrarily, harassing some protesters and letting others go. St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar admitted yesterday the rule even confused officers, who misinterpreted his orders and used the "five second rule" to arrest protesters during the peaceful daytime hours.

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As Clergy Join Ferguson Protesters, Capt. Ron Johnson Says He Wants Dialogue

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Ray Downs
Several clergy members kneel down in prayer in front of the Ferguson Police Department.
Protesters gathered in front of the Ferguson Police Department again Monday night, refusing to move from the street, despite warnings from the police that they would be arrested. But after Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson arrived on the scene, police largely held back, and only one man -- a pastor -- was arrested after a night where several clergy members came out to support the Ferguson protesters.

Reverend Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou, a St. Louis native who is the pastor at the First Baptist Church in Boston, was arrested for "failure to disperse" after he knelt down to pray in front of the police station in an act of civil disobedience.

The arrest came not long after several clergy members knelt down to pray in front of the police station with protesters behind them. Some protesters joined in prayer and hymns. Several police officers looked on as one warned protesters and clergy to move onto the sidewalk or face arrest.

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Independent Journalist in Ferguson Gets Equipment Robbed While Sitting in Jail

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Bassem Masri/Facebook
An independent journalist who has been live-streaming the Ferguson protests for several weeks says all of his equipment was robbed from his car after police searched his car and didn't lock his doors after they put him under arrest for unpaid traffic tickets.

Bassem Masri, a St. Louis native who works as a distribution manager by day and an activist journalist by night, is suspicious about the arrest because the night before it happened, state troopers pulled him over and tried to do a background check, but weren't able to because their system was temporarily down.

"I'm always honest with the police," Masri tells Daily RFT. "When they pulled me over, I tell them, 'Look, I have a few warrants.' But they couldn't look it up because their system was down, so they let me go."

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[UPDATED] Ferguson Protesters, Including the Lost Voices, Get Kicked Out of Protest Sites

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Photo by Mitch Ryals
Louis Wilson, Tremell Hason and Angelique Kidd are regular South Florissant Avenue protesters.
Since the death of Michael Brown, protesters have flocked to two parking lots to hold demonstrations, arriving early in the morning and sometimes sleeping in tents or on the ground.

There's the parking lot in front of Andy Wurm Tire and Wheel, on South Florissant Road, where Wurm gave permission to protesters to take turns holding signs as cars honk in support as long as they don't damage the property.

Then there's the encampment on West Florissant Avenue, where about twenty people were sleeping in tents in the parking lot of a former Ponderosa Steakhouse.

But protesters aren't allowed at either site anymore.

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Gun Incident at Faraci Pizza Leads to Confrontations with Protesters [Updated]

Danny Wicentowski
Protesters claim the owner of Faraci Pizza pointed a gun at them Thursday night, but the restaurant owner's wife says that's a lie.
Tensions spiked in Ferguson this weekend following two officer-involved shootings Saturday night and early Sunday morning. However, the earliest signs of trouble perhaps began at Faraci Pizza, a few blocks south of the Ferguson police headquarters on South Florissant Avenue

When Daily RFT arrived at Faraci Pizza around 6:30 p.m. Saturday, the pizza joint was being guarded by two police cruisers and officers near the door. Protesters chanted about "racist pizza" and demanded the officers investigate Jim Marshall, the eatery's owner. Many protesters claimed Marshall had pulled a gun on a group of non-violent demonstrators on Thursday night.

But Marshall's wife, Dawne, tells Daily RFT the protesters have it all wrong: She says her husband was afraid for his safety, so he cocked a pistol and placed it in his pocket while inside the store. She says he never aimed the weapon at anybody. She also says their business has endured days of harassment over a "lie that went wildfire" on social media.

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Webcam Girl Sasha Pain Comes to Ferguson, Will Donate Sex Video Proceeds to Protesters

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Lindsay Toler
Sasha Pain (L) joins the protests in Ferguson with friend Jessica Bella Hollie.
This time, Sasha Pain is the one behind the camera.

The cam girl says she and two friends drove for 34 nonstop hours from San Francisco to help demonstrators in Ferguson by filming protests and sharing them with her audience.

"I want people who follow me to have to see it," Pain tells Daily RFT while live streaming as demonstrators played instruments and sang chats in front of the Ferguson Police Department. "This isn't something that happened to me or in my town, but it's something that happened to a citizen of my country and a son to somebody. That's enough for me to be here. This is what people need to focus on."

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Ferguson Police Officer Shot Away From Protest Area, Suspect Still At Large [UPDATE]

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Danny Wicentowski
The scene immediately following the shooting last night.

This post is being updated live, includes information on second officer shooting on I-70.

Law enforcement authorities confirmed with Daily RFT that a Ferguson police officer was shot near the intersection of Stein and West Florissant on Saturday evening.

Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson appeared briefly on the scene to address protesters and reporters. He told the group that the officer was the only person shot -- this seems to be an attempt to squash rapidly spreading rumors that the shooter was killed by police.

"A police officer's been shot tonight," he said. "That's the only person that's got shot."

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