Dear Schnucks: By the Each Is Not a Thing

Kristie McClanahan
This sign is not appealing, Target.
People are always quick to jump on the "three times and it's officially a trend" bandwagon. Especially if those people are media people, and they need to crank out a story on a slow news day.

But sometimes it only takes twice until we say enough is enough. This is one of those times.

A couple years back we spotted the bananas pictured above in Target.

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Kansas City Microbrewery Beats Anheuser-Busch in Trademark Race

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Photo courtesy of Flickr/Paul Knittel
Anheuser-Busch headquarters in St. Louis.
On Super Bowl Sunday, Anheuser-Busch ruffled the feathers of craft beer lovers with a snarky commercial that took a low blow at the fuss around micro-brewed beer. The A-B ad featured many frames of Budweiser bottles, foaming beer, and manly men drinking beer "brewed the hard way" at the company's Soulard headquarters.

"Let them sip their pumpkin peach ale," the commercial proclaimed. "We'll be brewing us some golden suds."

Five days later, on February 6, 2015, A-B filed a trademark application for the "intent to use" the phrase "Brewed the Hard Way."

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Comedian Judah Friedlander Takes on Imo's Again: "Legally, It's Not Even Like Pizza"

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Adrien Goulet
Judah Friedlander, lover and hater of Imo's Pizza.
The first time Judah Friedlander -- who plays Frank Rossitano, the guy with all the hats on 30 Rock -- ate an Imo's pizza, he thought it was a joke.

"I thought I was on a prank show where someone had given me the worst pizza in history, and then I realized, 'Oh, this is how they actually make it,'" Friedlander tells Washington University's Student Life Newspaper.

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Horse Slaughter: Missouri Slaughterhouse Awaits State's Decision On Permit

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Flickr/will g
Hungry, anyone?
David Rains wants to sell horse meat in Missouri. He says he's ready to start, having already modified his processing plant in Gallatin and consulted with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and industry experts from Canada.

He'll know by January 27, the deadline for officials to respond to his request to include equine slaughter within a general meat processing permit.

"The federal government agrees with us," says Rains, who is pushing the state's Department of Natural Resources to allow him to start slaughtering horses and distributing their meat for human consumption as well as animal feed.

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Burglar Steals Savings, Tips from "Dr." Dan Drake, Courtesy Diner's Pancake Artist

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Nancy Stiles
Dr. Dan the Pancake Man
In the two months since his pancake artistry went viral and jettisoned him to accidental fame, Dan Drake saved enough in Christmas tips and gifts to hang up his Courtesy Diner polo and pursue pancakes full-time.

He hid $1,500 in a lockbox in his closet, put in his two weeks at the South Kingshighway diner and began to dream big.

But in keeping with the adventitious rise of south city's "Dr. Dan the Pancake Man," nothing is going according to plan.

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Senator Claire McCaskill Angers a Bunch of Vegans on Twitter with Pig Roast Photos

via @clairecmc / @clairecmc
Senator Claire McCaskill very much runs her own Twitter account, which is why her feed sometimes has goofy commentary on the fashion of the Supreme Court justices and personal Vine videos of her family coloring Easter eggs.

This Labor Day weekend she fired off a series of tweets about roasting a pig for her son's birthday -- with some close-up before and after pics.

Vegans were not pleased.

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A Ban On Soda Purchases With Food Stamps? Mayor Francis Slay Says It Should Be Explored

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via Facebook
Mayor Francis Slay.
St. Louis mayor Francis Slay is not coming out in favor of the infamous soda regulations in New York City -- but he is considering a related idea. That is, he supports an exploration of potential limitations or bans on the purchase of sugary drinks -- with food stamps. Slay this week signed a letter alongside New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and sixteen other U.S. mayors, asking the federal government to evaluate approaches to food-stamp subsidization of sugary beverages.

"He believes that the food stamp program should promote healthy choices and healthy lifestyles," Slay spokeswoman Maggie Crane tells Daily RFT.

Unlike Bloomberg, he is not pushing for any ban at this time, Crane says, but adds, "He thinks it should be looked at."

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Schnucks' Biggest Fans: St. Louis Couple Gets Married At Des Peres Supermarket (PHOTOS)

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Courtesy of Schnucks.
Angela and Gerald Taylor.
Angela and Gerald Taylor might just be the most devoted Schnucks customers in the company's more than seven decades in business.

Early in their relationship, Gerald took Angela on a date to a Schnucks grocery store. Since then, they've had regular Friday date nights there. They've had birthday parties at the store. And this month, the couple had their wedding ceremony inside the Des Peres Schnucks. With Schnucks catering, of course.

"It's just a special place," Angela Taylor, 50, tells Daily RFT, adding of her wedding, "It was wonderful. We wouldn't change anything about it, absolutely nothing."

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Schnucks Apologizes for Hackers, Suggests Customers Get New Credit Cards (VIDEO)

via YouTube
Scott Schnuck apologizes.
If you shopped at Schnucks between December and March and are still using the same credit card, you may want to get a new one. Or at the very least, watch your statements and notify your bank of suspicious charges.

So says Scott Schnuck, in yet another video apology for the massive security breach that exposed roughly 2.4 million credit and debit cards at a majority of their stores in the St. Louis metro region and beyond. This latest apology released on Friday comes in the wake of new lawsuits alleging that the local supermarket chain was negligent in their handling of this cyber attack -- and waited too long to alert customers.

And while Schnucks says it blocked access at the end of March and increased security on its payment system, cards used before that date, the company warns, are still vulnerable.

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Schnucks Runs Full-Page Ad Apology for Credit-Card Scandal As Lawsuits Allege Negligence

Scott Schnuck.
Scott Schnuck, chairman and CEO of Schnucks, is really sorry about the massive credit-card security breach at his 79 stores -- and he took out a full-page advertisement in the Sunday Post-Dispatch to express his remorse.

"We realize that with the recent credit card issue we fell short of expectations. On behalf of my family and company, I sincerely apologize to you, our customers and teammates, for how this incident affected you, your friends and family," Schnuck writes in the ad. "I also want you to know what we are doing to ensure it never happens again."

His message also includes a response to one of the central questions raised in a new class-action lawsuit that we wrote about last week: Did Schnucks wait too long to spread the word that millions of customers' credit cards may have been compromised?

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