RFT Seeks Web-Savvy Freelance Editor for 6-Week Position

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Photo by Corey Woodruff
Come assist us with our coverage of the city's food and drink scene.
The Riverfront Times has a summer opening for a freelance editor to assist with its online food coverage and overall web presence. The position is temporary -- we're looking for someone to help out for approximately six weeks from mid-July to late August to cover an editor's maternity leave.

The ideal candidate will be a strong writer and quick editor who knows how to craft a story that will pop online. He or she should have some familiarity with St. Louis' food and cocktail scene, be comfortable using Facebook and Twitter and be prepared to learn the paper's incredibly clunky blogging software. The ability to take your own photographs, upload them, and crop them is essential.

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Epic Reel of Vintage St. Louis News Outtakes Is Like Anchorman, Only Real

Eat your heart out, Ron Burgundy.

"First, bend over, grab your knees, put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye."

And with that, former Channel 4 weatherman Mike Fenwick kicks off what is surely the most bizarre and wonderful peek into the pastel-and-plaid world of St. Louis broadcast news in the 1970s and 1980s. The clip of Fenwick telling his viewers to inspect their posterior Doppler readings comes courtesy of YouTube user St. Louis Flashback, a self-described St. Louis historian who posted two jaw-dropping videos over the weekend.

Edited with an insider's glee, the two-part "St.Louis Local TV News Bloopers -- 1970s-80s" actually features only a few clips of the kind of news bloopers one would usually find on YouTube. Instead, most of the 50-plus minutes of footage reveals the behind-the-scenes antics and obscenity-filled rivalries between the most trusted faces in St. Louis news -- including well-known anchors Elliott Davis and Larry Conners.

"St. Louis Flashback" didn't want to give his real name, but told us, "I collect these things -- anything from local TV, movie theaters and KXOK radio. I don't give out names or how I got the items." He adds, "I know people people who have worked in all media since the '60s."

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Savage Love Is Returning to Riverfront Times This Week

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Tell anyone in St. Louis that you work at the Riverfront Times, and they'll generally have one of two responses.

One, they want to know what it's like working with Ray Hartmann.

Or, two, they want to tell you that the RFT sucks for no longer carrying Savage Love.

Sometimes they'll even give you both replies. That's when you know you've got a live wire.

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Riverfront Times Seeks Summer Interns

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Could you see your byline in this newspaper? If so, you might want to consider applying for a summer internship.
We're looking for a few good interns.

The Riverfront Times is seeking motivated young writers and photographers interested in food, news, the arts and/or music to join our team for a few months this summer. You'll work closely with top editors to notch bylines and photo credits on our website and in our print edition -- no busy work and no boring clerical stuff.

Successful candidates won't necessarily be journalism majors, but you should be able to show us a few writing samples that demonstrate a gift for language and the ability to ask impertinent questions of strangers. We prefer current college students who can earn course credit for their time here, but we'll work with top candidates regardless of their circumstances.

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Six Laid Off at Post-Dispatch, Buyouts in the Newsroom Next? [UPDATE]

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Google Street View

Update: Gordon tells us that buyouts or voluntary layoffs will not happen in the newsroom after all. More after the jump.

Last week, six employees in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch ad department were laid off. Daily RFT heard from multiple sources that buyouts for the editorial staff are likely to be offered in the coming days or weeks.

However, P-D spokeswoman Tracy Rouch released this statement which at most contradicts those rumors or at least tiptoes around them: "St. Louis Post-Dispatch had a work force reduction on Thursday, March 26 of six positions from Advertising and Information Technology. We are not offering buyouts to any Post-Dispatch employee at this time."

Jeff Gordon, president of the United Media Guild and a long-time sportswriter for the paper, says while that statement is technically true, conversations have begun around the newsroom.

"Whether the company decides to do it or not, we don't know," he says. "I think the discussion is real, but we don't know the outcome."

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Riverfront Times Sold, Is Leaving One Direction

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Oh, hello there, dear reader. Pull up a seat. Your mom and I have something to tell you.

We're sold! As of today, Riverfront Times is now owned by Euclid Media Group, based in Cleveland, and we've hired Sarah Fenske (our onetime managing editor) to take the helm as our editor in chief. This means all kinds of exciting things that we can't get into now, but rest assured, big things are on the way.

Check out the full press release after the jump.

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Riverfront Times Seeks a Newshound Freelancer

Categories: Media


Riverfront Times is hiring a freelancer to contribute weekly to our news blog, Daily RFT.

We're looking for a writer who can contribute between three to five posts a week on everything from quick, breaking news to longer, more researched stories. That means we need a true news junkie who's always up to date on what's happening in St. Louis. It also means we need someone who can turn around well-written, well-reported posts on a tight deadline. It's fast-paced work, and we need someone with great news judgment.

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St. Louis' Chris Hayes Is Way Too Nice to Trolls Who Think He's MSNBC's Chris Hayes

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The two Chris Hayes met during the Ferguson protests last year and took this selfie together.
It's an easy mistake.

With two reporters named Chris Hayes in the media, inattentive tweeters are bound to mix up their Twitter handles: @ChrisHayesTV for FOX 2 (KTVI) reporter Chris Hayes, and @ChrisLHayes for MSNBC's host of All In with Chris Hayes.

Hayes (the St. Louis one) has been receiving tweets directed at the MSNBC host for years now. He even added a last line to his bio -- "FOX 2's Chris Hayes should not be confused with MSNBC's Chris Hayes" -- to help clear the confusion.

It didn't work.

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The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Totally Just Used the Word "Cray-Cray"

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Lindsay Toler
Isn't it cray that the Post-Dispatch used the word "cray-cray?"
Mark the date, St. Louis. February 4, 2015: The first time St. Louis' major metro daily newspaper, the Post-Dispatch, formed almost 140 years ago by the man whose name is now synonymous with the very best in journalism, Joseph Pulitzer, used the word "cray-cray."

Republican gubernatorial candidate Catherine Hanaway's bizarre comments linking liberal "sexual permissiveness" to child sexual abuse inspired St. Louis' metro daily newspaper's editorial page to achieve this historic first.

"We're quite proud of ourselves," tweets Tony Messenger, editor of the Post's editorial page.

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St. Louis Ad Seems to Say: Life Is Short, So Buy Cremations for Your Kids

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Like any business owner, St. Louis Cremation's Oliver King simply wanted an advertisement that would attract new eyeballs to his company. By that measure, the small print ad that ran in the January 28 issue of "luxury lifestyle magazine" Town & Style St. Louis was a success.

Using a photo of his daughter wearing a large pink flower in her hair, King added text, meme-style, that read "Don't let the flower fool you," and, "She'll be a teenager soon." King slapped on the company's logo and contact info, sent the design to the magazine and called it a day.

Unsurprisingly, the marketing gem set off a firestorm of befuddled reactions on Facebook and Reddit, where many wondered what the hell the ad was trying to say and, with equal befuddlement, why.

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