Francis Slay: Hitler Video Meme (That Implies Mayor is Gay) Promoted By Lewis Reed Backers

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via YouTube. Video below.
Update, 12:00 p.m: Mayoral Candidate Lewis Reed has weighed in on the Hitler meme video being promoted this week by opponents of Francis Slay. The footage, on view below, pokes fun at the mayor and his senior staff over a wide range of issues.

"I personally found this video to be offensive and I call on whoever produced it to take it down. These kinds of things don't help bring our city together or bring the kind of change we are looking to bring on Tuesday, March 5th," Reed says in a statement to Daily RFT. "But our campaign shouldn't be held responsible for every offensive film, YouTube video, or Facebook comment produced by someone angry with Francis Slay and his record. We are focused on winning Tuesday's election and beginning the long work of healing our city's racial, geographic, and economic divisions."

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