MLB Players Think the St. Louis Cardinals Will Win the 2014 World Series

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Keith Allison on Flickr
Go Cards! St. Louis and even the players of the MLB believe in you.
St. Louisans always think their Cardinals are poised for another World Series win.

This time, the players of Major League Baseball agree with them.

ESPN The Magazine passed an anonymous poll through the MLB locker rooms to get candid answers to some of baseball's most pressing questions: Are athletes still using performance-enhancing drugs? Would they accept an openly gay player into the league?

And, most importantly, who is going to win it all this year?

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NSFW: Cardinals Pitcher Carlos Martinez Comes Out as Not Gay on Twitter

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Two weeks after Mizzou football star Michael Sam announced that he planned to become the NFL's first openly gay player, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez revealed via social media that he is definitively, 110 percent, absolutely and positively not gay.

Martinez made the surprise announcement on Twitter, by "favoriting" dozens of explicit pornographic images of women.

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St. Louis Native/Bravo Exec Andy Cohen's Twitter Chat Goes to the Dogs

bravoandy | Instagram
It's puppy love for Andy Cohen and Wacha.
Bravo executive Andy Cohen might live in New York City, but he's still got provel running through his veins. The St. Louis native will be back in town to prove it this Sunday, Feb. 23, when he serves as grand marshall and host of the 21st annual Beggin' Pet Parade in the Soulard neighborhood, the Gateway City's Mardi Gras headquarters. Cohen will lead parade festivities before ceding the spotlight to musical guest Barenaked Ladies.

A longtime producer for the Bravo cable network, Cohen has overseen some of the pulpiest reality programming of the past decade. Cohen's Real Housewives franchise and spinoffs habitually are the center of watercooler talk, and Housewives reunion shows eventually led the Clayton High School grad to create and host Watch What Happens Live, late night's only live, interactive talk show.

To celebrate Cohen's return home, Beggin' (a brand of dog treats from St. Louis-based Nestlé Purina PetCare) and Cohen joined forces for a Twitter chat, welcoming questions from dog lovers and Cohen enthusiasts. Here's what we learned about @Andy from the #BegginPetParadeChat, which made it to Twitter's "trending" leaderboard:

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Jack Clark Apologizes to Albert Pujols For Steroid Accusation, Claims He "Misspoke"

Wikimedia Commons
Jack Clark.
The months-long legal battle between two former Cardinal greats is over.

After claiming on-air in August that he knew "for a fact" that Albert Pujols was a "juicer," former Cardinals slugger Jack Clark now says he "misspoke."

"I have no knowledge whatsoever that Mr. Pujols has ever used illegal or banned PEDs," Clark said in a public retraction Monday night. His statement goes on to describe his on-air comments were the result of a "heated discussion on air."

"I sincerely apologize," he concluded.

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250 Jobs Up for Grabs at St. Louis Cardinals' Ballpark Village

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Ballpark Village on Facebook
Need a job? The restaurants at Ballpark Village are hiring.
Despite the fresh snowfall, hundreds of people turned out to apply for one of the 250 jobs created by the brand new Ballpark Village next to Busch Stadium.

The Cardinals will need new staff to work at the 10-acre baseball fan base, which spans seven city blocks. Most of those jobs are food industry based -- bartenders, servers, hosts -- to work at the development's multiple restaurants, including the two-story Cardinals Nation restaurant, the Fox Sports Midwest Live! Marketplace, the PBR St Louis Cowboy Bar, the dueling piano bar chain and even a Ted Drewes.

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Jack Clark Legal Defense: "Juicer" Can Mean A Lot of Things, Including a Lover of Liquid Fruit

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Wikimedia Commons
Jack Clark.
Jack Clark's smart-aleck lawyer wants Albert Pujols' defamation lawsuit thrown out -- unless Pujols' legal team can demonstrate Clark used words like "juicer" and "PED" to specifically refer to illegal steroids and not, say, a raspberry-and-Viagra smoothie.

Albert Watkins, Clark's St. Louis-based lawyer, filed the motion on Monday in the St. Louis County Circuit Court. It reads like a stripped-down, legalese version of the open letter Watkins sent to Pujols' lawyer in mid-October, in which he snidely (but hilariously) mocked the very basics of the defamation suit brought against his client.

"It may appear petty, but it's really not," says Watkins. He concedes, for example, that the meaning of the Clark's on-air statement -- "I know for a fact he was a juicer" -- seems obvious at first blush; but from a legal perspective, the word juicer is "subject to a variety of meanings."

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The Cardinals Get Sexy: Daily RFT's 10 Most-Read St. Louis Sports Stories of 2013

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St. Louis Cardinals on Facebook
Bow-chicka-wow-wow, Cardinal birds!

2013 was the year the St. Louis Cardinals were named the best-looking team in major league baseball, and we couldn't agree more. The Redbirds are responsible for seven of Daily RFT's ten most-read articles in sports this year.

Here are the top ten St. Louis sports stories from 2013:

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Red Sox Take Out Full-Page Newspaper Ad, Thank Cardinals Fans for Sportsmanship

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Those damn Red Sox. You want to hate 'em for beating us in two World Series in ten years, but then there's this: A big gushy advertisement from the front-office of the Boston ballclub thanking Cardinals fans for their "warm Midwestern welcome" and recognizing Cardinal Nation as "everything that's great about baseball."

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Hey, St. Louis, You're a Beautiful, Incredible City No Matter What

Screengrab from David DeNegal

Remember last night's game? Neither do we. There was, Something? We're not sure what you're referring to.

Anyway! For no reason at all (it's not like we're trying to mellow the effects of the impending smack-talk here), here are a whole bunch of videos to make you feel awesome about St. Louis and about being a St. Louisan. This town rocks. Rocks your Sox off.

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6 Cardinals-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

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Photos by Jon Gitchoff for the Riverfront Times
By Halloween night, the St. Louis Cardinals will either be the winners or the losers of the 2013 World Series.

Either way, we're expecting some epic Cardinals-themed Halloween costumes. (Now, if only we could find some Cardinals-themed jokes to tell! Help us out and leave yours in the comments.)

Here are six of our favorite Cardinals costumes, spotted during Game 3:

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