Missouri Would Earn $23 Million Next Year By Legalizing Gay Marriage: Study

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Courtesy Mayor Slay's Office
Miranda Duschack and Mimo Davis are the first lesbian couple to be married in Missouri.
If same-sex marriage became legal in Missouri tomorrow, gay couples marrying in the state would bring in more than $36.6 million in three years, including $23 million in the first year alone, according to a new study.

The Williams Institute, a think-tank housed at the University of California-Los Angeles, looked to census data and patterns from states that have legalized gay marriage for clues about how Missouri would be affected financially.

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6 Times White and Black People in St. Louis County Had Opposite Opinions on Ferguson

Mitch Ryals
Davion Lorich asks police officers in Ferguson if they feel bad about what happened to Michael Brown.
A teenager is dead. A police officer pulled the trigger. There's not much more to the story of Michael Brown that white and black residents of St. Louis County agree on.

Remington Research Group, based in Missouri, polled more than 600 county residents on September 13 and 14 asking eight questions about the shooting and its aftermath. The poll puts in stark light the deep fracture between white and black reaction to the shooting, with the two groups often reporting opposite responses to the same questions.

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[UPDATED]: Unpaid Bills, Bad Press Keep KXFN 1380 "The X" Off the Air (For Now)

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Lindsay Toler
The 590 AM studio.
Update: Rejoice, talk radio fans! As of 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, KXFN 1380 AM has returned to your radio dials. Operation manager Mike Calvin says the station's landlord granted an extension until KFNS 590 is sold, which means that the 1380 crowd will able to start broadcasting and selling ad spots. The major tower repairs have also been completed, though it still awaiting some additions to bring it in line with FCC and FAA regulations.

In the meantime, Cavlin says a new investor group is in the works for KXFN, and that'll likely mean more shakeups at "The X" in the near future. Still, it appears the station may get a shot at to succeeding on the merits of its lineup -- leaving the burden of past bills (and face-punches) behind. End of update, see original post below.

Fans of KXFN 1380 AM "The X: Extreme Talk Radio" are likely wondering why the station disappeared from St. Louis airwaves. Unpaid bills are only part of the story.

For nearly three weeks, those seeking the station's brash lineup of shock-jock comedy, sex talk and music have instead encountered dead air and static where the 1380 channel should be. Although the shows are still (mostly) broadcasting over the web via KXFN's downloadable app, it's a particularly bad timing for the radio signal to go quiet: Two of station's hosts were recently nominated in the RFT Reader's Poll for the upcoming Best of St. Louis 2014 awards.

Operations manager Mike Calvin tells Daily RFT that old bills and repairs on KXFN's transmission tower knocked the broadcast off terrestrial radio, but he expects to have the debts squared and repairs completed by Tuesday. However, that doesn't solve the larger financial crisis facing KXFN and its sister station, KFNS 590 AM.

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Washington University: Top Safety School Pick for Wealthy Ivy League Rejects

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bluepoint951 via Flickr
Washington University.
Any high school student dreaming of college considers applying to a "safety school" to get a guaranteed acceptance just in case no other schools work out.

For some, community college is a helpful fall-back. For others, it's the nearby state school.

For those equipped with an ivy league budget but short on ivy league smarts, you can't get much better than Washington University in St. Louis.

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The Best (and Worst) High School Mascots in Missouri

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georgebovard via Flickr
We're not sure what this mascot is supposed to be. A kidney? A jellybean?
We've had enough with the prototypical St. Louis question, "Where'd you go to high school?" After looking at the Missouri State High School Activities Association's list of every school mascot in the state, we think a much more entertaining question would be, "What was your high school mascot?"

Missouri has some doozies. Best-known are the Kewpies, the Hickman High School mascot named after a bald baby doll. There are the Joel E. Barber Middle School Buckskins, apparently named after clothing, and the West Plains High School Zizzers, named after nothing at all.

We looked through our list of favorite names and decided that they deserve some recognition. Drum roll please, as we announce the inaugural Riverfront Times Best Mascot Name Awards:

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch Asks Fleshlight for Photo Credit after 9/11 Tweet

Categories: Post-Dispatches

After noticing that Fleshlight, the company that sells handheld vaginas and assholes for your masterbational pleasure, tweeted a St. Louis Post-Dispatch picture in a September 11 tribute, the newspaper asked the company for a photo credit.

