Don't Worry, MODOT Won't Use Military-Style Sound Cannons To Slow You Down

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Ahhh, the soothing sounds of loud and incessant beeping noises.
Last week, it was reported that MODOT was about to deploy LRAD (long-range acoustic device) sound cannons to get drivers to slow down near work sites. Unsurprisingly, many people were doubtful that emitting a loud and annoying sound was the best way to encourage people to let off the gas, and MODOT's Facebook page was filled with comments saying as much (those comments have since been deleted).

But Missourian outrage doesn't matter anymore because MODOT says the sound cannons won't be used after all. An employee with MODOT's communications department says budget cuts are the reason, and the $25,000 sound cannons are one of many things the agency will have to sacrifice this year.

Judging by the public response, however, the sound cannons won't be missed. Here's a video of MODOT testing the LRAD device. If anything, it seems like people would be tempted to step on the gas just to get that sound out of their heads:

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Facebook and Twitter Aren't Killing Your Relationship. You Are.

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liquene on flickr
"Ugh, you guys, you would not believe what my boyfriend just tweeted. #breakup."
In today's "no duh" news, two studies out of the University of Missouri say people who spend lots of time on Facebook and Twitter are more likely to fight, cheat or break up with their romantic partner over Facebook- and Twitter-related conflicts.

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The Evening Whirl is Tweeting Stories of Pimps, Drugs, Heartache in 140 Characters or Less

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Evening Whirl
This has to be what Jack Dorsey made Twitter for.
Bloody cops chasing broken-faced bandits. Treacherous drifters nursing a hangover. Downtown dons steeped in golden-toilet luxury.

These are the kinds of characters and tales that have made the St. Louis Evening Whirl a St. Louis institution since 1938. And ever since the iconic paper started (seriously) tweeting in February, it is what has made its Twitter feed one of the best 140-character reads on the Internet.

The Whirl's tweets are distilled samples of the pulp-fiction style that the paper is famous for. And Brian Ireland, the paper's managing editor and author of the tweets, uses the required brevity on Twitter to produce short scenes about fascinating urban crime characters for which is paper is famous.

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MODOT Needs to Unload Two Historic Bridges; Do You Want One?

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MODOT on Flickr
The Platte Purchase Bridge could be yours.
If you're a little wary of the news that the Missouri Department of Transportation has two historic bridges up for sale, we understand.

George Parker, one of America's most brazen con men, made his living selling New York landmarks, especially the Brooklyn Bridge, before earning a life sentence in 1928 to Sing Sing for his entrepreneurship. He's the reason we tell gullible people, "And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you."

But MODOT really does have a bridge to sell you. Two bridges, actually: the Platte Purchase Bridge and the Fairfax Bridge, both stretching over the Missouri River in Platte County.

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St. Louis Company Owned News Helicopter That Crashed in Seattle, Killing Two

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The wreckage of a helicopter crash south of the Space Needle.
After one of its helicopters crashed in Seattle on Tuesday, Helicopters Inc., a St. Louis-area business, says it's cooperating with a federal investigation into the fiery wreck that killed two of its employees, a veteran photojournalist and a pilot.

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Friends Help Raise Funds for Jessica Powell, Survivor of Brutal Domestic Violence Attack

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Donna Criiaag
Jessica Powell
A woman is trying to make a recovery after being stabbed several times in a brutal attack that saw three others murdered. Jessica Powell suffered serious injuries and her medical expenses are going to be astronomical, so her friends and family are holding a fundraiser to help out.

On Valentine's Day last month, Shawn Kavanagh, 23, went to see his estranged wife, Jessica (then Kavanaugh), 27, who had been living with Lexy Vandiver, 29, and her two kids. The two women worked together at a nearby nursing home. Visiting at the home was Tara Lynn Fifer, 22, who was also a co-worker.

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St. Louis Inventor Hopes To Dangle His "Nutshellz" In ABC's Shark Tank

Discovery Channel
Jeremiah Raber (right) really believes in his product.
Jeremiah Raber is your typical early-stage entrepreneur. He's invested thousands of dollars out of pocket, works from his basement and struggles to meet demand for his product.

Oh, the product? An unbreakable, bullet-proof groin protector called Nutshellz.

Raber believes in Nutshellz so fully that he took a swift kick to the crotch as part of a Discovery Channel segment last year. Now, he's got his eyes on the ABC reality show Shark Tank, where he hopes his business pitch will convince the show's panel of jaded investors to hit him right in the bank account.

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Checking Bags at Lambert St. Louis Airport Just Got Easier

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Lambert St. Louis Airport
Lambert St. Louis Airport is getting a new roof.
Good news, jet-setters. For the first time in twelve years, passengers at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport can now check their baggage at the ticket counter instead of wheeling it across the terminal to an explosive detector.

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Missouri Bill Would Allow Businesses To Refuse Service If "Substantially Motivated" By Religion

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Republican State Senator Wayne Wallingford supports discrimination as long as its religiously motivated.
A Republican state senator introduced a bill this week that could allow Missouri business owners to refuse service to customers if "substantially motivated by religious belief."

The bill was introduced Monday by Republican Wayne Wallingford. In 2013, the two-term Senator from Cape Girardeau joined Democratic lawmakers in an attempt to prohibit workplace discrimination based on gender and sexual identity.

But a year seems to have changed Wallingford: His newly-introduced bill seeks to broadly protect religious expression in Missouri -- even if that religious expression is of the "We don't serve your kind" variety.

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Latasha Fox, Rams Cheerleader Turned Accountant, Represents St. Louis on Survivor

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CBS/Monty Brinton
Latasha "Tasha" Fox, from St. Louis, competes on the newest season of Survivor.
In Survivor's upcoming 28th season, contestants are divided into three groups: brains, beauty and brawn.

Latasha Fox has all three.

"I'm a triple threat," says Fox. "I've always felt like to be a success, you have to have a combination of beauty, brains and brawn. And I feel I embody all of those qualities."

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