Chris Rock Calls Out Cardinals for Lily White Team

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Chris Rock, baseball fan -- and baseball critic.
Comedian Chris Rock recently visited HBO's Real Sports to chastise baseball for losing its black audience -- and the Cardinals got special attention.

Rock described himself as "an endangered species -- a black baseball fan." Ball clubs used to be 20 percent black, he said; now they average 8npercent, and that number is falling fast. And some teams, he noted, are even worse.

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How A Ten-Year-Old Cardinals Fan Is Driving Dodger Yasiel Puig Crazy

kla4067 via flickr
Puig says a friend's young son is giving him hell about losing to the St. Louis Cardinals.
St. Louis Cardinals fans may be the best in baseball, but this ten-year-old fan must be the best of the best fans in baseball.

A boy who lives in Los Angeles and roots for the Cardinals is totally trolling Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig after the Cardinals eliminated the Dodgers from playoffs two Octobers in a row. Puig and the boy are family friends, Puig tells, and despite his best efforts, the boy won't budge from his loyalty to the Redbirds.

"He's driving me crazy," Puig tells in Spanish. "I have to kick him out of that family. He has four blue things of mine in his room, and he tells me it's because he feels sorry for me, sorry for the Dodgers. He has everything else red -- the comforter, the sheets, the ceiling, everything. His room is red. And he says the best city in the United States is St. Louis."

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Yadier Molina's Selfie Game Is So Strong He Made Up His Own Hashtag

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Instagram @marciano4
This is how you #YMselfie.
#YMselfie for life, y'all.

St. Louis Cardinals catcher and fan favorite Yadier Molina has been using exquisitely crafted selfies to say good morning and good night to his fans for more than a year now.

Sometimes he's in a boat. Sometimes he's getting his hair done. Sometimes he's wearing glasses. At all times, he is on fleek.

So it's only logical that Molina decided to step up his game Wednesday morning by posting a selfie with the caption, "#YMselfie have a great day people !!! Buen dia a todos!!!"

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Why Kansas City Royals Fans Hate Rob Lowe Now

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Dodgechallenger1 via Flickr
Rob Lowe got Royals nation royally pissed.
Rob Lowe has pissed off fans of the Kansas City Royals. And since it seems everyone in the U.S. (including California) is cheering for the Royals to beat San Francisco to win the 2014 World Series, the law of transitivity would say that Lowe has, in fact, pissed off all of America.

How did a man with such chiseled features and a dazzling smile anger baseball-watching America? Easily, in less than 140 characters.

Lowe betrayed the loyal Royals with a sub-tweet about being ready for the "big stage." It was only four minutes before angry Royals caused Lowe to issue an excuse:

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Paul Rudd Invites All of Kansas City to a Kegger at His Mom's House After ALCS Sweep

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Paul Rudd wants you to party at his mom's house.
For the first time since 1985, the Kansas City Royals are headed to the World Series. That means it's time to party, and you're invited -- to Paul Rudd's kegger.

Rudd, the impishly handsome movie star originally from Overland Park, joked that he wanted to party at his mother's home during a post-game interview with KMBC-TV.

"I'm going to be partying at my mom's house," Rudd tells Johnny Kane of KMBC. Kane adeptly asks just who's invited, which is when Rudd opens the party up to all KC fans.

"Hey, party at my mom's, man!" Rudd says. "She's out of town. I've got a keg. It's going to be sweet. Five-dollar cover!"

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The St. Louis Cardinals Are America's Most Hateable Playoff Team: WSJ

Jon Gitchoff
How can you hate these fans, America? Oh, right, because the St. Louis Cardinals can't stop winning.
Move over, New York Yankees. We'll take it from here.

The St. Louis Cardinals is the most hateable team in the Major League Baseball post-season, according to a sort-of-scientific report from the Wall Street Journal.

What makes a team hateable? Beards, mostly. Also teams with swollen payrolls, juicing players and haughty fan bases.

On a scale that assigns points for every hateable trait (the more points, the more hated you are), St. Louis earned an impressive 12.7 points, especially thanks to the team's winning past and the ill-earned "best fans in baseball" moniker. Winning four league titles in ten years really propelled St. Louis above any other team, including second-place winners the LA Dodgers, who scored a 10.8.

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Busch Stadium Bars Red Sox Fan from Cardinals Game Because of Face Paint

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Dustin Glastetter
Dustin Glastetter wasn't allowed at the Cardinals game with his face looking like this.
Dustin Glastetter is a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan with a dirty little secret: he also loves the Boston Red Sox.

A life-long resident of Missouri, Glastetter, 32, goes to more than 25 Cardinals games a year and can rattle off the team's stats and history with ease. He's not a rich guy, but he'll happily cough up the big bucks for a seat in the all-inclusive green seats near home plate just to be as close to the action as possible.

"The Cardinals are my No. 1 team -- unless it's Boston," he tells Daily RFT. His admiration for the franchise turned into full-fledged fandom when Boston drafted two of his buddies. "When they're in town, I'm a Red Sox fan."

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The St. Louis Cardinals Is One of America's Most Hated Sports Teams: Survey

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Jon Gitchoff
These fans don't care who hates them.
A survey released on Reddit shows seven states hate the St. Louis Cardinals more than any other team. And by "hate," we really mean, "are jealous of."

The only team more hated than the Redbirds? The New York Yankees.

Reddit user scolbert08 surveyed baseball fans all over the world, and the results are pretty entertaining, if predictable.

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Tony La Russa Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame

Baseball Hall of Fame | @BaseballHall
Tony La Russa is immortal, suckers!

What do you give to a man who has everything? Immortality.

That's what former Cardinals manager Tony La Russa is experiencing now that he's been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. During a weekend full of parades, speeches, dedications and parties, La Russa's legend has been secured for a lifetime. Joined by pitcher Greg Maddux, pitcher Tom Glavine, first baseman/DH Frank Thomas, manager Bobby Cox and manager Joe Torre, La Russa was inducted into the Hall of Fame on July 27 after being unanimously voted in by the membership committee back in December.

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Jon Stewart "Leaks" St. Louis Cardinals Mascot Fredbird's Sex Tape [VIDEO]

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GabboT on Flickr, cropped
You'll never look at Fredbird the same way again.
Ever wonder how Fredbird would act during a threesome with two other Major League Baseball mascots?

Neither did anyone else. But thanks to The Daily Show, all of America has the image of a patiently voyeuristic Fredbird burned into its collective consciousness.

The beloved mascot of the St. Louis Cardinals got caught in the crosshairs as The Daily Show's Jon Stewart launched one of his famous food-pride rants against the entire city of Philadelphia.

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