Riverfront Times Seeks Freelance Writers, Videographers

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Two recent RFT cover stories written by freelance reporters.
You may not realize it, but much of what you see each day in the Riverfront Times comes from freelance writers. These scribes-for-hire fill our blogs with engaging content, keep you informed of all the latest happenings in our calendar section and even craft the occasional cover story. Now we are looking to expand our stable of freelance writers as well as enhance our website with additional video.

Here is what we are seeking for those interested in writing or filming for RFT:

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Calling All St. Louis Ninja Warriors

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Can you run up sloped walls? Climb uneven surfaces? Leap from spinning (or rolling) platforms? Then you might have what it takes to be an American Ninja Warrior.

This weekend, for the first time in the NBC show's six season history, the extreme obstacle course competition is bringing its regional qualifying event to St. Louis. The action starts Sunday night at the Soldiers Memorial, where there will be "limited walk-on registration" if you think you have what it takes to finish the course.

"What we're looking for in competitors is someone who can defeat the course," says American Ninja Warrior executive producer Kent Weed. "Core strength, upper body strength and grip strength. Those are the qualities that make an American Ninja Warrior athlete."

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The Evening Whirl is Tweeting Stories of Pimps, Drugs, Heartache in 140 Characters or Less

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Evening Whirl
This has to be what Jack Dorsey made Twitter for.
Bloody cops chasing broken-faced bandits. Treacherous drifters nursing a hangover. Downtown dons steeped in golden-toilet luxury.

These are the kinds of characters and tales that have made the St. Louis Evening Whirl a St. Louis institution since 1938. And ever since the iconic paper started (seriously) tweeting in February, it is what has made its Twitter feed one of the best 140-character reads on the Internet.

The Whirl's tweets are distilled samples of the pulp-fiction style that the paper is famous for. And Brian Ireland, the paper's managing editor and author of the tweets, uses the required brevity on Twitter to produce short scenes about fascinating urban crime characters for which is paper is famous.

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Riverfront Times Seeking Multimedia and Photography Interns

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mconnors via morgueFile

Riverfront Times is seeking new interns. This year, we've got two positions to fill -- a photography internship and our brand-new multimedia internship.

The jobs must be for school credit, and we'll do our best to make the experience worthwhile. Interns will work directly with the editorial staff to create beautiful and innovative visual components for our stories in the paper and on our music, food and news blogs.

Interested? Read on for a full description of each position and how to apply.

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"Aunt Claudette" Is A Proud Troll We Can't Help But Love

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Libbie Higgins
No one works a broach like Claudette Higgins.
Who is Claudette Higgins, really? Is she the intrepid, neck brace-wearing journalist who chases down interviews in parking lots and accuses Target of hating fat people? Or is she the doting aunt of Justin Bieber?

When Daily RFT wrote about "Aunt Claudette" last week, many commenters took her pretty seriously, especially her interview with a woman in a Target parking lot who suggested the store stop carrying snacks if it won't carry enough plus-size clothing. But for our more discerning readers, you've probably guessed the truth.

"I consider myself one of the oldest trolls on the internet," says Libbie Higgins, a 40-year-old special needs teacher from Maryland Heights. She's been trolling in relative obscurity since 2007.

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Aunt Claudette Exposes Target's Hatred for Fat People, Is a National Treasure

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CNN iReport
Aunt Claudette Higgins in her Target exposé.
If Target doesn't want obese shoppers in its stores, it should stop selling snacks.

That's the news according to Claudette Higgins, the world's best reporter in a bejeweled neck brace.

Higgins posted a scathing "exposé" on the Target store in Bridgeton Monday, alleging that the store has stopped selling plus-size clothing to discriminate against what she calls "obese shoppers."

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Cornell McKay Conviction Upheld By Judge; Post-Dispatch Reporter Compelled to Testify

Cornell McKay's mugshot from his August 2012 arrest.
Thursday morning's hearing in Judge Robin Vannoy's courtroom was, in a word, dramatic.

Cornell McKay is facing ten to 30 years for an August 10, 2012 armed robbery. His lawyers argue that evidence collected in the robbery investigation clearly points to a different man, Keith Esters, currently serving 50 years for the murder of Megan Boken. Vannoy presided over McKays' trial in December 2013, and it was her word that prevented McKay's lawyers from presenting all their Esters-related evidence to the jury.

"I made certain decisions in that trial," said Vannoy during the hearing, moments after upholding McKay's conviction and denying his lawyers' motion to delay the sentencing date. "I stand by those decisions."

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Upcoming This American Life Episode Features Riverfront Times Story

Courtesy LaQonna Anderson

This week...on This American Life...the Riverfront Times.

St. Louis fans of the popular radio show (heard locally on NPR affiliate 90.7 FM) and podcast should be sure to tune in this weekend. The upcoming episode, titled "Except for That One Thing," features a story that some may recall from the September 12, 2013, issue of the RFT: the saga of Cornealious Michael Anderson -- or Mike -- and his thirteen years as possibly the worst fugitive of all time.

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Real Time STL Wants to Make it Easier for Readers to Find Trending St. Louis News

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YouTube/Real Time STL
Gabrielle Biondo shares the news for Real Time STL.
A new website aims to be a one-stop shop for St. Louis news by gathering the trending topics of the day and putting them in one place.

Real Time STL is the brainchild of Infuz CEO Jason Fiehler, and it's run by former Patch.com and Post-Dispatch reporters and social-media editors, including Kurt Greenbaum, Erica Smith and Gabrielle Biondo.

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Kirkwood High School Newspaper Reacts to Lockdown, Compares KSDK to Kanye West

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socialisbetter on flickr
"Wait, how did I get dragged into this?"
Ian Madden calls KSDK-TV (Channel 5) rude, intrusive and unprofessional after the station prompted a 40 minute lockdown during an investigation into school security.

"Maybe next time KSDK decides to cover something this important, they'll ensure the people the story impacts aren't too offended to listen," Madden writes for the Kirkwood Call, the high school newspaper.

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