Cardinals Fans Are "Satan's Messengers on Earth," Bill Murray Says

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Bill Murray: Calling it like he sees it.

Bill Murray encountered some Cardinals fans yesterday while playing in a golf tournament in Iowa -- and he did not mince words about the team or its fans.

As the Quad City Times reports, Murray slurred the Redbirds as "Satan's messengers on Earth." And when someone admitted to being a Cards' fan, Murray deadpanned, "No wonder there's something coming off your body like an ectoplasmic phosphor."

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Filthy Clothes, Crazy Tattoos: Here's Why Cardinals Fans Are the Best in Baseball

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Mark Andresen

Welcome, St. Louis, to another glorious summer of Cardinals baseball. Opening day is Monday, April 13, when our beloved Redbirds take on the Brewers, and over the next six months we'll be riding the highs and suffering the lows along with Molina, Wainwright, Adams and the rest of the boys.

Because we will spend so much time during the season obsessing over the players, we wanted to pause for a moment to celebrate you, the fans. We've profiled the craziest, most superstitious and most dedicated Cards devotees we could find, and proved once again that St. Louisans truly are the Best Fans in Baseball.

Suck it, Deadspin. And let's play ball!

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Share Your Craziest St. Louis Cardinals Rituals, Collections and Superstitions, And Win Tickets to Opening Day

Jon Gitchoff
Do you have a St. Louis Cardinals superstition? You could win tickets to Opening Day.

Update: Only three days left to enter, and we wanted to broaden our parameters to include your most over-the-top collections of Cardinals gear or memorabilia, the Cardinals-themed paint-job on your car -- whatever out-there Redbird love you have to share, it could win you two tickets to opening day.

There's only a month to go before the St. Louis Cardinals take the field at Busch Stadium for their home opener, and Daily RFT is ready to start the countdown!

As STL gets ready to welcome the boys of summer back home, Daily RFT wants to hear from die-hard Cardinals fans about the superstitions, good-luck charms and routines they use to help the Redbirds stay on a hot streak.

Do you wear a gold thong to games (like Jason Giambi used to)? Do you refuse to bathe, shave or brush your teeth during the playoffs because you think it'll send the Cardinals into a slump? Do you carry a good-luck charm, like a lucky T-shirt, a rabbit's foot, an autographed ball or the severed toe of a former Chicago Cub? Do you sleep with your Jon Hamm bobblehead under your pillow? Do you perform the macarena or the cha cha slide or an exorcism before entering Busch Stadium?

We want to hear about it. Your batshit-crazy ritual could win you two tickets to this season's opener on April 13.

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How A Ten-Year-Old Cardinals Fan Is Driving Dodger Yasiel Puig Crazy

kla4067 via flickr
Puig says a friend's young son is giving him hell about losing to the St. Louis Cardinals.
St. Louis Cardinals fans may be the best in baseball, but this ten-year-old fan must be the best of the best fans in baseball.

A boy who lives in Los Angeles and roots for the Cardinals is totally trolling Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig after the Cardinals eliminated the Dodgers from playoffs two Octobers in a row. Puig and the boy are family friends, Puig tells, and despite his best efforts, the boy won't budge from his loyalty to the Redbirds.

"He's driving me crazy," Puig tells in Spanish. "I have to kick him out of that family. He has four blue things of mine in his room, and he tells me it's because he feels sorry for me, sorry for the Dodgers. He has everything else red -- the comforter, the sheets, the ceiling, everything. His room is red. And he says the best city in the United States is St. Louis."

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Oscar Taveras, St. Louis Cardinals Slugger and Rising Star, Dies in Car Crash

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UPI/Bill Greenblatt
RIP, Oscar Taveras.
St. Louis Cardinals outfielding prospect Oscar Taveras and his girlfriend died Sunday in a car accident in Taveras' native Dominican Republic. He was 22 years old.

Taveras' agent confirmed his death to reporters in the Dominican Republic, saying Taveras was driving from Sousa to Puerto Plata when he and his girlfriend died, according to Dominican baseball website

No other details were immediately available Sunday night. After offering condolences to Taveras' family, general manager John Mozeliak said he was waiting for more details before issuing a public statement released this statement::

"I simply can't believe it," said Mozeliak. "I first met Oscar when he was 16 years old and will forever remember him as a wonderful young man who was a gifted athlete with an infectious love for life who lived every day to the fullest."

