New Class Teaches the Art of Binge-Watching Netflix

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starsalive via flickr
Would you pay $5 to learn how to binge-watch Netflix?
As anyone who's spent days on the couch tearing through seasons of Breaking Bad or Orange Is the New Black can attest, binge-watching TV shows is not for the faint of heart.

Next month, recent Webster University graduate Lauren Dreyer is sharing her time-tested tips and tricks in Binge-Watching Netflix 101, a class about the "delicate art and strategy behind completing a binge-watching marathon on Netflix."

"I was like, I'm really good at watching Netflix for long periods of time. Why don't I share that with the world?" Dreyer tells Daily RFT.

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Escort Service: These Downtown St. Louis Guides Will Walk You To Your Car For Free

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Downtown St. Louis, Inc.
FYI, a downtown guide will escort you to your car for free.
Alone downtown? Need to walk to your car? Get an escort!

(No, not that kind of escort.)

Anyone who spends much time downtown has probably noticed St. Louis' guides, people dressed in yellow and black stationed around the area.

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St. Louis Staycation: 7 Reasons Not to Leave for Vacation

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All photos by Caroline Yoo
Vacation + staying home = staycation.
You deserve a vacation.

But taking a vacation doesn't have to mean leaving St. Louis. After all, WalletHub's new study ranking the entertainment and expenses in 100 American cities found St. Louis is the thirteenth best city in America for a stay-at-home holiday.

Just because a city is a hot vacation destination doesn't mean it's good for a staycation. New York; Jacksonville, Florida; and San Antonio, Texas, all ranked in the bottom quartile in WalletHub's ranking of top staycation spots.

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Circus Flora's "The Pawn" Makes All the Right Moves

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All photos by Allison Babka
A kiss from a camel ensures victory for the red team.

If Circus Flora cofounder Ivor David Balding were here to see the 28th anniversary edition of his beloved event, he'd be well within his rights to shout, "Checkmate!"

With The Pawn, Circus Flora's story revolving around a theatrical chess match between two teams of anthropomorphic pieces, this year's one-ring circus continues the long-running production's tradition of dramatic tension and gasp-inducing stunts. Balding, who profoundly affected the international circus and theater scenes and who passed away May 9 in Weldon Spring, wrote the foreword in the event's program booklet, focusing on the similarities and connections between the circus and chess.

Indeed, we were struck by how easily circus antics fit into a larger story about the intellect behind a game of chess. Below, find six of our favorite Circus Flora lessons we'll keep in mind the next time we sit down to play the Game of Kings.

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Free Money: Someone is Hiding Cash, Leaving Clues in St. Louis

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stevendepolo on flickr
Who will win the next hidden stash of cash?
Someone in St. Louis with too much time and money on their hands is hiding wads of cash throughout the city and leaving clues for treasure-seekers on Twitter.

And the next big drop is happening today.

One lucky winner, Chris Heck, already found an envelope full of cash from the anonymous group, who call themselves Hidden Cash St. Louis, taped to the back of a bench by the boating dock at Creve Coeur Lake. It's not clear how much money was in the envelope, but Hidden Cash St. Louis' organizers have been tweeting photos of stacks between $50 and $150 or more.

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"Pain Don't Hurt": Moolah Theatre Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Road House

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A very special film is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and as far as we know, only one theater in the country will be throwing a party in its honor -- and it will happen right here in St. Louis.

This film isn't The Little Mermaid. It's not Driving Miss Daisy. It's not Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, though someone really should break out the party hats for that.

No, the memorable 1989 flick in question stars Patrick Swayze as a bar bouncer in a roadside Missour-uh bar who does a fine job of roughing up some corrupt businessmen. Naturally, we're talking about Road House, and the Moolah Theatre & Lounge is coordinating a big anniversary shindig for Friday and Saturday, May 30 and 31.

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Riverfront Times News Blogger Wants Your Story Ideas

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Here at Daily RFT, the Riverfront Times' news blog, we're constantly scanning the Interwebz for St. Louis news you need to know now.

We're on Facebook and Twitter. We're reading Google Alerts and Google Trends. We're watching far more St. Louis-based YouTube videos than we'd like to admit. Sometimes, we even find stories on Reddit (although Redditors don't seem to like that very much).

And when we're not online, we're in the real world. Daily RFT reports from courtrooms, cop cars, flying trapezes, world headquarters, quarries, people's living rooms and more.

But there's one place we just can't go: inside your mind.

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How to Submit News Tips and Story Ideas to the Riverfront Times

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digitized chaos on flickr
Share your stories with us, St. Louis!
St. Louis is full of stories, and we want to share them.

So every month, we ask you, our loyal Daily RFT readers, for your ideas. What do you see? Is there a problem in your neighborhood that needs a solution? Do you know someone doing amazing (or horrible) things who needs to be celebrated (or exposed)?

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St. Louis' 250th Birthday Rescheduled for Tuesday Because Winter Can Suck it

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Will Clayton on Flickr
It's your birthday, St. Louis! You don't look a day over 249.
The founders of St. Louis didn't have to deal with the polar vortex.

A sheet of ice on Art Hill caused organizers of St. Louis' 250th anniversary party to push the celebration back a few days, to 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 18.

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Grown Ups-Only Blanket Fort Contest Is Like Reliving Childhood, But With Beer

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Dear Max on flickr
Who will build the best blanket fort?
Calling the young at heart!

The Blind Tiger in Maplewood is hosting its first-ever grownups-only blanket-fort contest Wednesday, complete with PJs, pizza and beer.

"Who knew that adults wanted to build blanket forts so badly?" says Katy Romine, events manager at the Maplewood restaurant. "It's competitive!"

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