Mike Anderson Officially Asks Gov. Jay Nixon for Clemency, Rebuts AG Chris Koster

Courtesy LaQonna Anderson/Office of the Governor
Mike Anderson and Governor Jay Nixon.

Through his attorney, Cornealious "Mike" Anderson III filed a petition yesterday asking Governor Jay Nixon to grant him clemency or commute his prison sentence of thirteen years. Anderson is asking for relief given the fact that a clerical error prevented the state of Missouri from incarcerating him for a burglary he was convicted of back in 2000. He was finally arrested this past July (Riverfront Times broke the story in September 2013).

"My client is a beloved father of 4 beautiful young children, a husband to a devoted wife, and a well-respected small business man in St. Louis," writes Anderson's lawyer, Patrick Michael Megaro. "In the past 13 years, he has committed himself to being a productive and valuable member of society, and has proven that not only is he no danger to the community, but is a pillar of the community."

Megaro also filed an answer to Attorney General Chris Koster yesterday, harshly rebutting the AG's claim that Anderson is responsible for his situation. We spoke with Megaro to better understand Anderson's chances of receiving credit for time served or parole. The answers, like everything in this case, are complicated.

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New Missouri Mayor Totally Understands Why That Kansas City Shooter Hated Jews

F. Glenn Miller is charged with a hate crime and suspected of killing three people last weekend at Kansas City Jewish centers.
Only a week into his job as the mayor of Marionville, a small town outside of Springfield, Dan Clevenger is already making national headlines.

But it's not his town or his elected position attracting a media scrum. It's his friendship with F. Glenn Miller, the KKK leader accused of shooting and killing three at Kansas City Jewish community centers.

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The Craigslist Missed Connections of St. Louis Wizard World

Jon Gitchoff
The Khaleesi and Khal Drogo found each other. Who's next?

Earlier this week, we shared how an ingenious local man used a Wizard World photo opportunity with Firefly and Castle star Nathan Fillion to propose to his girlfriend. It's an adorable story, but unfortunately, not everybody was as lucky in love at the comic book/pop culture convention.

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A look at the Missed Connections section of Craigslist reveals that a number of people were hit by "love at first sight" at Wizard World, held April 4 through 6 at America's Center. And we're down with kismet! But because many of the personal ads still are online nearly two weeks after the event, we can only assume that the love connections are still yet to be made.

So help us out, readers! Check out the enchanting Missed Connections ads below, and help us find the folks who might be somebody's love of a lifetime.

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AG Chris Koster Files to Deny Release of "Mike" Anderson But Suggests Path to Parole

Thumbnail image for cornealious_michael_anderson.jpg
Cornealious "Mike" Anderson. | Courtesy LaQonna Anderson

Yesterday, Attorney General Chris Koster filed a response to Cornealious "Mike" Anderson's plea to be released from a Mississippi County prison. Unsurprisingly, it argues that the judge hearing this case should deny Anderson's request.

Anderson is nine months into a sentence for an armed robbery that took place in 1999 -- he was mistakenly free from prison for thirteen years because of a clerical error, and during those years completely turned his life around. He's a dad, a businessman, an upstanding member of the community. Riverfront Times broke the story of his arrest in July in our cover story "The (Extremely) Long (and Sometimes Forgetful) Arm of the Law."

Anderson's attorney filed a writ of habeas corpus back in December calling this "cruel and unusual punishment" and asking for Anderson's release. While Koster argues against this, his response lays to rest what caused the delayed sentence and includes a possible path for Anderson to be immediately considered for probation.

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Kansas Hate Crime Suspect Tells Howard Stern Why He Hates Jews, Loves Hitler So Much

Can you spot Hitler peering over Glenn Miller's right shoulder?
Before white supremacist and anti-Semite F. Glenn Miller faced state and federal hate-crime charges for killing three at Jewish community centers in Kansas, he wrangled a slot on Howard Stern's radio show to tell America why Missouri should elect him to the U.S. Senate.

