Jim Edmonds to Bring Real Housewives of Orange County to St. Louis: Report

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buzbeto via flickr
Jim Edmonds was inducted into the 2014 Class of the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame.
Beware, St. Louis. The Real Housewives are coming.

Celebrity news site LALate reports that Jim Edmonds and his wife Meghan will feature in season ten of the Real Housewives of Orange County, giving the LA-based show enough STL flavor "to make Nellyville fans applaud."

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Case Closed? FBI, Justice Dept Won't Charge Darren Wilson For Ferguson Shooting: NYT

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Bryan Sutter
Leslie McSpadden, Michael Brown's mother, reacts to news that then-Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson wasn't indicted by a local grand jury.
The U.S. Department of Justice is ready to close the case against former Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson, according to the New York Times.

Citing anonymous law enforcement officials, the Times reports that neither the FBI nor federal prosecutors plan to press criminal or civil rights charges against Wilson, who fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown in August, touching off weeks of protest and unrest.

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Why Star Clipper's Owners Shuttered Their Beloved St. Louis Comic Book Shop

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Jennifer Silverberg
Star Clipper sets sail for the great beyond.
In the world of mainstream superhero comics, death is nothing more than a marketing ploy. Publishers announce the demise of a major character, spin a few months of hype into increased sales and then release the all-important issue that delivers the end of the hero's journey. A couple months later the hero returns to life hale and hearty, with the added bonus of yet another number-one issue to spike sales.

For Star Clipper, there is no miraculous regeneration in the near future, no alternate dimension from whence the shop will emerge stronger than ever just in time to celebrate another Free Comic Book Day. After 27 years in business, the beloved Delmar Loop institution will close its doors sometime in February. The announcement arrived January 15 via Star Clipper's Facebook page and quickly rippled out through the St. Louis comic community. Long-time customers and fans couldn't believe the news. Their favorite store closing? Why?

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State of the Union 2015: Obama Mentions Ferguson in Call for Reforming Justice System

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intel photos via flickr
President Barack Obama also had a State of the Union message for children: "Your lives matter."
Of course President Barack Obama mentioned Ferguson in the 2015 State of the Union.

More than 160 days after the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown, the word Ferguson has come to represent a national rallying cry for racial justice. The question wasn't whether Obama, America's first black president, would drop the F-bomb; it was how.

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Missouri History Museum Collects Ferguson Protest Artifacts, Wants Your Donations

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Mabel Suen
This mural over a window broken during demonstrations on South Grand is now at the Missouri History Museum as part of the Ferguson Collecting Initiative.
It didn't take long for staff at the Missouri History Museum to realize that the next major chapter of Missouri's history was unfolding all around them.

As protests over the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson gripped St. Louis in August, museum workers began collecting almost immediately: flyers, picket signs, t-shirts, videos, anything that could help future generations understand the turmoil St. Louisans are living through today.

"I think everyone had a feeling that this was going to be an event that was going to change history," Chris Gordon, director of library and collections, tells Daily RFT. "We really felt like we needed to be in a position to collect this as it's emerging so we can give future generations the clearest picture we can of what is really happening right now."

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MLB Commissioner Bud Selig: St. Louis Is the "Best Baseball Town in America"

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Bud Selig says St. Louis is the best baseball town in America.
A week before stepping down from his post, Bud Selig, the outgoing commissioner of Major League Baseball, took a moment to praise the best baseball town in America: St. Louis.

Selig admitted that he's not supposed to say which MLB city is his favorite, but that didn't stop him from heralding the St. Louis Cardinals as "the blueprint" for all other professional sports teams.

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Internet Dubs Missouri Rep. Elijah Haahr a Closeted Asshole for "Religious Freedom" Bill

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This was one of the nicer responses to Rep. Elijah Haahr's religious freedom bill.
An avowed defender of religious liberty, Missouri State Representative Elija Haahr was shocked last week by an onslaught of mean tweets, emails and Facebook messages directed at his "Student Freedom of Association Act," which seeks to enshrine religion-based discrimination on college campuses.

To be fair, "mean" may be putting it too mildly.

"The level of discourse in politics has descended into the gutter," tweeted Haahr, seemingly fuming after receiving messages that accused him of being secretly gay, a Nazi or, simply, just an asshole. In response, Haahr took a lesson from troll-shaming websites and began re-posting the nastiness, writing that "It's time to shine the light on those who send vile, nasty threats."

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[PHOTOS] Saint Louis Zoo Throws Shower, Reveals Name for New Baby Orangutan

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All photos by Micah Usher
Baby Ginger pokes her face out as her mother Merah snacks at the Saint Louis Zoo.
St. Louis, meet Ginger.

Born in mid-December at the Saint Louis Zoo, Ginger, a female Sumatran orangutan, made her public debut Monday at a baby shower, complete with brightly-colored decorations and sweet treats for the entire orangutan colony.

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Saint Louis FC Partners with Chicago Fire in MLS, Signs First Players

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Danny Wicentowski
The execs behind St. Louis' new pro soccer team (from left to right): USL Pro vice president Jake Edwards, Jim Kavanaugh and Tom Strunk of SLSG, USL Pro president Tim Holt
Worry not, St. Louis sports fans. Just because Saint Louis Football Club is partnering with Major League Soccer team Chicago Fire doesn't mean you have to like Chicago sports.

"We still want people to hate the Cubs," says Saint Louis Football Club general manager Jeremy Alumbaugh. "We still want people to boo the Blackhawks when they come here. We're not asking them to be Chicago Fire fans. We're asking them to be Saint Louis Football Club fans."

The partnership between Chicago's MLS franchise and STLFC, St. Louis' new professional outdoor soccer team, resembles Major League Baseball's farm system, Alumbaugh tells Daily RFT. Chicago will send MLS players here to play in St. Louis, and the two teams will share scouting initiatives and ideas, both on and off the field.

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New Class Teaches the Art of Binge-Watching Netflix

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starsalive via flickr
Would you pay $5 to learn how to binge-watch Netflix?
As anyone who's spent days on the couch tearing through seasons of Breaking Bad or Orange Is the New Black can attest, binge-watching TV shows is not for the faint of heart.

Next month, recent Webster University graduate Lauren Dreyer is sharing her time-tested tips and tricks in Binge-Watching Netflix 101, a class about the "delicate art and strategy behind completing a binge-watching marathon on Netflix."

"I was like, I'm really good at watching Netflix for long periods of time. Why don't I share that with the world?" Dreyer tells Daily RFT.

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