Savage Love Is Returning to Riverfront Times This Week

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Tell anyone in St. Louis that you work at the Riverfront Times, and they'll generally have one of two responses.

One, they want to know what it's like working with Ray Hartmann.

Or, two, they want to tell you that the RFT sucks for no longer carrying Savage Love.

Sometimes they'll even give you both replies. That's when you know you've got a live wire.

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"Zoo" Is The Most Popular Word in Online Dating Profiles in Missouri, But Why?

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Steve Truesdell
Hippo Harbor is pretty romantic.
At first glance, Mashable's map of the most used words on dating profiles, organized by state, makes a lot of sense.

Texans and Oklahomans are talking about oil to potential dates, of course. Floridians mention Disney more than anything else, and Indianans overwhelmingly list NASCAR in their online dating profiles. For three of Missouri's neighbors -- Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas -- the most popular word is "farm." No surprises there.

But the most popular word used in Missouri is a bit of a stumper. Why, Missourians, are we putting the word "zoo" in our online dating profiles?

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My Invisible Boyfriend Answers Five Questions About True Love

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Kelly Glueck
Alex, the fake boyfriend I created using My Invisible Boyfriend.
My fake boyfriend doesn't know much about true love.

I suppose I shouldn't be so hard on him. He doesn't actually exist. There is no Alex Arobin, 29, teaching physical education and texting me sweet nothings from New Orleans. Those sweet nothings actually come from a St. Louis-based company called Invisible Boyfriend (or Invisible Girlfriend, depending on your gender preference).

Invisible Boyfriend started in November 2013 at St. Louis Startup Weekend. Matt Homann, who says he'd been kicking the idea around in his head for three years, pitched a service that creates believable fake love for clients who need to convince family, friends or coworkers that they're partnered up.

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14 Pickup Lines That Only St. Louisans Can Love

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Phil Leara via Flickr
"Forget the trams at the Gateway Arch. I'll show you how to ride something monumental."
Want to find a valentine of your very own before Valentine's Day this weekend? Let Daily RFT be your digital wingman.

The hardest part of meeting a nice guy or gal is breaking the ice without coming across like a total creeper or psycho hose beast. That's why we've come up with a list of cheesy pickup lines that are so St. Louis that they're dripping with provel.

So good luck, singles of St. Louis. We hope these STL-themed pickup lines will open the gateway to your future lover's heart...and bedroom.

See also: St. Louis Entrepreneur Gets You High on Love with Weed-Friendly Dating Site, My420Mate

Here are our favorite St. Louis pickup lines:

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Health Dept: St. Louis' No. 1 Rank for Chlamydia Is "Meaningless," Because Statistics

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Com_salud via flickr
"Are you sure that's where you should be checking me for chlamydia, doc?"
St. Louis has climbed its way back on top in an annual federal ranking of cities with the highest rates of chlamydia, but the St. Louis Health Department says the ranking is "meaningless."

Because St. Louis and Baltimore are the only two cities in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study that aren't located within a county, comparing those cities with less-dense urban areas is "comparing apples to oranges," the department says in a release.

New numbers from the CDC show St. Louis has the highest rate of chlamydia and the second highest rate of gonorrhea. Last year, St. Louis ranked second for both sexually transmitted infections.

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O'Fallon Author Can Teach You How to Be Amazing at Foreplay in Just 14 Days

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Bryan Brenneman/Wikimedia
Foreplay is a little like cooking lasagna: Not everybody knows how to do it, so sometimes you need a book with directions to help you out. Luckily for you, a local author wrote one to show you how.

In 14 Days of Foreplay, O'Fallon-based author and relationship therapist Monica Lieser, along with co-author Tianna Rooney, give couples a step-by-step guide spanning two weeks that is aimed at improving their foreplay game.

"It's a practical and engaging book that makes people feel like they're in charge and acts like scaffolding or framework for them to invest in their relationship," Lieser tells Daily RFT.

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Missouri Baptist Leader Attempts to Have Sex with Dog, Gets Busted in Undercover Operation

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Humans having sex with dogs is illegal.
A CEO of a Christian resort center in Missouri was arrested for attempting to have sex with a dog.

Jerry Hill, the president and CEO of the Windermere Baptist Conference Center, a "Christian setting in which life changing experiences may occur," according to its website, was nabbed during a sting operation by the Boone County Cyber Task Force on suspicion of attempted unlawful sex with an animal and attempted animal abuse.

It all started last week when Hill allegedly put an ad on Craigslist looking to have sex with a dog and another animal. Police refused to say what kind of "other" animal, according to the Columbia Tribune.

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Tinder-Style Ad Campaign Encourages Horny Chicagoans to Have Sex in St. Louis

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Does this make you randy, Chicago?
An ad campaign designed to reach the sex-crazed youth of Chicago is taking lessons from the casual-dating app Tinder to direct them to St. Louis' landmarks, neighborhoods and museums -- and to have sex in those places!

To be fair, the ads don't literally advise exhibitionist boning, but you'd be forgiven for thinking so: Use your smartphone to log onto, and you'll find taglines like "You'll enjoy it even more on the top" accompanying a photo of the Arch, or "Let's start with some heavy petting before we get wild" attached to Grant's Farm.

The campaign's tone is clearly aiming for tongue-in-cheek. Unfortunately, it's nearly 100 percent tongue.

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Picture of Giant Penis Mysteriously Appears on State Rep. Mark Parkinson's Twitter Feed

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Twitter/Mark Parkinson
A picture of a man with a mammoth donker appeared on State Representative Mark Parkinson's Twitter feed Monday.

The St. Charles Republican was out talking to voters and tweeting about what a beautiful day it was when, all of a sudden, his account was allegedly hacked and some jokester tweeted a picture of a man with the world's most serious case of morning wood.

It didn't take long for Parkinson to delete the image, but not before PoliticMo's Eli Yokely screengrabbed the gigantic jimmy and tweeted it for all of us to enjoy for the rest of time. Thanks, Eli!

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Jon Stewart "Leaks" St. Louis Cardinals Mascot Fredbird's Sex Tape [VIDEO]

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GabboT on Flickr, cropped
You'll never look at Fredbird the same way again.
Ever wonder how Fredbird would act during a threesome with two other Major League Baseball mascots?

Neither did anyone else. But thanks to The Daily Show, all of America has the image of a patiently voyeuristic Fredbird burned into its collective consciousness.

The beloved mascot of the St. Louis Cardinals got caught in the crosshairs as The Daily Show's Jon Stewart launched one of his famous food-pride rants against the entire city of Philadelphia.

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