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Still No Answers Seven Months After Police Shoot and Kill Stephon Averyhart

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Stephon Averyhart
Seven months have passed since police officers from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department shot and killed 27-year-old Stephon Averyhart during a wild chase, but the investigation is still ongoing and few details have been released. Now, the mother of the deceased wants to know why it's taking so long -- and why she has never been contacted by police since they called her to identify her son's body.

On February 12, Averyhart was fleeing police before he crashed his car into a telephone poll near the corner of Harney Avenue and Union Boulevard. He then jumped out of the car and ran as officers followed him on foot. Averyhart turned into an alley and then was shot dead by the officers. The officers say Averyhart pointed a gun at them first and a gun was found on the scene. But friends and relatives say he although he kept a gun for self-protection, he wasn't the type to shoot at police; he was just running to evade getting arrested for warrants from unpaid tickets.

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Michael Brown Sr. to Officer Darren Wilson: "Turn Yourself in Right Now"

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Jessica Lussenhop
Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr. outside the Buzz Westfall Justice Center in Clayton.

Just before a march that spilled into the streets of downtown Clayton and stopped traffic, the father of 18-year-old Michael Brown had pointed words for Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson. Michael Brown Sr. stood beside Lesley McSpadden, Mike Jr.'s mother, outside of the Buzz Westfall Justice Center and addressed the assembled crowd of about 100 supporters.

"We ain't getting no sleep around here. I wonder if he gettin' sleep," said Brown Sr. of Wilson. "If he's getting peace...hey, I could respect him better if he would come here to Clayton right now and turn himself in. Turn yourself in right now. Turn yourself in right now. I could respect that. I would respect you a whole lot better if you would come here right now and turn yourself in."

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Six Things to Know About Bringing High-Speed Fiber to St. Louis

File photo
Is the sun setting on St. Louis' opportunity for ultra high-speed fiber?

Four years ago Google announced that it would test an ultra-high-speed fiber network in one United States city before exploring how to deploy similar networks across the country. With a speed of about 100 times faster than the standard Internet connection -- one gigabit per second -- Google Fiber in 2010 held the promise of revolutionizing productivity while increasing jobs and sparking an economic boom.

Naturally, St. Louis wanted a piece of that action. Mayor Francis Slay's office put together an application detailing why the Gateway City should be Google's guinea pig and even PC World backed St. Louis as a good candidate for high-speed broadband.

Alas, Google's fancy-pants network went to St. Louis' cross-state rival Kansas City, which has attracted new business to the region thanks to its newfound high-speed access. In fact, we didn't even land on Google's list of post-KC cities that would receive the fiber treatment. But that doesn't mean St. Louis has forgotten about the endeavor.

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Why Ferguson City Officials Still Haven't Met with the Family of Michael Brown

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Bryan Sutter
Michael Brown's mother, Lesley McSpadden, center, and father, Michael Brown Sr., right, at a national march in their son's memory.

On Wednesday night Daily RFT had an opportunity to speak with Ferguson mayor James Knowles about the previous evening's city-council meeting and a raft of changes to the city's municipal code. At the meeting, he was asked dozens of questions which he could not -- according to standard council operating procedure -- answer. More than one of the speakers during the public comment asked why the city of Ferguson has not apologized to the family of Michael Brown (though one sniffed that an apology would be meaningless anyway).

Daily RFT put that question to Knowles Wednesday night. He said, "I know [Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson] was able to meet with them the day of the incident and express our condolences. Very quickly attorneys got involved. Early on we tried to have a couple meetings with the family."

Daily RFT then called Anthony Gray, the local attorney on the legal team for the family of Brown, to confirm that account. Gray emphatically denied that the city reached out, either to him or to Brown's parents, for a meeting.

"No. I know of no effort of the mayor of Ferguson trying to reach out to the family. I know of absolutely no efforts whatsoever, and the suggestion is almost offensive, to be honest with you," Gray said.

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