13 Words That Have A Different Meaning in St. Louis

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Sometimes it feels like St. Louis has its own language.

Sure, the words may be the same as English words, but the meanings are totally different. You'll see what we mean after reading a few of our favorite words with a unique St. Louis meaning:

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16 Badass Women Who Made St. Louis A More Interesting Place in 2014

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Miranda Duschack & Mimo Davis, badass ladies No. 3 & 4.
As 2014 winds down, Daily RFT thought we'd take a look back at some of the strong, artistic, dedicated, daring and inspiring women who didn't waste this year taking any shit.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of female badassery. Rather, consider this list a highlight reel of our favorite lady-power moments of the year.

In no particular order, meet fifteen badass ladies who ruled the news this year:

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The 10 Most Read Riverfront Times News Stories of 2014

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Mitch Ryals
This Riverfront Times photo went viral when someone edited it to say "robs a store" instead of "leaves the house."
What a year.

As 2014 comes to a close, Daily RFT thought we'd take our readers on a tour of the year's biggest stories -- the good, the bad and the blackface. It's been a good year if you like to read about racism and a bad year if you wanted to wear a sleeveless shirt to Ballpark Village.

Here, in reverse order, are the ten most read stories on the Riverfront Times news blog, Daily RFT, for 2014:

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St. Louis Comes Last on List of Happiest Cities in Missouri

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Danny Wicentowski
Washington University student protesters march against police brutality in University City.
There's a lot to love about living in St. Louis, especially when the toasted raviolis are hot, the craft-brewed beer is cold and the dogs are dressed in Halloween costumes for pet parades.

Here at Daily RFT, that's typically all we need in life to put a smile on our faces. But the truth is the problems facing River City lately have been too staggering for our city to describe itself as "happy."

Since August 9, the day Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed unarmed teen Michael Brown, St. Louis has become the epicenter for protest in the fight against police brutality and racism. Now the city waits for a grand jury to announce whether Wilson will go free -- potentially setting off more violent unrest -- or charge him with a crime.

The pursuit of happiness in St. Louis and across Missouri was the subject of one of the latest Show-Me State studies from real estate blog Movoto, which uses data from the census, Bureau of Labor Statistics and Centers for Disease Control to produce semi-scientific reports.

Movoto's latest study says that while eight St. Louis suburbs (and two Kansas City suburbs) are the happiest places in Missouri, St. Louis comes in noticeably last.

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Stray Rescue Named One of America's "Most Amazing" Stray Dog Shelters

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Danny Wicentowski
Stray Rescue founder Randy Grim, center, shares updates on St. Louis' problems with cruelty to animals next to Mayor Francis Slay.
One of St. Louis' most beloved and passionate non-profit organizations got a national shoutout last week for being amazing.

One Green Planet, a site dedicated to protecting animals and the environment, named Stray Rescue of St. Louis as one of the five most amazing rescues working in the U.S.

"This tireless rescue group saves stray dogs left on county roads or city streets, abandoned in empty houses or public parks, chained to fences or behind buildings," writes Hannah Sentenac. "They've saved puppies living in decrepit houses, dogs with gunshot wounds, victims of fighting rings and so many more."

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Scottrade Center: St. Louis Is Better for Watching Hockey than Chicago, New York, LA

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Herkie on Flickr
Scottrade Center: The sixth best place to watch Hockey in the U.S., says Stadium Journey Magazine.
Die-hard fans, an exciting atmosphere and relatively cheap snacks and tickets make Scottrade Center the sixth best hockey stadium in the country, says Stadium Journey Magazine.

The magazine ranked the home of the St. Louis Blues at No. 6 between the New York Rangers' Madison Square Garden (No. 7) and the Philadelphia Flyers' Wells Fargo Center (No. 5). Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, topped the chart at No. 1. United Center, home of the Chicago Blackhawks, is No. 9.

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The 8 Worst Places to Park in St. Louis

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If there is a hell, it probably looks like a parking lot.
It's no secret that St. Louis has car problems. On one hand, many drivers here are schmucks who ignore turning lanes and treat pedestrians like Mario Kart powerups. This summer, however, it's parking infrastructure that's put city officials and Fair St. Louis organizers into a panic.

The construction of the new Gateway Arch grounds has already forced Fair St. Louis to relocate to Forest Park, and last month the city announced that all street parking in Forest Park would be completely closed during the festival (July 3-5). As for the city itself, the treasurer's office is hiring an outside consultant to sort out of the mess of meters and parking downtown.

So in preparation for what could be the most parking-afflicted summer in recent memory, we present the eight worst places to park in St. Louis city and county. (If you've got your own list of horrible parking spots, let us know in the comments section.)

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Missouri Only Sort Of Cares About CrossFit, So You Can Shut Up About It Now

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Ali Samieivafa on Flickr
Missouri sort of cares about CrossFit.
When it comes to CrossFit, the new fitness craze that combines gymnastics, springs, jump training and Olympic weightlifting into short-but-brutal workouts, Missouri's reaction can be summed up in three letters: Meh.

Real estate site Estately analyzed each state's love for the get-fit-quick trend and ranked them accordingly. Missouri landed right in the middle, tying with Alaska at No. 24 (out of 51) between No. 23 Pennsylvania and No. 26 Mississippi.

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St. Louis Is Slightly More Exciting Than Rolla, Says Ridiculous Study

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Herkie on Flickr
St. Louis: Missouri's most exciting city.
The good news: A new study says St. Louis is Missouri's most exciting city.

The bad news: If Rolla, Warrensburg and Fulton are St. Louis' big competition, then St. Louis is nowhere near as exciting as we thought.

The real estate site Movoto ranked 77 Missouri cities with populations larger than 10,000 according to how exciting they are, naturally putting St. Louis at the top of the list. Movoto assigned each city's score based on seven criteria: nightlife (bars, clubs, etc.), live-music venues, active life options (parks, outdoor theaters), arts and entertainment, fast food (the less the better), non-fast-food restaurants (the more the better) and the percentage of residents ages 18 to 34 (the higher the better.)

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Missouri is 9th Worst State in U.S. for Working Moms

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MonkeyMashButton on Flickr
Missouri can be a tough place for working moms.
If your mother kept a job (or three) while she raised you, she deserves a heck of a Mother's Day present this year.

A new study from the personal finance site WalletHub says Missouri is the ninth-worst state in America for working mothers, according to metrics including day care quality, gender pay gap and average commute time.

Louisiana takes the title of worst state for working moms, according to the ranking, and Oregon comes out on top as the best. Kansas comes in two spots below Missouri at seventh-worst.

"Progress, it would seem, is taking shape at different rates across the country. Not only do parental-leave policies and other legal support systems vary by state, but the quality of infrastructure -- from cost-effective daycare to public schools -- are far from uniform as well." writes John Kiernan in WalletHub's newly-released report.

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