St. Louis Superman Breaks Up Fight, Saves the Day at Busch Stadium [VIDEO]

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Steve Truesdell
Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gunna do? Whatcha gunna do when Superman comes for you?
Watch out, Busch Stadium drunks, because that's not a bird or a plane. That's St. Louis' very own Superman.

Superman, a.k.a. Charlie Chartland, swooped in and broke up a fight between two overzealous baseball fans on Thursday, and Matt Sebek, of the sports humor site Joe Sports Fan, happened to catch it all on video.

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VIDEO: Motorcyclist Rams Missouri Cop Car During Wheelie, Pays Dearly For It

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This hug is going to hurt.
There's something about a wheelie that turns otherwise regular people insane. We thought we'd seen the limits of that insanity when Streetfighterz (a.k.a "St. Louis' Original Stunt Team") member "Sitdown" Steve Jones rode a wheelie for miles without a front tire.

Let's just say that the bar has been raised.

As demonstrated in the following video uploaded to YouTube last week, you aren't a real wheelie master until you've smashed into the back bumper of a cop car.

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[PHOTOS] Awesome St. Louis Riverfront Photos From the Insane Kayaker Paddling from Minnesota to Florida

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Direct arch kayak.jpg
Daniel Alvarez
The Lou if by sea.
Daniel Alvarez is doing a super crazy thing.

Back in June he dumped a big yellow sea kayak into Lake Superior near the northern most tip of Minnesota and started paddling southward for Key West. As in Florida. He is out of his mind.

He is also having the time of his life. We talked to Alvarez last weekend, shortly before he was set to float through town and asked him to send us photos of his progress toward the Arch. And they are pretty awesome.

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The Grafton Zipline As Seen by Headcam

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After Daily RFT received a head cam in the mail last week, your reporter graciously agreed to test it out last Thursday at the Grafton Zipline.

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