Walmart Heiress Paige Laurie Divorces High-Rolling Hubbie, But He Still Gets Paid: TMZ

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Paige Laurie Dubbert...oops. We mean Paige Laurie, now.
Four years after her super-secretive celebrity wedding in Columbia, Walmart heiress Paige Laurie is divorcing husband Patrick "Bo" Dubbert.

In a civil lawsuit Laurie filed after submitting divorce papers, the blonde billionaire claims her husband and his buddy funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars out of a business Dubbert convinced Laurie to let him run, according to TMZ.

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Child Accidentally Shoots Brother, Media Blames Marijuana

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A tragic accident involving a four-year-old shooting his three-year-old brother occurred Sunday. Fortunately, the younger brother is OK, but because the father was in another room allegedly smoking marijuana, the St. Louis County police and local media decided to make that the focus of the story.

The shooting happened around noon on Sunday. A loaded gun was hidden inside a closet, and the child was able to reach it. He and his brother played with the gun and it went off, a bullet striking the younger brother in the left shoulder. The child was treated at a local hospital for soft-tissue injury and released.

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Mike Anderson Sues MO Department of Corrections, Asks for Immediate Release

Courtesy Patrick Megaro

This morning, an attorney for Cornealious "Mike" Anderson III, the man re-incarcerated this past July for a robbery he was convicted of thirteen years ago, filed a petition for declaratory judgment against George Lombardi, director of the Missouri Department of Corrections. In it, the lawyer argues that "Plaintiff be awarded jail credit with the Department of Corrections from May 25, 2000 until the present date...declaring that Plaintiff's sentence in Case # CR0199-002532F is satisfied, and direct the Defendant to discharge Plaintiff from custody forthwith."

This course of action was actually suggested by Attorney General Chris Koster in his filing to deny Anderson's release from prison last week. At the time, Anderson's attorney Patrick Michael Megaro told Daily RFT that it was not a viable path to freedom. It appears he has changed his mind.

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Demolition Makes Forest Park Hospital Look Even Creepier [Photos]

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Allison Babka
Demolition begins on Forest Park Hospital.

When we last checked in with Forest Park Hospital, it looked abandoned, evacuated, even post-apocalyptic. The building perched above Highway 40/64 across from Forest Park had sat vacant for more than a year.

"It's a little creepy because there are still things on. Things are buzzing, things are beeping," Nick Zulauf told Daily RFT after getting into the hospital through a storm grate in 2012. "The water still runs."

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Sex Positive St. Louis Bowls in the Buff at Saratoga Lanes (NSFW)

Danny Wicentowski
Bowling shoes? Check...
David Wraith raises his bare arms and waits for the dozen other naked people around him to quiet down. It's Friday night, and they've gathered in the second-floor bowling alley of Saratoga Lanes in Maplewood.

"Just a few announcements!" Wraith shouts, waving his hands for attention. He and fellow St. Louis sex blogger Kendra Holliday planned this outing for Sex Positive St. Louis. It's the organization's first ever "clothing optional" bowling party.

"Be care careful about bending over, people," Wraith begins. "Do what you need for the purposes of bowling, but if you drop something, please, for all our sakes, consider bending at the knees."

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The 6 Best Yadier Molina Quotes From That New York Times Profile

Categories: Baseball

Herkie on Flickr
The New York Times calls Yadier Molina a master behind the plate.
Whether he's catching fastballs, stopping runs or hitting homers, Yadier Molina is exciting to watch when he's at home plate.

The New York Times noticed, so it sent a reporter to ask the St. Louis Cardinals catcher how he does it. In the Sunday story "From Behind the Plate, a Dutiful Master Orchestrates the Cardinals," teammates and opponents alike marvel at the semi-psychic wonder that is, as St. Louis affectionately knows him, "Yadi."

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Judge Says Lyft Must Stop in St. Louis; Lyft Calls Restraining Order "Bullying and Intimidation"

Alfredo Medez on Flickr
Will a judge's order stop Lyft?
Lyft says it's staying on in St. Louis, even after a circuit court judge granted a temporary restraining order to stop the company from operating here.

"Lyft is now live and providing safe rides and economic opportunity in 34 cities across the United States," Lyft spokeswoman Paige Thelen said after receiving a copy of the injunction. St. Louis and Salt Lake City were the 33rd and 34th cities to join Lyft's list. "St. Louis deserves the same modern transportation choices of other large leading U.S. cities."

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Soccer and a Military Coup Collide in St. Louis Filmmaker's ESPN 30 for 30, The Opposition

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Jeff Plunkett
Jeff Plunkett directs ESPN's new 30 for 30 documentary.
Chile's 1974 World Cup team qualified for the international tournament by scoring a goal against no one in a stadium turned into a concentration camp.

This haunting but little-known piece of history is the subject of a new ESPN 30 for 30 documentary premiering tonight, The Opposition, from director, producer and St. Louis native Jeffrey Plunkett.

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Blackhawks Player Taunts Backes After Brutal, Illegal Hit; Blues Fan Shows Boobs

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If Backes was more than half-conscious, he would have kicked every Blackhawk's ass.
Blues captain David Backes took a vicious hit from Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook during Saturday's game. And as Backes struggled to stand on his own two feet, obviously dazed and confused from being pummeled into the boards -- a Blackhawks player taunted him, saying, "Wakey wakey, Backes! Wakey wakey!"

NHL writer Dave Lozo noticed the incident, which was caught by CBC's microphones that hover over the ice, and tweeted the video, adding, "Gross." You can hear the Blackhawks' taunt at approximately 40 seconds:

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Taxi Driver: Lyft is as Bad for St. Louis Workers as Walmart, Fast Food

Umar Lee
Umar Lee has worked as a St. Louis taxi driver since 2005.
St. Louis' newest ride-sharing app Lyft may attract a distinctly hipster and "progressive" clientele, but its business model is as damaging to middle-class workers as big-box stores and fast food restaurants, says one St. Louis taxi driver.

Umar Lee, who has been a cabbie for nearly ten years, penned a fervent response to Lyft's St. Louis launch on the Huffington Post, arguing that the company steals middle-class jobs that pay living wages from taxi drivers -- many of whom are minorities or immigrants -- and turns them into low-wage, part-time gigs for semi-affluent white hipster kids.

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