"We call Glenn [Miller] the only honest politician out there, actually," Stern says on the 2010 episode. "At least he isn't a lie...Glenn's very upfront about where he stands."

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Nathan Fillion Unwittingly Helps Local Nerds Get Engaged at Wizard World

Wizard World
Actor Nathan Fillion made a love connection for James Dauer and Jenna Nurnberger.

When Jenna Nurnberger became engaged at the Wizard World convention held in St. Louis just over a week ago, she had no idea that Nathan Fillion, her long-time Firefly crush, would be part of it.

But her fiancé James Dauer did. Well, sort of.

"You can't say 'no' to serendipity," Dauer says.

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Homeless No More: Man From SLU Basketball Player's Viral Video Moves Into Living Center

Danny Wicentowski
Michael Chaney, "chronically homeless" for years, now has a home in an assisted living center.
On one hand, the YouTube video is heartwarming: It shows a Saint Louis University basketball player and his best friend helping a 34-year-old homeless man named Michael Chaney, buying him his the first real meal in five days and his first new outfit in years. The clip has been seen more than 76,000 times.

But the video's final minute is hardly a feel-good ending: As they drive away from the homeless man they'd just helped, sophomore guard Justin McBroom and Blake Carell watch Chaney trudge back to same sidewalk where they'd found him hours earlier.

Yesterday, the ending got a lot happier: For the first time in nearly three years, Chaney has a home.

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Judge Rules Against Anti-Gay Marriage Effort in Legal Fight Over Missouri Taxes

quinn.anya on flickr
For now, at least, married gay couples in Missouri can pay joint taxes.
Ever since Governor Jay Nixon altered Missouri's tax code to allow legally married gay couples to file joint taxes -- a move that puts the state in line with federal rules -- anti-gay marriage advocates are pulling out every trick in the book to stop him.

First, they filed a lawsuit. Then Rep. Nick Marshall tried to impeach Nixon.

The final trick in the anti-gay marriage playbook was a restraining order from four of Missouri's most committed conservatives who say changing the tax rule is tantamount to legalizing gay marriage in the Show-Me State.

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Cornell McKay Sentenced To Twelve Years For CWE Robbery: "I Know I Didn't Rob Her"

Cornell McKay's lawyers say McKay (left) was mistakenly ID'd as the perpetrator of a crime Keith Esters committed.
Adriane Smith -- Cornell McKay's mother -- grasped Tayra Douglas' right hand as Judge Robin Vannoy sentenced her son on Thursday to twelve years in prison. The relatively moderate sentence (prosecutors had asked for 20 years) ended an emotional hearing that featured testimony from the victim of an August 10, 2012 armed robbery. The victim is steadfast in her identification of McKay as the man who robbed her.

"This crime was forced on me," she told the court. "Mr. McKay made bad choices over and over again. I am in no way driven by vengeance. I told my story and my truth and I left it in the able hands of the court and jury."

But McKay's lawyers argue that he's an innocent man. During yesterday's hearing, they cited constitutional issues with his December 2013 trial and cast doubt on the integrity of the police investigation.

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Appeals Court Refuses To Delay Cornell McKay Sentencing; Pastor Raises Alibi Questions

Facebook/Justice for Cornell McKay
Cornell McKay (center) with Pastor Chris Douglas and his wife, Tayra, in August 2012.
Cornell McKay is running out of options.

Yesterday, his lawyers' petition to the state appeals court was denied almost immediately, within hours of filing. That means McKay will likely be sentenced tomorrow for an August 2012 armed robbery he insists he was framed for. McKay's lawyers are now aiming to appeal to the Missouri Supreme Court.

Last week, the same judge who presided over his original trial denied McKay's lawyers' request to stay the sentencing date; both Judge Robin Vannoy and the circuit attorney's office stand by the results of McKay's trial in December 2013, when evidence linking the armed robbery to Megan Boken's killer -- Keith Esters -- was largely kept from the jury.

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