This St. Joseph Mall Commercial is So Terrible You'll Never Shop Anywhere Else

Need a backpack? Haircuts? A new outfit? We know exactly where you should go.

East Hills Shopping Center released a commercial that is perfectly, wonderfully, exquisitely terrible -- and we're not the only ones who think so.

In the viral video promoting back-to-school specials, mall employees hawk their wares in nervously sing-song voices into an old-timey microphone over an anxious beatbox beat, resulting in an emotionally satisfying and extremely awkward thirty seconds.

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[VIDEO] Jesse Ventura Explores Theory that the Illuminati Are Bunkering Down in Missouri

Image via
Jesse "The Body" Ventura sniffs around Ozarks, smells mayhem
There's a lot going on in that headline, because -- some believe --  there's a lot going on in the Ozarks. Like, a lot.

Namely, that a secret network of global puppet-masters known as the Illuminati are building a vast bunker in the caves underneath a fortified mega-mansion near Ozark, Missouri, to shield themselves once they've triggered World War III and the collapse of civilization.

That's an extraordinary claim. To investigate it, you need an extraordinarily skeptical mind. Naturally, TruTV has chosen Jesse Ventura.

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[VIDEO] Twinkies May Become Scarce. But Twinkie Analogies Never Die

Tell 'em about the Twinkie, Egon.
True, Hostess has shuttered its St. Louis plant (citing a labor strike). It's liquidating the whole company.

The supply chain has already been disrupted

But fear not. Hostess says it plans to sell the Twinkie brand to someone else.

Which means we'll probably still have Twinkies -- and thus, a reference point for illuminating complex concepts, like the pyscho-kinetic energy density in the greater New York City area.

Meaning, "science." Take it away, Spengler:

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[VIDEO] HILARIOUS Presidential Race Parody from STL's Anastasis Films

John Pa and Matt Seilback of Anastasis Films have done bleeding heart St. Louis pride. They've done a truly badass campaign ad. And now they're back at us with a hilarious political parody in cartoon form!

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[VIDEO] No One is Sadder Than the Saddest Little Cardinal

Saddest Little Cardinal Cy.JPG
No one has ever been sadder in the whole history of the world.
Meet Cy, the Saddest Little Cardinal.

Only a four-year-old could adequately sum up how we were all feeling on Monday night when the Cards decided, mehhh, they were done playing baseball and donated the most important game of the season to the Giants.

"They're not winning! They're not going to the World Series, Dad!" an incredulous Cy says on a YouTube clip that is quickly going viral. "We were supposed to win, not lose."

Yes we were, Cy. Yes we were.

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[VIDEO] Ride of the Century Video Goes Viral

This clip of a Ride of the Century 2012 motorcyclist breaking through a roadblock is now on the front page of Reddit.

And it's blowin' up.

Check it.

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Crazy Lake of the Ozarks Boat Crash Footage Goes Viral [VIDEO]

Boat crash.JPG
Moments before impact.
Some utterly insane footage from inside an out-of-control motor boat is going about as viral as it gets.

Brett Tintera, the cameraman, spoke to us from home where he is laid up with a broken leg and wrist, about the typhoon of attention he's received since the footage went online.

"It's pretty bizarre to me," he says. "Every news show I can think of wanted me to go out for an interview."

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An Annotated Nighttime Tour of the Refurbished Grand Boulevard Overpass

Grand Ave night movie.jpg
This week's video comes to us from Youtube user Houmanification, who filmed and annotated a nighttime drive over the new and improved Grand Boulevard Avenue Overpass last Friday night.

I admit I'm a sucker for a nocturnal driving video, but this one's particularly nice. The camera work's a bit shaky at times, the driver/camera person gets a fantastic shot of the dashboard when you least expect it and the music is bumpin'. This is art right here. And as always, St. Louis photographs beautifully at night.

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Hey, Remember that Storm that Cooled Everything Off Sunday Night?

Sunday Storm.jpg
Remember when it finally rained this past Sunday night, and our killer heat wave turned tail and ran? Well, this weekend is supposed to be the reverse of that, with temperatures steadily creeping back into the high 90s.

At least we'll always have the Sunday summer storm, thanks to Youtube user "Dutchsince," who recorded 90 minutes of the storm and then compressed it into 11 minutes of lightning and rain. Oh, "Dutchsince" also scored it with an electronic/dubstep/hip music I can't classify soundtrack. Video after the jump.

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Oklahoma to St. Louis in Nine Minutes

windshield OK.jpg
Nothing but blue skies and hard rockin' ahead.
Youtube user OrionOrbes this week posted an interesting timelapsed video of his drive from MacAlester, Oklahoma to St. Louis, a journey that whizzes by at a brisk nine minutes and forty-nine seconds.

What makes it so much fun for the viewer is that there's no soundtrack on it, so you can add your own. I chose one of the greatest driving albums of all time, Judas Priest's Unleashed in the East. The one-two punch of "Exciter" followed by "Running Wild" ended up timing out just about the same time OrionOrbes hit St. Louis. Soundtrack your own time-travel after the jump.More »