Every True Son? Mizzou's New Billboard is Sexist and Offensive, Says Rep. Stacey Newman

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Courtesy of Rep. Stacey Newman
So where does every true daughter go?
The University of Missouri athletic department's new marketing strategy seems to be alienating current Tigers more than it is recruiting new ones.

The school parked a trailer with the message "Every true son goes to Mizzou" on campus, drawing calls and letters of frustration from Columbia residents, Mizzou alumni, parents and even state Representative Stacey Newman, all of whom say the billboard is unnecessarily sexist, especially for an athletics program that includes female student-athletes.

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MU Wants to Reignite Missouri-Kansas Football Rivalry, But KU Is Too Busy Pouting

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Will Mizzou ever play against Kansas in football again?
It has been two years since former rivals the University of Missouri Tigers and the University of Kansas Jayhawks faced off on the gridiron.

MU head coach Gary Pinkel told football fans this week that he'd like to reinstate the annual Border War rivalry game, especially since the Southeastern Conference declared its teams must play an opponent from another major conference every year starting in 2016.

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Mizzou Students Block Michael Sam from Homophobic Protesters with Wall of Love

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Alix Carruth
Kelaney Lakers and Alix Carruth, the sophomores who organized Mizzou's counterprotest.
Buzz off, haters. This is Mizzou, and we are all Como-sexuals.

That was the message from the hundreds of University of Missouri students and supporters who formed a half-mile-long human chain this weekend to block campus from a homophobic protest from that one awful hate group in Kansas.

(For the non-Tigers out there: "Como-sexuals" is a reference to Columbia, Missouri, known as CoMo, where Mizzou's campus is located.)

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Mizzou Students Prepare to Block Homophobic Protest Against Michael Sam with Human Wall

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New York Times/YouTube
Michael Sam tells the New York Times he's gay in his first public interview about his sexuality.
Predictably and annoyingly, the Westboro Baptist Church has set its sights on the University of Missouri after football all-star Michael Sam announced his plan to become the first openly gay man to play in the NFL.

On the upside, Westboro, a few anonymous NFL staffers and the run-of-the-mill homophobes seem to be the only ones offended by the announcement. First Lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden tweeted Sam messages of support. The hashtag #StandwithSam swept across Twitter. Sam's teammates and coaches admitted that not only did they know he was gay, it really didn't change anything.

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Mizzou's Michael Sam Comes Out; May Become First Openly Gay Player in NFL

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Michael Sam.
Michael Sam, a defensive lineman formerly at the University of Missouri, came out yesterday evening in two simultaneously released interviews with the New York Times and ESPN.

"I am an openly, proud gay man," he told interviewers at the sports network.

After an extremely successful final season with Mizzou, Sam is entering the 2014 NFL draft this spring. If he's drafted, he'll become the first openly gay player in the league.

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Sasha Menu Courey: MU Turns Student Athlete Rape Case Over to Columbia Police

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UM Athletic Department
Sasha Menu Courey
Police in Columbia launched an investigation Monday into the 2010 sexual assault of Sasha Menu Courey, a University of Missouri athlete, after an ESPN report detailed why school officials never launched their own probe into the alleged assault.

Menu Courey, a top recruit on the Mizzou swim team, committed suicide in 2011.

After a sixteen-month investigation, ESPN released a story Friday accusing Missouri athletic officials of breaking federal laws when they did not open an investigation into Menu Courey's assault.

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University of Missouri English Class Teaches the Poetry of Jay-Z, Kanye West

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platoart on flickr
Academia's newest subjects: Kanye West and Jay-Z.
Ever spend a late night with your friends listening to rap and debating your favorite artists?

For Andrew Hoberek's students at the University of Missouri, that's homework.

Hoberek's newest class, "English 2169: Jay-Z and Kanye West," teaches non-English majors how to examine some of their generation's most popular artwork with the eye of a trained critic.

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That Amazing Mizzou Christmas Lights Show Doesn't Piss Off the Neighbors And Here's Why

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Chad Rizner choreographed 15,000 lights to shine to the Missouri Waltz.
Mizzou fans got into the Christmas spirit early when a Jefferson City teacher posted video of his holiday lights display choreographed to the "Missouri Waltz."

Marching Mizzou plays the Missouri state song between the third and fourth quarters of MU football games, and Tigers know when to sway, clap and yell.

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Road Trip to the Cotton Bowl: How to Drive Through Oklahoma Without Killing Yourself

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nffcnnr on Flickr
Road trip!
The Missouri Tigers are capping off an impressive, exciting season at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas next month. If you're planning to drive to Big D to watch Mizzou take on Oklahoma State, be warned: the quickest route is alternately tricky and borning.

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Buzzfeed's Mizzou Homecoming List Awakens the Tiger in All of Us

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KMOU on Flickr
It's Homecoming Weekend at the University of Missouri, and alum-slash-Buzzfeed-writer Dan Oshinsky is making Tigers in St. Louis and beyond homesick for the Black and Gold.

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