St. Louis "Witch CEO" Uses Business Skills to Teach People Truth About Witchcraft

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courtesy of Shea Morgan
While attending the University of Missouri-St. Louis to get her MBA, Shea Morgan got into a car accident. And then she became a witch with a business plan.

Morgan's journey to witchcraft technically began when she was a little girl who felt a special connection to the earth and experienced a few psychic moments during slumber parties. But it wasn't until the 2000 car accident that she started to really study witchcraft.

"A lot of people have what they call a 'Hero's Journey,' which is really a 'healing journey,' where you have physical things that happen to you or become wrong with you and that that drives you to seek healing and pushes you further along this path," Morgan tells Daily RFT.

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Archbishop Robert Carlson Seeks to Dismiss Sex Abuse Lawsuit, Argues Archdiocese Isn't Liable

Archbishop Robert Carlson.
Last month, a Lincoln county family filed a lawsuit against St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson alleging that he tried to cover up a sex abuse case involving a local priest and even attempted to tamper with incriminating evidence. The priest in question is Father Xiu Hui "Joseph" Jiang who reportedly has very close ties to Carlson -- and who is accused of repeatedly molesting a teenage girl.

Now, Carlson has filed a formal response to the suit, asking the courts to dismiss it, arguing that neither he nor the Archdiocese of St. Louis is liable.

Victims' rights advocates say this move is not surprising but still troubling. "It's like no matter what the facts are or what the allegations are, his response is stunningly uniform: 'You can't hold me responsible,'" David Clohessy, executive director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, tells Daily RFT.

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Missouri Mystery Priest Is Patrick Dowling of Jefferson City; "He Is Our Angel," Says Fireman

via Diocese of Jefferson City
Reverend Patrick Dowling.
A car crash rescue mission in Missouri got international attention last week following reports from firefighters and witnesses on the scene of a mystery priest who appeared, offered a prayer -- then vanished. Shortly thereafter, the woman who was trapped in her car, nineteen-year-old Katie Lentz, was successfully rescued. Some said the prayers must have come from an angel.

The spiritual guidance, it turns out, came from a real priest -- Reverend Patrick Dowling of the Jefferson City Diocese, who was returning from mass in Ewing nearby where he was filling in for a sick priest.

"That man is a saint," Raymond Reed, chief of the New London Fire Department, tells Daily RFT. "He is our angel. He always will be."

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Missouri Miracle? Mystery Priest Appears, Disappears At Highway Crash, Rescuers Say

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via YouTube
A traffic accident and subsequent rescue mission in Missouri is getting international attention this week, not because the emergency crew was successful in saving a woman's life -- but because a mysterious priest allegedly appeared seemingly out of nowhere to calmly offer a prayer.

And then he disappeared.

The New London Fire Department is calling it the "Highway 19 Miracle."

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Timothy Dolan: Church Should Be Welcoming to Gay People (But Not With Marriage Equality)

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timotyh dolan face the nation.jpg
Not evolving on gay marriage.
Throughout the last week, gay marriage has been all over the news -- even in Missouri. Senator Claire McCaskill for the first time expressed her support for marriage equality, Governor Jay Nixon dodged questions on the matter and Anheuser-Busch inspired homophobic beer drinkers to weigh in on Facebook.

And now we have for you the commentary of an influential St. Louisan who still very much does not support gay marriage -- but who doesn't want to attack gay people, either!

Cardinal Timothy Dolan made headlines over the weekend for fresh comments on same-sex marriage. Has his stance changed at all? Check out video footage below.

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Resigned SLU Theology Chair Jay Hammond On Lawrence Biondi: "He Creates a Culture of Fear"

Jay Hammond.jpg
Jay Hammond
As we reported last week, Jay Hammond, chair of the Department of Theological Studies at Saint Louis University, resigned in protest of Father Lawrence Biondi -- the latest high-profile case of faculty backlash against university leadership.

After publishing Hammond's formal resignation letter and explanation -- along with response from his department in support of his decision -- Daily RFT got in touch with the professor to discuss his resignation.

"He punishes people that disagree with him," Hammond says of Biondi, SLU president. "He creates a culture of fear, which everyone will privately admit."

How does he hope the university will respond?

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