The chairman of the Cardinals said he was "stunned and deeply saddened" at the loss of one of the youngest members of the Cardinals family.

"Oscar was an amazing talent with a bright future who was taken from us well before his time," Cardinals chairman Bill DeWitt Jr. said. "Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends tonight."

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Barney's Sports Bar is Selling "We are Darren Wilson" St. Louis Cardinals T-shirts

Mitch Ryals
You stay classy, Barney's.
Barney's Sports pub in south St. Louis will be selling Darren Wilson Cardinals T-shirts this weekend.

According to the We Are Darren Wilson Facebook group, which made the announcement yesterday, the T-shirts will be available Saturday for $20.

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New Video of Cardinals Fans, Mike Brown Protesters Shows Not All Fans Were Assholes

Courtesy Daniel Suarez
At least one Cardinals fan held up a peace sign to Michael Brown protesters.

Daniel Suarez, a 28-year-old Collinsville, Illinois, resident and Cardinals fan, said he exited the Monday, October 6, playoff game to go to a designated smoking area and hand his friend a ticket over the barrier. When he got outside, he said he saw a small group of about a dozen Michael Brown protesters.

"First they were just protesting, and nobody was saying anything really. It was peaceful," Suarez told Daily RFT.

Then, he said, "it all started going downhill." Video shot by Argus Streaming News showing fans trying to shout down protesters and making racist jokes went viral this week.

Like many that evening, Suarez pulled out his cell phone and began recording. He shared his videos with Daily RFT; they show what things looked like from the Cardinals fans' side of the confrontation, including a woman claiming to know officer Darren Wilson, the Ferguson policeman who shot and killed Michael Brown. But Suarez said he wants to make the videos public because they show that at least a couple fans were "sympathizing with the protesters."

"It was embarrassing to be a Cardinals fan at this point," he recalled.

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Racist Fans Clash with Ferguson Protesters at Cardinals Game

Screengrab of video by Mustafa Hussein, Argus Streaming News

Not a great day to be one of the so-called "best fans in baseball."

Last night at the game at against the Los Angeles Dodgers, a small group of Ferguson protesters began marching and chanting in front of a much larger group of Cardinals fans outside Busch Stadium. Just a few minutes into their demonstration, the sea of red responded, first by chanting "Let's go Cardinals!" in response to "Justice for Mike Brown!"

And then everything got way, way worse. Mustafa Hussein, a cameraman for Argus Streaming News, captured the exchange on his live feed.

"That's sad that it gives our city a really bad look," he said this morning. "The incident was very intense."

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Eight Things St. Louis Is Sorry for According to Mayor Slay's Weird Defense of the Cardinals

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Steve Truesdell for Riverfront Times
Don't worry Cardinals fans, Mayor Slay has your back!
Must be October. Why? Because as Daily RFT observed earlier this week, everyone is ragging on the St. Louis Cardinals -- including the Wall Street Journal, which on Tuesday published a "hateability index" that ranked the Redbirds as the most despised team in this year's playoffs.

Enter now Mayor Francis Slay, who is not going to let the Journal -- or anyone else for that matter -- besmirch the Cardinals. In a response published yesterday on the Wall Street Journal's website, Slay donned both his Cardinals and his chamber of commerce caps in a bizarre apology/defense of his city and its team.

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The St. Louis Cardinals Are America's Most Hateable Playoff Team: WSJ

Jon Gitchoff
How can you hate these fans, America? Oh, right, because the St. Louis Cardinals can't stop winning.
Move over, New York Yankees. We'll take it from here.

The St. Louis Cardinals is the most hateable team in the Major League Baseball post-season, according to a sort-of-scientific report from the Wall Street Journal.

What makes a team hateable? Beards, mostly. Also teams with swollen payrolls, juicing players and haughty fan bases.

On a scale that assigns points for every hateable trait (the more points, the more hated you are), St. Louis earned an impressive 12.7 points, especially thanks to the team's winning past and the ill-earned "best fans in baseball" moniker. Winning four league titles in ten years really propelled St. Louis above any other team, including second-place winners the LA Dodgers, who scored a 10.8.

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