Judge Rules Missouri Must Honor Marriages of Same-Sex Couples Wedded Out of State

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ACLU of Missouri
The victorious couples on the courthouse steps.
Ten years after Missouri voters passed a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages, a judge in Kansas City today ruled that Missouri must honor the vows of same-sex couples married out of state.

In his order and judgment, Jackson County Judge J. Dale Youngs wrote that the lawsuit the couples filed against the state boiled down to this: "Under the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Missouri, must defendants recognize out-of-state marriages of same-sex couples that were legal in the jurisdictions in which they were contracted -- just as it recognizes all similarly valid out-of-state marriage licenses? The answer is yes."

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Missouri Same-Sex Marriage Case Starts Today, Challenges Constitutional Ban

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Courtesy Tommy Wu
Alan Ziegler and LeRoy Fitzwater married in California in 2008.
Opening arguments begin today in a landmark case brought by the ACLU and ten gay couples who want Missouri to recognize their out-of-state marriages.

Gay marriage has been illegal in Missouri for ten years, after voters approved a Constitutional amendment defining marriage between one man and one woman. The state will have to defend the amendment in court, but if Judge J. Dale Youngs rules in favor of the gay couples, it would mean another step toward marriage equality for LGBT couples.

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Ozark Blocks Lesbian Fire Captain, Wife from Insurance Benefits

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Courtesy of Andi Mooneyham
Ozark Fire Captain Andi Mooneyham married her wife in California last year.
Ozark Fire Captain Andi Mooneyham wants the same insurance benefits for her wife as any other firefighter's family gets in this southern Missouri town.

But after the Ozark Fire Board reluctantly decided to do nothing -- literally, nothing -- on the issue at a meeting this month, Mooneyham and her wife, who married in California a year ago, are stuck hoping a federal decision will eventually overturn Missouri's ten-year-old ban on same-sex marriage.

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Missouri Would Earn $23 Million Next Year By Legalizing Gay Marriage: Study

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Courtesy Mayor Slay's Office
Miranda Duschack and Mimo Davis are the first lesbian couple to be married in Missouri.
If same-sex marriage became legal in Missouri tomorrow, gay couples marrying in the state would bring in more than $36.6 million in three years, including $23 million in the first year alone, according to a new study.

The Williams Institute, a think-tank housed at the University of California-Los Angeles, looked to census data and patterns from states that have legalized gay marriage for clues about how Missouri would be affected financially.

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Missouri to Supreme Court: Make a Decision on Gay Marriage Already!

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Purple Sherbet Photography
I do or I do not? Which will it be, Supreme Court? Missouri wants to know.
Missouri, along with more than 30 other states and five major religious groups have a message for the U.S. Supreme Court: Please, pretty please, make a decision on same-sex marriage.

Colorado is leading sixteen other states that ban gay marriage -- including Missouri -- by filing a brief with the nation's top court asking for a clear answer on gay marriage. Oklahoma, Virginia and Utah all have cases waiting for the Supreme Court's review, and Missouri has three cases pending in lower courts.

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Catholic High School Cor Jesu Fires Gay Teachers, Former Students to Protest

Google Maps
The all-girls Catholic high school Cor Jesu Academy: No boys or gays allowed.
For Olivia Reichert and Christina Gambaro, this was supposed to be a summer to remember. But not like this.

Earlier this summer the couple traveled to New York to get married, and upon returning to St. Louis signed a mortgage on a house together. By the end of July they were anticipating the start of the school year at Cor Jesu Academy, an all-girls Catholic high school near Affton where the newlyweds were employed as teachers.

But after the school got ahold of the couple's mortgage application, Reichert, a P.E. teacher and coach, and Gambaro, a social studies teacher, announced on a private Facebook group that the administration had terminated them both, citing a violation of school's morality clause.

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Missouri Same-Sex Marriage Case Moves Up to Federal Court

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Courtesy of the mayor's office
Miranda Duschack and Mimo Davis are the first lesbian couple to be married in Missouri.
One of the three legal challenges against Missouri's ban on gay marriage will move up to a federal court at a time when federal appellate judges are knocking down same-sex marriage bans state by state.

Attorney General Chris Koster intervened in the case and bumped it out of state court and into a federal court, according to the Associated Press.

"We wanted at least one of the cases (from Missouri) to be considered in a court of broader jurisdiction," Koster spokesman Eric Slusher tells the AP.

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Darryl Jackson Arrested for Emailing Threats to Vital Voice: "I Will Exterminate All You Faggots"

Darryl Jackson, 40.
Vital Voice gets its share of hate mail. As St. Louis' premiere LGBT magazine, plenty of homophobic emails find their way into the Vital Voice inboxes.

But the message that came in from a St. Louis Community College account was different, says associate publisher Jimmy Lesch.

"This was more specific than the usual 'God hates fags' rhetoric," Lesch tells Daily RFT.

The message, sent from a St. Louis Community College email account, read: " "I WILL EXTERMINATE!....YOUR LEADER AND ALL OF YOU FAGGOTS AND WEASELS..."

Fearing for the magazine staff's safety, Lesch alerted the community college, which roped in the police. Late last month, officer Jerod Breit was investigating at the Forest Park campus when he saw a man preparing to send another threatening email to the magazine.

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Michael Sam Admits Thinking He Shouldn't Have Come Out During NFL Draft

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Michael Sam in his Mizzou days.
As the 2014 NFL draft went into its third and final day, Michael Sam says he was afraid his decision to come out publicly would mean he'd never hear his name called.

The SEC's Defensive Player of the Year admits he feared his sexuality would stop him from achieving his dream of playing professional football during an interview with Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts.

"I was kind of second-guessing myself, whether, you know, maybe football turned its back on me," Sam says. "I was like, 'Maybe I shouldn't have done what I did.'"

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Why Same-Sex Marriage Will Probably Be Legal in Missouri By Next Year

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Mayor Slay's Office
Miranda Duschack and Mimo Davis are the first lesbian couple to be married in Missouri.
Arkansas. Florida. Oklahoma. Idaho.

Courts across the country are striking down bans against same-sex marriage so quickly that it's become a running gag in the Midtown offices of PROMO, a leading LBGT advocacy group in Missouri.

"Almost every Friday, we see something major moving forward -- another state, another decision comes down," says A.J. Bockelman, PROMO's executive director.

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