Disturbing Survey Shows Colleges are Terrible at Handling Campus Sexual Assaults

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Jirka Matousek via Flickr
Sorry, students, but your school probably doesn't even have a trained sexual assault nurse examiner.
Three months after an independent report criticized how the University of Missouri's handled a scholarship athlete's claim that she'd been raped by football players, a new survey from Senator Claire McCaskill reveals glaring shortcomings in how America's colleges and universities nationwide handle on-campus sexual violence.

McCaskill -- who calls the study results a "wake up call" for the 440 surveyed schools and beyond -- is leading the charge against campus assaults with the same fervor she brought to the fight against assaults in the military. Her bill to overhaul how the armed forces manage sexual assault allegations passed the senate in a rare unanimous vote in March.

See also: Senators Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt Co-Sponsor Military Sexual Assault Legislation

Higher education institutions are required by federal law to investigate sexual assault claims from students. McCaskill's survey found 41 percent of schools hadn't conducted a single investigation in five years. Of the schools that did investigate, several reported that they had seven times more reported assaults than open investigations.

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Jeff Mizanskey, Missouri Man Serving Life for Pot, Asks Public to Write Letters to Gov. Nixon

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Kholood Eid
Mizanskey has been in prison for nearly 21 years.
Jeff Mizanskey wants you to write the governor.

The only person in Missouri serving a life without parole sentence for nonviolent, marijuana-only charges, Mizanskey says he is overwhelmed by all the attention his case has received over the past year, which included nationwide coverage and a Change.org petition with nearly 500,000 signatures asking Governor Jay Nixon to give clemency to the 61-year-old prisoner.

But Mizanskey is still in the same place he has been in for the past 21 years. So he called Daily RFT to ask readers for a favor: Write Nixon a letter. Here's Mizanskey's official statement:

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State Rep. Candidate Natalie Vowell Kisses Ladies, Not Babies, On Campaign Trail

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All photos by Allan Crain
Natalie Vowell hot on the campaign trail.
While other politicians were sitting in parade floats and booths at PrideFest St. Louis, House of Representatives candidate Natalie Vowell was putting her support for LGBT rights where her mouth is.

Vowell, challenging incumbent Penny Hubbard for a seat in the 78th district, toured Pride this weekend, giving smooches to any lady who'd let her. She got the idea when a woman asked for her number and tried to kiss her.

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Claire "Money" McCaskill to Hillary Clinton: "Being Rich is Just Being American!"

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Claire McCaskill/Facebook
Claire is all about that paper!
Missouri's filthy-rich Democratic senator has sage advice for "possible" presidential candidate Hillary Clinton: Let your money flag fly!

McCaskill went on Morning Joe to give her thoughts on pressing issues like Dr. Oz (bad), the Cardinals (good), and Iraq (she's not sure what to do over there). But then McCaskill was asked about the gaffes Clinton has been criticize for when talking about her wealth, like saying she and Bill were "dead broke" after leaving the White House.

So what advice did the 17th wealthiest politician in Washington with a personal net worth of $21 million, a taxpayer funded salary of $174,000 per year, and a husband whose business affiliations have received $40 million in federal subsidies give to the likely presidential hopeful?

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Picture of Giant Penis Mysteriously Appears on State Rep. Mark Parkinson's Twitter Feed

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Twitter/Mark Parkinson
A picture of a man with a mammoth donker appeared on State Representative Mark Parkinson's Twitter feed Monday.

The St. Charles Republican was out talking to voters and tweeting about what a beautiful day it was when, all of a sudden, his account was allegedly hacked and some jokester tweeted a picture of a man with the world's most serious case of morning wood.

It didn't take long for Parkinson to delete the image, but not before PoliticMo's Eli Yokely screengrabbed the gigantic jimmy and tweeted it for all of us to enjoy for the rest of time. Thanks, Eli!

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Inspired by Edward Snowden, Lawmakers Want Missouri to Stand Against NSA Surveillance

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David Drexler/Wikimedia
The "Snowden effect" has hit the Show-Me State, and two state lawmakers hope the feds will take notice.

Sen. Rob Schaaf and Rep. Paul Curtman, both Republicans, have added a ballot to the August 5 primary that will allow Missourians to vote on whether the government shall be allowed to access their electronic communications without a search warrant.

The question on the ballot reflects a desire to modernize the language of the Fourth Amendment, which protects against certain searches and seizures in one's home, but not necessarily against one's digital footprint. Here's what voters will be asked:

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U.S. Congress Votes to Stop DEA Raids on Medical Marijuana, No Thanks to Missouri Reps

wikimedia/shay showden
Activists protest DEA raids on medical marijuana facilities in California.
In what is being hailed as a historic step forward for marijuana law reform, the U.S. Congress has voted in favor of an amendment that could end Drug Enforcement Agency raids on medical marijuana facilities -- but don't give much credit to Missouri's representatives.

Twenty-one states have laws to allow marijuana for medicinal use, but the drug is still illegal under federal law and the DEA conducts regular raids on facilities that produce or sell it. However, California Republican Dana Rohrenbacher's amendment, which passed 219 to 189, prohibits the Department of Justice, including the DEA, from spending funds to obstruct states from implementing their own marijuana laws.

Of the 219 "yes" votes, 49 were Republican -- the highest vote count from the GOP for similar legislation (different versions of this bill have been proposed seven times since 2003, according to the Marijuana Policy Project).

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Two Anti-Evolution Bills Die In MO Legislature

Evolution may be a divisive topic, but the fossil record provides compelling evidence for the theory. (Also an infinite supply of "Homo erectus"-derived chuckles.)
Whether it was blocking Medicaid expansion, comparing abortion to car-shopping or cutting taxes, Missouri's Republican legislators threw their weight around this year's session.

But amid the victories, two Republican-sponsored anti-evolution bills died quietly in committee. One would have given parents the option of withdrawing their children from classes that taught evolution, and the other instructed science teachers to acknowledge the "controversies" of the biological and chemical foundations of evolution.

"We're talking about a science class here," bemoans Charles Granger, a professor of biology and education at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. "Teach whatever you want in a theology class, but in science you have to teach the observable facts."

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Comparisons to Missouri's Todd Akin are the Ultimate Insult in Mississippi Senate Race

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No one in Mississippi wants to be the next Todd Akin.
Want to really insult a Republican politician in Mississippi? Tell him he sounds like former Missouri Representative Todd Akin.

A super-PAC supporting Senator Thad Cochran's reelection bid in Mississippi launched a new mailer comparing challenger and state Senator Chris McDaniel's comments about boobies, slavery and the word "mamacita" to the bizarre "legitimate rape" comment that lost Akin a spot in the Senate.

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Missouri State Sen. Ed Emery to Voter: You Want Medicaid? Move to Oregon!

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Facebook/Ed Emery
Emery's campaign slogan is "Leadership in the Right direction." (emphasis his)
It's not uncommon to dislike what our elected representatives tell us, but it is pretty rare to have them tell us to move to a different state if we don't agree wit them.

That's what the 31st district's state senator Ed Emery suggested to a constituent who asked him about Medicaid expansion in Missouri, a topic that has become as partisan as you can get here in the Show-Me state. As such, Republican politicians like Emery are blunt about where they stand, evidenced by a letter he wrote to one of his constituents.

In that letter, which was posted on Twitter Monday morning by Sean Nicholson, the executive director of Progress Missouri, Emery writes to a woman named Debbie Cole, who asked about Medicaid expansion in Missouri.

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