"Free Jeff Mizanskey" Efforts Continue with Billboards and 360,000 Signatures

Kholood Eid
Jeff Mizanskey has served more than twenty years in prison for a nonviolent marijuana conviction.
Efforts to release Jeff Mizanskey, the only man in Missouri serving a life-without-parole sentence for a nonviolent marijuana charge, are continuing this month with help from Show-Me Cannabis and Change.org.

Show-Me Cannabis has bought billboard space on I-70 near Kansas City (and near Sedalia, where Mizanskey was arrested). The billboard features a photo of Mizanskey and says: "Life without parole for a non-violent pot crime? It's time we fix our unjust cannabis laws."

The billboard will be up within a few days. Here's what it will look like:

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Missouri "Medical Marijuana Refugee" Explains Why She Had to Leave the Show-Me State

via Youtube
Jacqueline Patterson
When Jacqueline Patterson took her first toke of marijuana at the age of fourteen, she experienced what it was like to be without pain for the first time in her life. It's also why she eventually had to leave Missouri.

Patterson was born with cerebral palsy. The muscles on the right side of her body are significantly weaker and less developed than her left, and she speaks with a severe stutter, or as she prefers to call it, a "speech spasm." Medical marijuana, Patterson says, has helped her deal with the pain her medical condition causes every day of her life, and it also helps with her speech. When she smokes, her brain doesn't feel as rushed, and she's able to get the words out easier, she says.

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Study: Women and the State of Missouri Are Taking Lots of ADHD Meds These Days

Wikimedia/Sardaukar Blackfang
Vyvanse is one of several medications used for ADHD.
Express Scripts, a St. Louis-based medication prescription company, has released a report saying usage of ADHD meds have risen substantially over the past few years -- and it's adult women, not young boys, who have increased their pill popping the most.

The study looks at 400,000 pharmacy claims out of 15 million patients with ages ranging between 4 and 64. The time frame was 2008 through 2012. Overall, the number of Americans using ADHD medication rose 36 percent during those four years.

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Anti-Evolution Bill Lets Parents Pull Students from Class, Gets Missouri on the Daily Show

Rep. Rick Brattin.
Missouri got another ribbing from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart last week, this time for a bill before the Missouri Legislature that would allow parents to remove their children from science class during lessons about evolution. (Watch the video from the Daily Show on the next page.)

Republican Representative Rick Brattin sponsored the bill, which requires schools to alert parents when evolution will be on the syllabus and to permit parents to remove students from class.

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Radioactive Snow? South St. Louis Man Busts Out Geiger Counter, Gets Worrying Results

Equipment for measuring radioactivity levels.
Before you jump into foot-high snow banks, make a snow angel or catch a flake on your tongue, Michael Janitch has something he wants you to see.

The south St. Louis man has been measuring radioactivity levels on his own in his back yard, and when it snows, he says, levels jump up dramatically.

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Mysterious Green Meteor Shoots Across Sky in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa (VIDEO)

A police dash camera captures the green fireball.
Scientists still aren't exactly sure what it was, but hundreds of people in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska reported a bright green meteor streaking across the sky Thursday night, making it the fifth most-reported fireball ever.

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SLU Doctor John Morley Invents Boner Quiz on Toilet, Earns $40,000

Where we all do our best thinking
Do you have a decrease in libido? Are your erections less strong? Do you feel tired after dinner?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you could be at risk for low testosterone. At least, that's what the companies spending millions marketing hormone medications would have you believe.

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Dumbest Study Ever: Smiles, Hipster Mustaches Make St. Louis Happiest City in America

Riverfront Times
Smile larger, damn it, we're No. 1!
St. Louis has been named America's happiest city, and the reason why is so idiotic that it's making us furious.

Jetpac City Guides, developers of a travel app launched today, analyzed 100 million photos for four key signs of happiness: smiles, hipster mustaches, bright lipstick and blue skies.

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St. Louis University Under Fire for Work with Doctor Who Infected AIDS Patients with Malaria

Wilson Delgado
With the support of a National Institutes of Health grant, Saint Louis University is partnering with a controversial Chinese doctor who once infected AIDS patients with malaria as part of a widely criticized practice.

The doctor in question is Xiaoping Chen of China's Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health (GIBH), which is partnering with the Center for World Health and Medicine at Saint Louis University to develop treatments for malaria. This collaboration is now facing scrutiny after Peter Heimlich -- son of the man behind the "Heimlich maneuver" -- began raising questions about Chen's past.

Heimlich, in a letter to SLU, outlines in detail Chen's "experiments" on AIDS patients that involved inducing high malarial fevers, and asks the university to reevaluate its partnership.

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St. Louis Science Center Deflates Exploradome To Make Way For Expansion (VIDEO)

Deflation video below!
It took exactly nine minutes and 47 seconds this morning for the Saint Louis Science Center to deflate its Exploradome, the air-supported structure that first opened in 1997.

In 2011, the Science Center opened Boeing Hall, the special exhibition and event facility to replace the aging Exploradome, which the center says lasted sixteen years -- twice as long as originally planned.

And it took apparently just ten minutes to deflate the whole thing. But who has ten minutes to spare, these days! Check out below a fun time-lapse video posted today.

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