Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal Blasts "Racist Union Members," Tweets Pics of Their Kids

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Photo by Jennifer Silverberg
State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal

Ready for a filthy political gutter fight? You may want to take a shower after this one.

State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, who represents District 14, which includes University City, has long been a friend to organized labor. That helps explain her feelings of betrayal when she discovered that commenters on the Facebook page of Pro-Union St. Louis were calling her nasty epithets.

In response, the senator went on a Twitter rampage, posting not only what was said and by whom. She also offered $1,000 for employment info on one commenter, and posted photos of him and the others -- photos in which some of her targets were posed with family members and children.

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Chris Rock Calls Out Cardinals for Lily White Team

Courtesy of
Chris Rock, baseball fan -- and baseball critic.
Comedian Chris Rock recently visited HBO's Real Sports to chastise baseball for losing its black audience -- and the Cardinals got special attention.

Rock described himself as "an endangered species -- a black baseball fan." Ball clubs used to be 20 percent black, he said; now they average 8npercent, and that number is falling fast. And some teams, he noted, are even worse.

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A Racist Stunt Got SAE Suspended from Washington University in St. Louis, Too

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bluepoint951 via flickr
Sigma Alpha Epsilon was suspended from Washington University in St. Louis two years ago.
It's not just Oklahoma.

Two years before the University of Oklahoma shut down its Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter over a video of fraternity members singing a racist chant, Washington University did basically the same thing.

The fraternity was suspended from Wash. U. after members participated in a pledge activity that involved photographing black students and reciting a rap with racial slurs. The chapter was reinstated after the fraternity was disciplined, leadership was removed and the chapter participated in a series of educational programming.

And it started, as all university scandals do should, with a photo scavenger hunt.

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30 Shameful Stories About Ferguson Police from the Department of Justice Report

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Chad Garrison
Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson reveals the name of the officer who shot Michael Brown.
The U.S. Department of Justice released the results of two Ferguson-related investigations Wednesday.

One of those investigations focused on the August 9 shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown by then-Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. For more on that, read our story: DOJ Tells Michael Brown Family There Will Be No Charges for Darren Wilson

The other report expounded on Ferguson's legal tactics as a whole, revealing how the police department and court systems engage in systematic racial discrimination, in part supported by racially biased beliefs held by city officials.

After reading the 102-page report from the justice department, Daily RFT compiled 30 of the stories researchers used in the report to illustrate how the police department's rampant discrimination harmed police relations with Ferguson residents, especially black residents, contributing to the weekslong protests sparked there by Brown's death.

Here are 30 of the most illuminating stories quoted straight from the justice department report, in no particular order.

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Driver Threatening Black Women Says He Isn't Afraid of Police Because "I'm White"

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Google Maps
The white driver got ticked off when a black driver got to the White Castle drive-through line before him.
A white motorist shouting the N-word and threatening two black women in the White Castle drive-through line told her he wasn't afraid of their threat to contact police because he's white.

"I'm white. Call them twice, bitch," the driver shouted at the black woman and teenager from his white truck.

Mariah Stewart, a local journalist who covers Ferguson for the Huffington Post, witnessed the Monday night exchange at the fast food restaurant in Florissant on North Lindbergh Boulevard, where she was getting food with her six-year-old daughter.

"I've never experienced something on that level of nastiness," Stewart tells Daily RFT. "It was really alarming. You just didn't know what his actions were going to be."

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[PHOTOS] Protesters Get Arrested, Pepper Sprayed Trying to "Evict" St. Louis Police

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Photos by Sadiyyah Rice
A protester gets arrested outside St. Louis Metropolitan Police headquarters on New Year's Eve morning.
The anti-police brutality protests that started in Ferguson in August 2014 will only escalate in 2015, protester Kayla Reed promised during demonstrations on New Year's Eve.

"Just to let you know, it's the end of the year and we plan on going into 2015 a lot harder, a lot tougher," Reed told Daily RFT after protesters tried to occupy St. Louis Metropolitan Police headquarters Wednesday morning.

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KKK Loses Lawsuit Over Handing Leaflets to Drivers in Missouri Town

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The KKK sued over the right to pass out leaflets like these.
Ku Klux Klan members are still allowed to pass out pamphlets warning white Americans about "violent black on white crime" while wearing robes and hoods in the small Missouri town of Desloge.

They'll just have to stick to the sidewalk.

That's the ruling from the three-judge panel of the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, which rejected the lawsuit from the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan -- one of the five active KKK offshoots in Missouri -- over the town's rules for leafleting.

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Someone's Leaving This Note on Cars: "Christmas Is Pure Bred White Nigger Shit"

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Courtesy of Rosemary Nieters
The note Rosemary Nieters found on her car.
Rosemary Nieters has lived on the same street in Dogtown for more than twenty years. She leaves her house at 6:30 a.m. every morning to get to work.

Tuesday morning was different.

"This is Dogtown neighborhood, I've lived here 22 years and never had such things happen," Nieters, 45, tells Daily RFT.

On Tuesday Nieters found a note on her car, which had been parked outside overnight. The note read: "Christmas is pure bred white nigger shit."

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Study: White Missourians Are Pretty Racist And Don't Even Know It

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Project Implicit
The more red your state, the more implicitly racist it is.
After months of reeling from turmoil after the fatal police shooting of unarmed Ferguson teen Michael Brown, St. Louis has had an u- close and personal look at implicit racism lately.

And we're not talking about overt, explicit racism -- the type that wears a klan hood, uses the n-word or photoshops pictures into viral memes about black crime. (Though there's plenty of that here, too.)

We're talking about uncontrolled or unrealized bias against people of color, like the Sullivan High School senior girls who were "very embarrassed and shocked" last month to learn that wearing blackface to look more threatening during powder-puff football came across as excruciatingly racist.

See also: Wearing Blackface, Sullivan High School Seniors Play Powder-Puff Football Game

Implicit bias is an important, though little-discussed, factor in police shootings. In parts of St. Louis where mostly white police officers patrol mostly black neighborhoods, implicit biases "influence split-second law enforcement decisions" and "could have life or death consequences," according to the Washington Post.

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Wearing Blackface, Sullivan High School Seniors Play Powder-Puff Football Game

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Image from Facebook
Seniors at Sullivan High donned blackface for the school's annual powder-puff game.
When a dozen teen girls in blackface ran onto the Sullivan High School football field November 5 for a powder-puff game, Jennifer Schmidt recalls her gut reaction as, "Oh my gosh."

"And then I thought, 'Oh, they don't mean anything by it. Just let it go. No one thinks anything of it.' I didn't think anyone did," says Schmidt, the principal of Sullivan High School. "Evidently, someone did."

Evidently indeed. Photos taken during the game show twelve members of the senior class wearing dour expressions beneath full-blown blackface, and someone at the game shared those photos on Facebook. The reactions to the photos have been rippling within the small town of Sullivan (60 miles southwest of St. Louis) ever since.

The girls, says Schmidt, have been "very embarrassed and shocked at some of the responses they've gotten, because I think some people had some stuff on Facebook and got the wrong intention."

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