Demolition Makes Forest Park Hospital Look Even Creepier [Photos]

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Allison Babka
Demolition begins on Forest Park Hospital.

When we last checked in with Forest Park Hospital, it looked abandoned, evacuated, even post-apocalyptic. The building perched above Highway 40/64 across from Forest Park had sat vacant for more than a year.

"It's a little creepy because there are still things on. Things are buzzing, things are beeping," Nick Zulauf told Daily RFT after getting into the hospital through a storm grate in 2012. "The water still runs."

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The Weekend in Photos: Zombie Bar Crawl, Cave Rave, Tower Grove Pillow Fight

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Jon Gitchoff
Thousands of people dance to dubstep, EDM and more at the cave rave.
St. Louis stayed busy this weekend, taking advantage of spring's slow warming to party outdoors and underground.

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This Baby Shower Was Probably Bigger Than Your Wedding [PHOTOS]

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Photos courtesy of Dzevad Halilovic
Baby Lorenzo's stage at Grbic.
Dzevad and Selma Halilovic didn't have a big wedding.

The Bosnian Romani couple married and had a small family party before trying for twelve years to have a child.

"We wanted kids, but nothing was happening," Dzevad Halilovic tells Daily RFT.

Finally, Selma got pregnant. And the day baby Lorenzo was born, the Halilovics knew what to do next.

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Ballpark Village: 10 People Following the Dress Code Who Should Get Kicked Out Anyway

Photos by Steve Truesdell
No one wants to see this. Go home.
Ballpark Village is finally here! It's real, it's happening, and you can even wear a jersey most of the time.

Daily RFT realizes we've been a little rough on Ballpark Village's late-night dress code lately. So this story isn't about the people who would get kicked out for wearing the wrong thing. It's about the people who should get kicked out for so many other reasons.

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Mike Hopkins, Astronaut from Missouri, Shares Photos of the Show-Me State from Space

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Mike Hopkins via Twitter
Astronaut Mike Hopkins.
Just weeks before he's scheduled to return to Earth, astronaut Mike Hopkins captured two beautiful photos from the International Space Station of his childhood home in Missouri.

The International Space Station took Hopkins and his "roommates" -- Russian cosmonauts Oleg Kotov and Servey Ryazanskiy -- past Hopkins' childhood home in Richland, Missouri, and past his high school in Osage Beach, Missouri, earlier this month.

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Photo of the Day: Nelly Gives Obama a Haircut in Bogota, Colombia Bar

Julia van Horn
Nelly gives President Barack Obama a VIP cut.
On a trip to Bogota, Colombia, St. Louis natives Julia van Horn and Jack Grelle found an amazing poster in the very first bar they visited.

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Ben Mazanec Captures History as St. Louis' Officially Unofficial Fire Photographer

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Courtesy of Ben Mazanec
Ben Mazanec and his father at a fire.
Whenever there's a fire on the south side, it's a sure bet Ben Mazanec will be there.

His radio, gear and identification are all St. Louis Fire Department official. Mazanec even has his own assigned car number -- 831 -- so police at the scene know he's legit.

But Mazanec isn't a firefighter. A first responder of a different kind, Mazanec has become the unofficially official photographer for the department, using decades of fire-fighting knowledge learned at his father's feet to inform images not just of smoke and flame but of brave men and women saving lives.

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Photographer Ben Evans Shows Why His Style Is Best Described as "St. Louis"

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Ben Evans
At the Ice Carnival in the Moonrise Hotel.

When Ben Evans can find a few spare moments in between being a real estate lawyer and a married father of three kids, he takes incredible photos of St. Louis.

A long-time photography enthusiast, Evans started taking his hobby more seriously during the last three or four years when he started a blog about St. Louis issues and needed photos to accompany the topics he tackled, which ranged from the Arch grounds project to the the city-county merger debate.

"I spent innumerable hours exploring St. Louis with my camera, especially in the very early morning and evenings," Evans says.

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"Cat in Space": Meet The Two Amazingly Awkward Brothers Who Created the Meme

Awkward Family Photos
Nick (left) and Jake Schleicher: Awkward Cat Bros
What is it about this photo that makes it so likable? Is it the space background? The outfits? The little mustache? The spread-eagle cat butt?

Whatever it is, "Cat in Space" went viral after Nick Schleicher posted it online in 2010. After three years of being passed around the Internet, Nick, his younger brother Jake (he of the blond hair and leather pants) and Murray the cat have been featured in a book, a calendar, on television and in numerous "Most Awkward" lists.

"Our mom was begging us a for a picture for two or three years. I didn't want to do one," Nick tells Daily RFT. "Eventually I was like, 'If you get one, it's going to the be the way I want it to be.'"

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St. Louis Photographer "Disturbs Reality" of Midwest in These Incredible Photos

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Ellen Jantzen
A Resonant Chill -- frozen flooded field in rural southern Illinois.
Some people go to nature and take photos of trees and lakes. Ellen Jantzen does, too -- but then she digitally reconstructs them to make something nobody has seen before.

In an exhibition on display at the Bruno David Gallery until November 30, Jantzen uses photos she took of nature around Missouri and rural Illinois and uses them as the backdrop for more complex visual layers.

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