Watch Out, St. Louis -- Bubble Soccer Is Coming to Town

Photo Courtesy of Flickr/Texas A&M University- Commerce Marketing Communications
Bubble soccer is like soccer.... and bumper cars.

Joel Lutfiyya first saw bubble soccer on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and immediately had one thought: It would be a great fit for soccer-loving St. Louis.

"I decided to take a look at it, it looked like a great business opportunity," he explains. "From research, I found out that no one was doing it in the area."

The bubble version of soccer is much like the real one -- except it's also sort of like bumper cars. Instead of cars, players use their own bodies for bumping. And those bodies just happen to be clad in big plastic bubbles ... sort of like those inflatable sumo wrestling suits. Your arms stay inside the bubble, so you're at the mercy of the other players whacking into you, and dependent on your legs poking out the bottom.

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Cardinals Fans Are "Satan's Messengers on Earth," Bill Murray Says

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Bill Murray: Calling it like he sees it.

Bill Murray encountered some Cardinals fans yesterday while playing in a golf tournament in Iowa -- and he did not mince words about the team or its fans.

As the Quad City Times reports, Murray slurred the Redbirds as "Satan's messengers on Earth." And when someone admitted to being a Cards' fan, Murray deadpanned, "No wonder there's something coming off your body like an ectoplasmic phosphor."

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FBI Investigating Cardinals for Hacking Houston Astros Database, NYT Reports

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Flickr via Keith Allison
Where's Fredbird? Is he hacking mainframes?
The St. Louis Cardinals have some explaining to do.

According to the New York Times, the team that boasts the best fans in baseball is being investigated by the FBI for hacking into the Houston Astros' private database of scouting reports, personnel and transactions -- basically, the team's "collective baseball knowledge."

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VIDEO: Ballsy Cardinals Fan Runs Onto Field, Somersaults on Home Plate -- Crowd Goes Wild

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Instagram via chuckthechampion
We know, we know -- Cardinals fans are the best in the world, no debate, no qualifiers, case closed, everyone should just accept it and stop whining. But did you know Cardinals fans also make for the best game-time trespassers?

That's what we learned from last night's wild game against the Cubs, when multiple fans decided they needed to experience what it feels like to run across the Busch Stadium field.

Ultimately, they all experienced what it feels like to be tackled by the stadium's burly security guards. But before that, one fan put on a performance that we won't soon forget. As you can see in the videos below, he sprinted from the outfield, weaved through security like a wide-receiver galloping toward the end zone and capped his mad dash with a floppy somersault onto home plate.

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Chris Rock Calls Out Cardinals for Lily White Team

Courtesy of
Chris Rock, baseball fan -- and baseball critic.
Comedian Chris Rock recently visited HBO's Real Sports to chastise baseball for losing its black audience -- and the Cardinals got special attention.

Rock described himself as "an endangered species -- a black baseball fan." Ball clubs used to be 20 percent black, he said; now they average 8npercent, and that number is falling fast. And some teams, he noted, are even worse.

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Meet St. Louis' Penny Banner, the First A.W.A. Women's Champ

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Tim Lane
Wrestling in St. Louis has a vibrant history: Matches at the Chase were a weekend staple for more than twenty years and, more recently, the South Broadway Athletic Club had been the popular go-to spot for the sport -- though the venue has fallen on hard times, and its future is uncertain.

For this week's feature story, artist Tim Lane looks at the life of St. Louis native and superstar wrestler Penny Banner. Despite a difficult youth that included stays in an orphanage and threats on her life, she rose to stardom as the first women's champion of the American Wrestling Association.

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How to Work Out Like Webster University's Champion Chess Team [PHOTOS]

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All photos by Matthew Harting
Webster coach Susan Polgar completes kettlebell swings before starting her sit-ups and ring rows.
Chess can be a grueling mental game, especially the way the championship-winning team at Webster University plays.

During competitions, players face off for as long as seven hours per match, two matches per day. Back-to-back fourteen-hour days hunkered over a chessboard would make anyone break a sweat -- and not just a mental one.

"It's very physical," says Paul Truong, the team's marketing director. "People don't realize that."

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Only the Yankees Are Less Engaging on Twitter than the St. Louis Cardinals: Study

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Jon Gitchoff
Do you follow the Cardinals on Twitter?
The bad news: If you love interacting with your professional baseball team on Twitter during the off-season, you're better off being a Seattle Mariners fan than a St. Louis Cardinals fan.

The good news: Hey, at least we're not as bad as the New York Yankees, amiright?

Fangraphs, a baseball statistics and analysis website, measured each Major League Baseball teams' Twitter engagement during the 2014-'15 off-season, from November 1 until February 10. Sean Dolinar's analysis shows the Cardinals interacted with only 116 tweets, mostly with a simple retweet. Only the Yankees had fewer Twitter interactions, with 41 retweets and replies.

Compare that to the Mariners, which engaged with more than 3,800 tweets in the same time period. About half of those Twi-nteractions were reply tweets, which typically take more effort than just retweeting or favoriting something.

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Basketball Team Can't Find Hotels in St. Louis After Emergency Landing, Because Mardi Gras

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Gregg Ellis via Twitter
The plane that made an emergency landing in St. Louis while flying the Mississippi State men's basketball team home from Columbia.
The Mississippi State men's basketball team survived an emergency plane landing in St. Louis only to discover what everyone here already knows: Trying to get a hotel room during Mardi Gras is hella expensive.

The team was on its way home from Columbia, where it beat the Missouri Tigers 77-74, when one of the engines of its Embraer 145 twin-engine jet stopped working. Players broke into applause as the plane made an emergency landing in St. Louis.

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South Broadway Athletic Club Wrestles With Possible Closure

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Lindsay Toler
Is South Broadway Athletic Club down for the count?
For more than a century, the South Broadway Athletic Club has been a haven for St. Louis' ring-hardened wrestling fans.

World Wrestling Entertainment's Randy Orton got his start here, along with a host of chair-smashing, head-bashing, pile-driving amateur wrestlers who've become local heroes to the regulars who come to the club's monthly wrestling nights for the dropkicks and cheap booze.

But after decades of declining membership drained the club of revenue, organizers say South Broadway could be down for the count.

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