Joe Buck and Michelle Beisner Marry, Invite Troy Aikman, Register for Fancy Kitchen Goods

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St. Louis' sports broadcaster extraordinaire Joe Buck married former Broncos cheerleader and current NFL Network reporter Michelle Beisner last weekend in Mexico, reports TMZ.

The couple got engaged last summer after meeting at the Super Bowl in New Orleans in 2013.

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It's Official: Study Says St. Louis Cardinals Fans Are The Best in Baseball

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Jon Gitchoff
St. Louis: Home of the No. 1 fans in baseball.
The St. Louis Cardinals have the most loyal fans in baseball, according to a new report from a customer-loyalty consultancy firm.

Brand Keys analyzed each Major League Baseball team's fan base and ranked them according to its "sports fan loyalty index." St. Louis tops the list for the first time ever, just above the Philadelphia Phillies. Fans of the Houston Astros ranked the least loyal.

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Mike Matheny's Home Opener Blog Post Is Basically a Love Letter to St. Louis Baseball Fans

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Keith Allison on Flickr
Mike Matheny walks with Matt Holliday at a National League Division series game in 2012.
St. Louis loves to believe it has the best fans in baseball.

And Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny seems to agree. In a blog post written in honor of the Redbirds first 2014 game at home, Matheny says the city's "tradition, history, legends and passionate fan base" make St. Louis a uniquely wonderful place to watch baseball.

"The truth is," Matheny says, "every big league ballpark in the country has a special day, when the boys of summer make their way home from Florida and Arizona...But somehow St. Louis makes our home opener extra special."

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Glove Shove: Cardinals' Matt Adams Pushes Reds Fan After Catching Pop-Up [VIDEO]

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Matt Adams goes for a foul ball, but a Reds fan gets there first.
Cincinnati Reds fan Chris Smith came to Thursday's game against the St. Louis Cardinals with his glove in hand, ready to catch a foul ball from his seats on the first base line.

But he caught a lot more than that after a video of Smith snatching a pop-up ball just over the glove of Cardinals first-baseman Matt Adams went viral Thursday night.

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Want to Propose at Busch Stadium? Here's How It Works (And How Much It Costs)

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Now you know how much it cost him to do this.
Want to be sure your St. Louis sweetheart will accept your proposal of life-long love? Then where else to get down on one knee and break out the ring than baseball heaven itself, Busch Stadium.

About 30 couples get engaged on the St. Louis Cardinals' home turf every year. The Redbirds don't allow proposals during a game, so couples come in for private tours on off-days or before night games to have their special moment.

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10 Reasons Why Ticket Sales Are Slow for the Bosnia, Ivory Coast Soccer Match in STL

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Jon Gitchoff
It's been a busy year for St. Louis soccer fans.

More than 40,000 of them raced to get tickets to Busch Stadium when Manchester City challenged Chelsea in May 2012. The same thing happened three months later, when more than 54,000 football fanatics packed the Edward Jones Dome to catch Real Madrid beating Inter Milan. The game set the record for the most fans at a St. Louis soccer event ever.

By November, when the Argentinian national team challenged Bosnia-Herzegovina at Busch Stadium, sales started to slip a bit. The crowd, mostly of die-hard Bosnia fans, wasn't record-breaking, but at 30,000, the message seemed clear: St. Louis is still a soccer-loving city.

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Think Opening Day Should Be a National Holiday? White House Says It's Up to Congress

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Mark Fischer on flickr
The White House officially responded to a petition to make Opening Day a holiday by passing the buck to Congress.
More than 102,000 people signed the petition asking President Barack Obama to make the opening day of the MLB season a federal holiday.

But the White House says if its an official holiday baseball fans want, they'll have to take their quest to Congress.

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Ballpark Village: 10 People Following the Dress Code Who Should Get Kicked Out Anyway

Photos by Steve Truesdell
No one wants to see this. Go home.
Ballpark Village is finally here! It's real, it's happening, and you can even wear a jersey most of the time.

Daily RFT realizes we've been a little rough on Ballpark Village's late-night dress code lately. So this story isn't about the people who would get kicked out for wearing the wrong thing. It's about the people who should get kicked out for so many other reasons.

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Ballpark Village: Here's What Happens When You Violate Our Dress Code

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Egan O'Keefe
Sorry, ma'am, no jerseys allowed in Ballpark Village unless it's a game day.
After all this talk about Ballpark Village's late-night dress code policy, we just have to ask:

Whether you're dressed like the Village People or just wearing a Wacha jersey on a non-game day, what happens to patrons at Ballpark Village who break the dress code?

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T.J. Oshie's Game-Winning Shootout Goal vs. Russia Was Not "Best Winter Olympic Moment"

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Team USA/Facebook
When the United States Olympic Team began asking people to vote for the "Best Winter Olympic Moment," it seemed like a no-brainer to many people that T.J. Oshie's dramatic game-winning shootout goal against Russia should be the clear winner. Those people are wrong.

Oshie became a national hero, darling and sensation all rolled into one when he scored that goal. Even non-hockey fans were proclaiming their love for the Blues winger, including President Barack Obama, even gave Oshie a shout-out on Twitter.

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