Is the St. Louis Family Court Racist? Department of Justice Opens Investigation to Find Out

Maybe not so blind?
The United States Justice Department announced that it is beginning an investigation of the St. Louis Family Court that will look into whether the court treats juveniles differently based on race.

In a press release, the DOJ said the investigation will "focus on whether the court provides constitutionally required due process to all children appearing for delinquency proceedings and whether the court's administration of juvenile justice provides equal protection to all children regardless of race."

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Missouri Hate Tweets: State Has High Rates of Homophobia, Racism, N-Word Usage (MAPS)

Categories: LGBT, News, Racism

Areas with a high concentration of N-word tweets.
Compared to many other states in the country, Missouri has a high concentration of racist, homophobic tweets that include offensive, hateful language. And the tweeters are located all over the state.

So says a neat new interactive map called the Geography of Hate, which analyzes geocoded tweets that use the N-word, "fag," "homo" and other "hate words" from June of last year through April of 2013.

In some categories, Missouri appears to be one of the worst in the country. Hooray!

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Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Washington University Frat Accused of Racist Pledge Prank Reinstated

Categories: Education, Racism

Thumbnail image for Rush SAE.jpeg
A Washington University fraternity that got national attention earlier this year in the face of accusations of a bizarre, racist pledge prank has been reinstated.

As we reported in February, the local chapter of the frat was suspended following reports that white pledges had photographed black students and then recited a rap in front of them that included racial slurs.

"I can confirm that the temporary suspension of SAE has been lifted by University," Wash. U. spokesman Steve Givens says in an e-mail to Daily RFT this morning. "The investigation is now complete."

But what discipline did the accused students face?

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Hotshots Sports Bar Sued for "Racist" Servers and "Ghetto Specials"

Categories: Racism

Hotshots logo.jpg
Hotshots is in hot water.
Six patrons of the Bridgeton location of Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill are suing the chain and its owner for discrimination.

While gathered at the bar to watch a Cardinals World Series game, the plaintiffs charge that they were essentially refused service because they are black. The weirdest part? The suit alleges the waitresses were outed as racist by their own manager.

We know what you're thinking. How could something go so awry at an establishment known for "School Girl Thursdays"? Well, here's how it allegedly went down.

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"Hello There, Racist!" Tracks Racist Tweets From Missourians [UPDATE]

Categories: Racism

Scary racist sign.jpg
Some of the fine imagery found on Missourians' social media sites.
Update: One of the men featured on "Hello There, Racist!" reaches out to Daily RFT.

Some of you will be shocked -- SHOCKED -- to learn that the re-election of Barack Obama still does not mean that racism is over.

Right after November 6th, some researchers who run the blog Floating Sheep tried to chart geographically where the most racists Tweets were coming from in the days leading up to the election. As it turns out, Missourians spewed enough offensive garbage onto social media to rank us 8th-most-racist in the country.

Now, a new Tumblr account called "Hello There, Racist!" has emerged. The curators take screengrabs of blatantly racists tweets and share as much personal information about the tweeter as they can find on the internet. Guess how many people they found in Missouri!

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