Opening Day 2014: Cardinals Fever Takes Over St. Louis, the Internet

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Jon Gitchoff/RFT Slideshow
It's Opening Day! Who's excited?
Break out those Cardinal-red jerseys, folks. It's officially Opening Day!

The St. Louis Cardinals take on the Cincinnati Reds away today. The Redbirds' first game hasn't even started yet, but fans are reaching a fever pitch on Twitter:

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Ballpark Village's Late Night Dress Code Basically Bans All of St. Louis

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Ballpark Village
Wanna party here? Put some sleeves on and pull your pants up.
No jerseys. No hats. No backpacks. Or else it's no Ballpark Village for you.

The long-awaited entertainment district -- which some are adorably calling St. Louis' new living room -- opens this week and, in preparation, released its very strict post-9 p.m. dress code online.

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Jack Clark Apologizes to Albert Pujols For Steroid Accusation, Claims He "Misspoke"

Wikimedia Commons
Jack Clark.
The months-long legal battle between two former Cardinal greats is over.

After claiming on-air in August that he knew "for a fact" that Albert Pujols was a "juicer," former Cardinals slugger Jack Clark now says he "misspoke."

"I have no knowledge whatsoever that Mr. Pujols has ever used illegal or banned PEDs," Clark said in a public retraction Monday night. His statement goes on to describe his on-air comments were the result of a "heated discussion on air."

"I sincerely apologize," he concluded.

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Jon Hamm Stars in Baseball Movie, Learns Life Lessons from Indian Teenagers

St. Louis' pride and joy, Jon Hamm, is starring in a Disney movie where he plays a desperate sports agent who goes to India to find cricket players who can play baseball. In the process, the kids teach him stuff about life, he falls in love with a nice and intelligent woman, and then he drinks a fifth of whiskey before berating his secretary and bedding his client's wife.

Okay, that last part probably isn't in the movie, but anyone who watches Mad Men will be subconsciously waiting for that scene and be mightily confused since Don Draper is learning life lessons from kids in a movie made by the same company that brought us cinematic masterpieces such as The Mighty Ducks and Cool Runnings.

Anyways, here's the trailer...

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Albert Pujols Accused of Steroid Use: "I Know for A Fact He Was," Says Jack Clark

via Wikimedia Commons
Albert Pujols in 2006.
See also: - Why Is Jack Clark Now Accusing Albert Pujols? Recall 2006 Chris Mihlfeld Steroid Rumors

Albert Pujols definitely used performance-enhancing drugs.

So says former Cardinals slugger Jack Clark, now radio co-host with Kevin Slaten at WGNU (920 AM).

After Slaten said on-air that he long believed Pujols "has been a juicer," Clark replied: "I know for a fact he was. The trainer that worked with him, threw him batting practice from Kansas City, that worked him out every day, basically told me that's what he did."

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Why You Should Care about the Man City vs. Chelsea F.C. Soccer Match at Busch Stadium

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Update: See photos from soccer at Busch Stadium.

The teams face off at 7:30 p.m., May 23rd at Busch Stadium.
Lately, the Premiership, or the Barclay's Premier League, or just the Premier League, has been called the world's "top league" -- mostly by players coming into the British league from France, Germany, Spain and yes, the United States. That's because in the twenty-team Premier League, play is faster, there are more games in quicker succession (they don't take the traditional Christmas holiday break) and, it's by far one of the most physical soccer leagues in the world.

On May 23, two of the league's top teams -- Manchester City and Chelsea F.C. -- are going to play an exhibition game at Busch Stadium. Here's why you should care about it.

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Very NSFW: Is This the Official KC Royals Mascot Getting a Lap Dance?

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Sluggerrr stripper close crop.jpg
Twitter user @johnnyo57
See that smile?
The guys over at Deadspin unearthed a little Twitter mystery over the weekend. A tipster tagged them on a photo that appears to show Sluggerrr -- the beloved mascot of the Kansas City Royals -- taking in the sights and sounds of a very adult house party.

"Royals 2013 slogan: 'come to play,'" wrote @johnnyo57. "slugger the mascot sure is!"

The image below is absolutely, 100 percent not safe for work, as it shows a young lady giving Sluggerrr a very clear view of home plate.

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The 13 Best Fat Baseball Players of All Time

lance lynn before.jpg
Lynn when he was better rounded.
So, here's the thing: Cardinals pitcher Lance Lynn got skinny during the off-season. Like, really skinny.

Well, okay, not like really skinny compared to skinny people, but really skinny compared to Lynn, who, until this year, routinely showed up to spring ball in one of two coatings: Original Recipe or Extra Tasty Crispy.

For Lynn's health and baseball career, the weight loss is probably a good thing. Still, there's something charming about a really out of shape human being who somehow still succeeds in professional athletics. And outside of an offensive line, there's no better place to witness that particular marvel than in baseball where fat men in polyester can strike fear in both the hearts of opposing pitchers and the owners of Chinese buffets.

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Baseball Card Vandals, New Missouri Website, Makes Collectibles Cool Again (PHOTOS)

Baseball Card Vandals image.jpg
Big photos below.
Two Missouri brothers who love baseball cards and doodling have combined the two simple passions into one magnificent website. The name speaks for itself: "Baseball Card Vandals."

"We've been doing this since we were pre-teens," says Bryan Abbott, 28, who created the website with his brother Beau, 30. "It's just so fun."

It's fun to look at, too. It's old collectible cards made cool again with the magic touch of a sharpie. For your viewing pleasure, we've assembled some of the best below.

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Videos: Stan Musial Honored at Funeral Service Featuring Bob Costas Eulogy

Bob Costas eulogy.jpg
Bob Costas delivering his eulogy for Stan Musial. Footage below.
Since news broke that St. Louis icon Stan Musial has died, fans have had many opportunities to pay tribute to the late, great Cardinal.

And on Saturday, fans got to say a final goodbye to the baseball legend, packed inside the Cathedral Basilica in St. Louis for Stan the Man's public funeral service.

The ceremony included an emotional eulogy, full video on view below, from sportscaster Bob Costas, who said, "The bond and attachment between this player and this city is unique and lasting."

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