The 14 Best Obligatory First Day of Snow Photos from St. Louis

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, NPS
Wow, St. Louis, is it already time for snow?
OMG! SNOW! It's snow, St. Louis!

River City tends to freak out a little on the first official day of snow, though this year's snowfall comes a little earlier than expected. Pockets of the region saw between one and three inches of powder fall from the sky -- even with a week and a half to go before Thanksgiving.

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Snowstorm: 20 People Who Officially Hate Missouri Weather (PHOTOS)

spring snow.jpg
Sam Levin
Only in Missouri!

With nothing to do but stay inside and wish there was more food in your fridge, Missourians across the state took to Twitter to vent about just how awful and confusing the climate in the Show-Me state is and just how incredibly cruel the weather gods are to give us this horrible snow on the first weekend of spring -- for some a messy, yucky, frigid end to a spring break that, just a few days ago, seemed so nice!

Daily RFT, also stuck inside, decided to collect the top Tweets from those declaring their official hatred for Missouri or their realizations that Mother Nature is really losing it these days. We feel your pain.

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The First Weekend of Spring in St. Louis Will Be Ruined By Snow

Thumbnail image for snow storm.jpg
Spring is officially here! And with it comes forecasts of five to eight inches of snow in St. Louis.

So instead of giving you Daily RFT's planned ode to spring in St. Louis, we direct you you dear readers to our 20 Reasons to Love Winter in St. Louis, because apparently Mother Nature is not ready to move on. (Side note, this could be the most snow on any day in the last week of March in more than 60 years!)

So brace yourselves, St. Louis. Or choose denial. Sometimes the experts are wrong, right?

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Chris Higgins, FOX 2 Meteorologist, Writes Letter To Haters Questioning His Weather Skills

Chris Higgins Facebook.jpg
via Facebook
Chris Higgins, one unhappy weatherman.
Reporting the weather can be a dirty business in St. Louis -- and for Chris Higgins, FOX 2 meteorologist, the snowstorm over the weekend apparently pushed him to a new low.

Higgins has posted on his Facebook page a ranty "open letter" directed to "all the haters" out there.

Who are these haters, you ask? People of the Internet who have reportedly called him "a liar and an idiot" for intentionally misreporting the snow, perhaps as part of some sort of, you know, large weatherman conspiracy. The accusations got to be so intolerable, Higgins writes, that he needed to defend his integrity. We've got the highlights for you below -- but the whole letter is worth a read.

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Snow!? Haven't We Seen Enough of This Sh@# Already?

snow wet.jpg
As of 7 a.m. it's more like a mini-blizzard outside the windows of the Daily RFT "Storm Center." The white stuff is coming down fast, and the National Weather Service predicts we could get 2 to 4 inches of snow by noon before the precipitation turns to rain. 

Lovely. Here's the good news, though: By Thursday -- St. Patrick's Day -- they're predicting sunny skies and a high of  77.

Tonight's the Night! Acro-Cat Circus Returns!

Did you put it on your calendar? Is your BlackBerry beeping? Because tonight's the night! Last month's snowpocalypse saw plenty of things snowed out, and the Amazing Acro-Cat Circus was among them. Their performance at 2720 Cherokee, presented by Cranky Yellow, was canceled, but their rescheduled antics are happening tonight. Seriously, don't sleep on this. Go see these live-action LOLcats!

St. Louis Plans To Salt All Roads This Week: "Just Too Much Ice Out There Right Now"

Look for something like this (on wheels) in your 'hood soon.
Every once in a great while we peons here at Daily RFT experience the delusion that perhaps we're making a difference. That maybe someone is actually reading our words and -- shock of all shocks! -- taking us seriously.

We got that strange sense this morning when stumbling across Mayor Francis Slay's blog. Two days ago one of our posts -- explaining why it is St. Louis streets continue to resemble glaciers a week after last week's ice storm -- got dozens of social media shares and more than a few angry comments from city residents unsatisfied with the city's snow-removal policy.

Now today, via the mayor's blog, the St. Louis Street Department's Todd Waelterman, says no more.

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Why Your City Street Continues to Resemble a Swiss Glacier

glacier 2.jpg
The intersection of Chouteau and Vandeventer as photographed this morning.
Daily RFT has fielded several inquiries from readers wanting to know why their St. Louis street remains snow-packed and why the city isn't doing anything about it.

Yesterday we got on the blower with City Hall. Here's the deal for those unfamiliar with city policy and budget woes: The St. Louis Street Department only allocates funding to clear snow from arterial (a.k.a. busy and/or emergency) routes and "secondary" streets that feed into those bigger roadways. It does not budget for snow removal on residential streets. Why?

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Boston Mayor of 1940s Offers Solution to St. Louis' Ice Problem

Thumbnail image for flame thrower snow.jpg
Boston's mayor appealed for M.I.T. engineers to develop flame throwers to help save the city from record snowfall.
Francis Slay is back in town. The St. Louis mayor arrived home Wednesday via Amtrak after his flight from California was canceled Monday due to Midwest snow storms. 

One of the mayor's first stops upon his return was to visit the city's emergency command center at Soldiers' Memorial. That's where his staff had been holed up for "Snowmaggedon" as they coordinated with street and disaster crews to clear the ice and snow.

Still, much of the region continues to look like the innards of an old freezer in need of a serious defrosting. Two to three inches of ice coats damn near everything, and based on the weather forecast, the ice is likely to be here for a week or longer.

What to do? May we suggest that Mayor Slay take a page out of the playbook of Boston's late, great mayor, James Curley.

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Snowed-Out Feline Absurdity Returns to the Lou

Certainly the most unfortunate casualty of the Giant Storm that Wasn't was Tuesday's scheduled performance of the Amazing Acro-Cat Circus. A troupe of house cats trained by Chicago's Amazing Animals by Samantha, the cats performed amazing feats and rocked out Monday night at 2720 Cherokee, sponsored by the fine folks at Cranky Yellow.

But their scheduled Tuesday gig was snowed out, which means you can still catch the rescheduled ridiculousness March 10th. Your $12 ticket price benefits Tenth Life, a local cat rescue.

In the meantime, wrap your mind around this: