St. Louis Pickup Truck Limo Featured in Dumb and Dumber To

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Photo by Mitch Ryals
It's gotta be hell finding a place to park this thing.
Randy Combs can now add Jim Carrey to the list of celebrities who've used his 34-foot Dodge Ram limousine.

The fourteen-passenger limo with a hot tub in the bed is slated to appear in at least one scene in the new movie Dumb and Dumber To that arrives in theaters in November. Combs tells Daily RFT that Jim Carrey (Lloyd Christmas) uses the limo to pick up his prom date in the film. We're guessing in some sort of flashback scenario because the movie takes place twenty years after the original Dumb and Dumber, but Combs didn't know for sure. In the scene, Carrey escorts his date to the rear of the truck, rips her dress off and throws her into the hot tub. She has a swimsuit on, though.

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Podcasts: Gone Girl Explores Marriage, the Media, and Missouri

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Gone Girl

Alan Scherstuhl and Stephanie Zacharek of the Village Voice, along with LA Weekly's Amy Nicholson, talk about one of the big movies of the year, Gone Girl, which opens in about 3,000 U.S. theaters on Friday, but the trio also makes room for lesser-known films like The Blue Room, Men, Women & Children, The Skeleton Twins, and The Two Faces of January. It's all on this week's episode of the Voice Film Club podcast.

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Sham Film Festival to Unleash Web's Best Short Parodies on St. Louis

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Courtesy of Matthew Newlin
A still from Little Man of Steel, which will be screened on October 24 during the Sham Film Festival.
In the past, the greatest film parodies were crafted by professionals. This is Spinal Tap, Airplane and The Naked Gun offered the highest-quality mockery money could buy, while sketch-comedy shows like SNL married production values with the funniest comedians in the world. Then the Internet came along, and parody videos exploded.

Matthew Newlin and John Reynolds want to celebrate those short-form parodies by putting them on a big screen. The two St. Louisans are organizing the first ever Sham Film Festival -- opening October 24 -- as a showcase for short-form film parodies that inhabit YouTube and sites like College Humor and Funny or Die.

"I kept seeing all these videos posted online, the fake movie trailers, the spoofs that people do themselves -- but they're excellent," says Newlin, 31, who came up with the idea for the festival about a year ago. "The quality and creativity and the originality is there, and these people are filmmakers that are not getting their due. Let's give them some attention."

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Movie Marathon to Remember Robin Williams at the Luna Lounge Saturday

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photo credit: BagoGames via photopin cc
Goooooooood morning Vietnam! It's 0600 hours. What does the "O" stand for? Oh my God, it's early!
It's been a rough couple weeks. We could all use a laugh.

Dana Bierman and Danni Eickenhorst want to help you out with that. This Saturday, August 30, the two die-hard Robin Williams fans are organizing a pajama party, happy hour and Robin Williams movie marathon at the Luna Lounge. The evening comes complete with a red carpet, popcorn and sturdy desk so you can proclaim all the "O Captain! My Captain!" soliloquies till your heart's content.

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5 Weird Things about STL Native and Guardians of the Galaxy Director James Gunn

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James Gunn | Instagram
James Gunn has a thing for raccoons.

Guardians of the Galaxy, the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, begins its wide release Friday, August 1, and expectations are high. Why wouldn't they be? Critics and fans who attended previews for the film have been calling it Marvel's best work and one of the greatest superhero movies ever.

And of course, it's a St. Louis guy behind the whole darn thing.

James Gunn, originally from Manchester, has been known for years as a master at combining horror with comedy, thanks to cutting his teeth at Z-film powerhouse Troma Entertainment and later writing the screenplay for the Dawn of the Dead remake and directing nerd hero Nathan Fillion in Slither. But directing and co-writing Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy has brought on more attention and acclaim than any other project this Missouri boy has tackled yet.

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- Superheroes bump superegos in Joss Whedon's all-star Avengers. Things go boom. (2012 review)
- Slugfest: Slither is silly and gross, but it might worm its way into your heart. (2006 review)

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UCLA Adds Spanish Lake Documentary to Class Syllabus

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A Spanish Lake resident talks about his hometown in the documentary.
A Spanish Lake filmmaker's poignant documentary about his hometown's rapid decline is gaining traction at universities across the country.

The University of California, Los Angeles is the first school to add the newly released Spanish Lake to a class syllabus. Students will watch the film for the course Urban Planning M275: Community Development and Housing Policy, during the second week of classes, which focus on the role of the state in housing.

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Internet Cat Video Festival: Vote For Your Favorite St. Louis Cat Video Right Meow

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Doug Woods via Flickr
Can I haz vote?
Before the Contemporary Art Museum screens this year's curated collection of lol-able cat videos at St. Louis' first ever Internet Cat Video Festival, one very special cat video will play.

Six local feline enthusiasts are competing to win the St. Louis Cat Video Contest, hoping their one-minute cat short will win social media votes and the approval of museum staff to eventually play at the start of each night of the two-night festival, July 18 and 19.

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The Lou Abides: Big Lebowski Fans Launch Campaign to Bring Festival to St. Louis

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Photos courtesy of Marcus Bautista
Marcus Bautista looks amazingly like Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski -- especially with a can of ashes and a gun.
If all goes according to plan, tonight's The Big Lebowski-themed shindig on Cherokee Street will be the start of a citywide, all-Lebowski festival here in St. Louis.

"St. Louis is ready," says Marcus Bautista, who won the award for best Walter Sobchak costume at New Orleans' Lebowski Fest last year. To have a good time, Lebowski fans just need plenty of booze, a place to watch the movie and some quality bowling lanes. "I think this is the perfect town for it."

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Spanish Lake, Documentary on St. Louis White Flight, Will Play Another Week at the Tivoli

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Spanish Lake is showing at the Tivoli Theatre.
If you missed Phillip Andrew Morton's unflinching look at the impact social engineering and white flight had his hometown Spanish Lake, you're in luck. After two weekends topping the Tivoli Theatre's box office, the documentary Spanish Lake will play an additional week: Showtimes have been extended till July 3.

Morton chronicles the degeneration of Spanish Lake, where he grew up before earning a film degree at Webster University and moving to California, in his new film, which opened June 13. The unincorporated township grew into an idyllic, mostly middle class white refuge at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers in the post-war years.

"They were the Tea Party before the Tea Party existed," Morton tells Daily RFT. "They were anti-government. They wanted very little government interaction with what they could and could not do."

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Marshall the Miracle Dog and Four More Movies Filmed in Southern Illinois

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Mike Bizelli
The real-life Marshall.
Since the first casting call, producers for the movie Marshall the Miracle Dog have described it as very St. Louis.

The story is based on a real dog rescued from a Missouri hoarder, healed by a veterinarian at the Humane Society of Missouri and adopted by a St. Louis woman.

"This is truly a St. Louis film," says Cyndi Willenbrock, who adopted Marshall and also serves as a producer for the movie starring Sinbad, Shannon Elizabeth and Matthew Settle. "One hundred percent of our investment came from the region, students from throughout the area are cast as extras, and Notifi Records owner Ira DeWitt's great soundtrack includes St. Louis up-and-comers. There is so much talent here."

See also: Sinbad Plays a Coach in New Movie Filming in St. Louis, Marshall the Miracle Dog

After producers started filming across the Mississippi River in Edwardsville, Illinois, Daily RFT couldn't help but wonder what other famous flicks are set in the Metro East.

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