Lyft Never Told New Drivers It's Technically Illegal, Not Licensed in St. Louis

Alfredo Medez on Flickr
Sorry, ma'am, you're technically breaking the law.
LJ Pryor doesn't want to work for Lyft anymore.

"I don't want to get in trouble, that's for sure," Pryor, 45, tells Daily RFT. "They'll have to get somebody else."

Lyft, the San Francisco-based ride-sharing app, launches here today, even though the company never got a license to operate in St. Louis City and County, something Pryor didn't know until he read a story in the Riverfront Times.

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Lyft Plans Weekend Launch in St. Louis, But Will the City Shut It Down?

An army of pink mustaches is on its way, St. Louis.
Lyft, the app-based, on-demand ride-sharing business based in San Francisco, plans to go live in St. Louis at 7 p.m. Friday.

The company has been building up for months to launch in the Lou, advertising jobs for drivers on Facebook and Craigslist, and interviewing hundreds of applicants at Nebula coworking space on Cherokee Street.

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Southwest Airlines Adds More Routes to D.C., California from St. Louis

wbaiv on flickr
"D.C.? LAX? Where would you like me to take you?"
Missouri may be a no-coast state, but Southwest Airlines is expanding its service to add more direct flights to the East and West coasts.

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Wildwood Subdivision Threatens Teen with Fines, Police For Parking Truck in Driveway

Matt Perry
Matt Perry, seventeen, with his "illegal" truck.
Matt Perry, a seventeen-year-old senior at Lafayette High School, worked two jobs to buy his dream car, a 1965 cream-and-green Ford F100.

There's just one problem: He doesn't have anywhere to park it.

Valley View subdivision in Wildwood, where Perry lives with his mother and father, prohibits pickup trucks parked overnight more than four times a year, and his neighbors are making it very clear they won't tolerate rule-breaking.

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Carmel Personal Driver App Goes Live, Brings St. Louis into 2012

Carmel Car & Limo
Need a ride? Carmel now offers you one at the push of a button.
It's official. Carmel Car & Limo is live in St. Louis, offering a car and personal driver at any time of day to anyone with a smartphone.

App-based car services have spread rapidly since launching as startups in Silicon Valley, and they now serve more than 35 U.S. cities and dozens of countries. Other ride-sharing apps, including Uber and Lyft, have been peeking into the St. Louis market for months now, looking to repeat their business model: Move in, woo customers with pink mustaches and other quirks, then convince cities to let them stay by pointing to the enormous demand that springs up basically overnight.

But that didn't fly in St. Louis. And maybe it shouldn't.

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Rider's Residency: Amtrak Offers Free Long-Distance Train Rides to Writers

All aboard, writers.
For writers, there are few spaces more motivating, focusing and inspirational than a window seat on a train.

Walt Disney came up with Mickey Mouse on a train. Same thing with J.K. Rowling, who says Harry Potter popped into her head fully formed on a crowded car.

And now 24 writers will get a special chance to find their own inspiration on the tracks.

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Portland Laments Losing "Hipster" Streetcars to St. Louis

Portland's Vintage Trolley #512 is on its way to St. Louis.
St. Louis' gain is Portland's loss.

After twenty years running in the City of Roses, Portland's old-timey streetcars are moving to St. Louis as part of a ten-year lease deal, according to KGW News in Portland, Oregon..

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Carmel Car App Postpones Debut, Makes It Up to St. Louis With Free Money

The app lets you choose what kind of car picks you up.
Carmel Limousine, St. Louis' first app-based car-hailing service, won't be ready for another week.

The company hoped to start St. Louis service on Monday, officially bringing the Lou into the growing circle of dozens of major American cities with access to a car and driver at the push of a button.

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How to Use Carmel, St. Louis' First Smartphone-Based Car Service

Need a ride? An app for affordable private cars is coming to St. Louis.
It's not Uber. It's not Lyft.

Turns out, New York City's Carmel is the first app-based ride-hailing service to cross the finish line into St. Louis, and it beat the competition by following the rules.

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Taxis, Beware: St. Louis to Get First App-Based Car Service, Carmel

Uber on Facebook
Need a ride? An app for affordable private cars is coming to St. Louis.
St. Louis is just days away from joining the more than 35 American cities and dozens of countries using apps to call for a cheap and easy car service.

That's according to St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay, who enigmatically tweeted about the coming service Sunday afternoon.

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