Movie Marathon to Remember Robin Williams at the Luna Lounge Saturday

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photo credit: BagoGames via photopin cc
Goooooooood morning Vietnam! It's 0600 hours. What does the "O" stand for? Oh my God, it's early!
It's been a rough couple weeks. We could all use a laugh.

Dana Bierman and Danni Eickenhorst want to help you out with that. This Saturday, August 30, the two die-hard Robin Williams fans are organizing a pajama party, happy hour and Robin Williams movie marathon at the Luna Lounge. The evening comes complete with a red carpet, popcorn and sturdy desk so you can proclaim all the "O Captain! My Captain!" soliloquies till your heart's content.

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Fall's Best Bets for Arts in St. Louis

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Mark Andresen
Don't listen to the thermometer and its 90+ degree readings this week. Fall is right around the corner. Really! And so is another exciting season of St. Louis theater, gallery openings and other art happenings. Plan ahead with our annual Fall Arts Guide below...

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30 Years After Founding STL Shakespeare, Donna Northcott Takes a Curtain Call

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Kim Carlson
Donna Northcott wanted to direct The Liar.

How could she not? David Ives' hysterical adaptation of Pierre Corneille's 1643 farce simply crackles with comedic wit. Written in 2010 The Liar not only offered Northcott an opportunity to direct a fresh new work, but it also afforded her theater company, St. Louis Shakespeare, the chance to produce a play that's all but unknown to local audiences.

Alas, she had to pass on directing The Liar, handing it instead to Suki Peters so she could concentrate on last month's season opener, Hamlet. After all, this season is a big one for Northcott, filled with personal and professional landmarks. Not only does it mark her company's 30th anniversary, but with the March 2015 production of a Sarah Whitney's specially commissioned version of the War of the Roses trilogy (Henry VI), Northcott will have overseen the completion of the entire Shakespeare canon, making it one of only seven troupes in America to have done so.

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Jon Stewart Talks Ferguson, Skewers Fox News Coverage of Michael Brown Shooting

The Daily Show
It's like the ice-bucket challenge, except you just get maced in the face.
The chaos has calmed in Ferguson, but the nationwide conversation about race and police mistreatment that Michael Brown's death sparked continues.

And now that Jon Stewart is back from vacation, he's diving in headfirst.

Stewart aims straight for a favorite target of his, FOX News, on Tuesday night's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, watching apoplectically as the network's anchors struggle to understand why America has to talk about race at all in the wake of Brown's shooting.

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Protesters Demand Improved Police Accountability at Downtown Demonstration

Ray Downs
Protesters rally in front of the Thomas Eagleton Courthouse Tuesday.
Approximately 150 protesters rallied in downtown St. Louis Tuesday afternoon to protest police brutality and announce a set of demands they want enacted by officials at the local and national level.

The demands announced by protesters centered largely on police reform and accountability. But they also included several direct demands related to the investigation of the Michael Brown shooting, including the "immediate arrest" of Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police officer who fatally shot the eighteen-year-old August 9.

"We are going to bring that gunman to justice, and I mean that," said rapper Tef Poe, a Riverfront Times contributor and a constant presence at the Ferguson protests since they began the day after the Brown shooting.

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Why It's OK, and So Not OK, for ESPN to Report on Michael Sam Taking Showers

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ESPN's Josina Anderson talks about when Michael Sam showers.
Michael Sam showers. He is also gay. In the world of professional football, this is news.

At least, it's not news until some Rams defensive player anonymously admits to ESPN that he keeps tabs on his gay teammate's nudity and says that Sam delays his showers so none of his teammates think he's trying to have sex with them.

"Another Rams defensive player told me that, quote, 'Sam is respecting our space,' and that from his perspective, he seems to think Michael Sam is kind of waiting to take a shower as not to make his teammates feel uncomfortable," ESPN reporter Josina Anderson answers when asked about how Sam is fitting in on the team (and not how Sam is fitting in in the showers).

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Allen Craig Selling St. Louis Home After Trade to Boston (PHOTOS)

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Images via
Who wants to buy Allen Craig's home?
As Allen Craig settles into life with the Boston Red Sox, he is selling the home where he and his family lived while he played for the St. Louis Cardinals for just under $800,000.

His 4,881-square-foot Chesterfield home may not be as fancy as the 10,800-square-foot mansion retired Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter put on the market in May, but hey, not everybody gets $63.5 million contract offers.

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Insight Theatre Company's The Spitfire Grill Has the Spit, Lacks the Polish

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John Lamb
Get to know the locals in Gilead, Wisconsin.
Insight Theatre Company continues its seventh season with The Spitfire Grill, a feel-good tale of redemption that revolves around a diner in a struggling rural Wisconsin town and the few souls who still call it home.

Adapted from the 1996 film, the musical — long on flannel and earnestness, short on nuance and irony — is the sort of show that delivers its folksy charms as predictably as an order of eggs at your local greasy spoon: satisfying if you're in the mood, but they could probably use a little salt.

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Union Avenue Takes a (Mostly Successful) Stab at Wagner's Dragon-Slaying Epic, Siegfried

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Ron Lindsey
Marc Schapman and Clay Hilley in an ambitious staging of Siegfried.
Comprising some fifteen hours of music and four distinct operas, Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen, a vast operatic spectacle filled with gods, valkyries, giants and mortals, calls for more than 100 musicians. The composer not only devised new instruments to achieve the Ring's signature sound, he also designed an opera house expressly to perform the epic tale. The result? Gesamtkunstwerk — Wagner's notion that through its synthesis of all the arts, opera could transcend a particular cultural context, trafficking instead in the realm of universal myth.

Or at least that was the idea.

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5 Reasons the St. Louis Rams and Sam Bradford Are Cursed

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Flickr/Erik Drost
Sam Bradford: The unluckiest man in the NFL. But is he cursed?
Have you heard? The St. Louis Rams are cursed -- cuuuurrrsed!

Indeed, quarterback Sam Bradford's season-ending knee injury on Saturday has sports journalists and fans contemplating the supernatural to explain both the Ram's bad fortune and Bradford's ever-so-delicate ligaments.

Bernie Miklasz's Monday column got right to the point; the Post-Dispatch writer conceded that while his rational faculties normally prevent him from believing in curses, "the Rams and Bradford are really, really, testing me on that."

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