St. Louis Post-Dispatch Cuts Columnist Who Doesn't Understand How Rape Works

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Goodbye, George Will.
If you cancelled your St. Louis Post-Dispatch subscription over George Will's highly offensive column belittling rape victims, you can come back to the fold now. The paper says it has tossed Will's columns for good.

Tony Messenger, the Post's editorial page editor, says he's replacing Will's Thursday and Sunday dispatches with columns from Michael Gerson, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush and an alum of Westminster Christian Academy.

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This Guy Hacked the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Paywall in Ten Minutes, And You Can, Too

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Mike Flynn
Mike Flynn, of Punching Kitty fame, found this quick work-around in less than ten minutes.
Mike Flynn, a St. Louis native who now lives in San Francisco, wanted to read Bernie Miklasz's sports column in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Monday morning.

But Miklasz's column, like much of what the Post-Dispatch calls "insider sports coverage," is now an stlEXTRA!, or premium content protected behind a paywall for subscribers. Only readers who pay $13.50 in monthly subscription fees get access to the clumsily named stlEXTRA! content, such as special columns, business market wraps and even online quizzes.

See also: Post-Dispatch Quietly Hikes Newsstand Price

Flynn is not really one to take no for an answer. In less than ten minutes, he published an HTML script that would allow any Post-Dispatch reader to access all the content, even stlEXTRA! stories, without paying a dime.

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The Post-Dispatch Article That Made Joe Buck Cry

Dan Caesar in 1990, the year he humiliated a wannabe broadcaster.
He resides among the cellar dwellers in RFT's St. Louis Sports-Media Power Rankings (at No. 44 in our list of 50), but Dan Caesar can still throw a punch.

In fact, in a tussle back in 1990, the Post-Dispatch sports-media critic once made Joe Buck (No. 8 in RFT's ranking) cry.

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Ed Martin Won't Meet With Editorial Boards: A Rare (and Probably Smart) Move

Photo by Jennifer Silverberg
Ed Martin to newspapers: Not gonna meet with ya. But endorse me anyway! 
So far this year, most candidates for statewide office have made the pilgrimage. 

They've stepped into the inner sanctums of the Post-Dispatch and the Kansas City Star. 

They pow-wowed with the editorial boards, fielded uncomfortable questions, asked for a kiss on the forehead. 

Not Ed Martin

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Post-Dispatch Quietly Hikes Newsstand Price

The new Post-Dispatch: Half the news at one-and-a-half times the price.
The price of the Monday through Saturday Post-Dispatch increased 50 percent last week from $1.00 to $1.50. The Sunday paper also jumped 50 cents to $2.50.

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Warren Buffett Now Owns More Lee Enterprises Stock

Warren Buffett newsie horizontal.jpg
Warren Buffett cosplays as a newsie.
Berkshire Hathaway, billionaire Warren Buffett's conglomerate, revealed in SEC filings Tuesday that the company has increased its stake in Lee Enterprises to the tune of 3.23 million shares. That just about doubles the amount of Lee stock Berkshire Hathaway owns, which it first acquired when Buffett purchased $85 million worth of the company's debt.

As is often the case with Buffett, when he buys a stock, others follow in his wake. Lee Enterprises' stock opened Tuesday morning trading at $1.29 per share; it opened this morning at $1.60.

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Post-Dispatch Refreshes Year-Old RFT Story on Plastic Surgeon, Boobs

website boobs 2.jpg
RFT related content:

We weren't going to say anything, but our Google Alerts just won't let it go. We keep getting bombarded by notifications about Monday's front-page article in the Post-Dispatch about Dr. Michele Koo, a Kirkwood plastic surgeon who's being sued for posting before-and-after photos of her patients' breasts on her website without their permission.

Regular readers of the Riverfront Times might be familiar with the story of Dr. Koo. We reported about the lawsuits filed against her in September 2011.
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"Mary Junck" Takes to Twitter to Defend Bonuses and Threaten Employees

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[UPDATE: Moments after this post went live, the MaryJunckFake account was suspended by Twitter. Spoilsports.]

fake mary junck.jpeg
A certain deluded French monarch was the icon for the short-lived Twitter.
Well, that didn't take long. After Friday's purge at the Post-Dispatch, someone took to Twitter on Saturday to give voice to Mary Junck's inner Marie Antoinette. MaryJunckFake has thus far exhibited an interest in executive bonuses, flirting with Bill McClellan and a brutal disregard for feelings of her demoralized staff.


I dunno, it seems like it could really be her.

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Sad Coda for Today's Post-Dispatch News

jammed typerwriter.jpg
As you may have heard, the Post-Dispatch laid off 23 employees today. The company announced the development eventually, in this unbylined story. Is it unbylined because no one wanted to write it, or because there was no one left to write it, edit it and produce an image to accompany it?

Lee Enterprises has eliminated 234 people at the Post-Dispatch since 2008, and 235 at the Suburban Journals in that same span of time. That's 469 people who lost their jobs, or roughly one person per $2,452 of bonus cash given to Lee Enterprises' CEO Mary Junck this year alone.

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UPDATE 5: More Layoffs at the Post-Dispatch; Don't Worry, Mary Junck and Her Bonuses Are Fine

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for post-dispatch group shot.jpg
[UPDATE 5: Latest news out of 900 North Tucker is that 23 people have been laid off at the Post-Dispatch today, 13 in the newsroom and 10 more in advertising. Absolutely brutal news for our daily paper, and for the St. Louis community today.]

[UPDATE 4: The current tally, according to social media dynamo Erica Smith: "four editors, three reporters, three copy editors, a photographer, a web editor and the editorial cartoonist." Thirteen newsroom employees so far, all because of "economic issues," in a memo sent to remaining staff by editor Gilbert Bailon. Former RFTer Amir Kurtovic tweeted this right before I hit publish:

[UPDATE 3: Romenesko has the names of the three other P-D staffers laid off last night. Front page editor/deputy managing editor Steve Parker, photography editor John Larry Coyne and assistant metro editor Tim Bross round out the quartet let go last night.]

[UPDATE 2: Over at Gutcheck, Ian Froeb has confirmed that food editor Judith Evans, a 26-year vet of the P-D, was one of the four laid off last night. We wish her well, and the same  for the full Post staff.]

[UPDATE: Post-Dispatch sports content editor David Sheets just tweeted that he received, via phone call, notice that he's been laid off. Good luck, Mr. Sheets. Original post follows.]

Media reporter Jim Romenesko has word that four news managers were laid off by the Post-Dispatch late Thursday night, with rumors swirling that as many as 20 more people will be following them out the door today.
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