Mayor Slay Defends Yadier Molina in Nicest Smack-Talk Video Ever

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Mayor Francis Slay has something he'd like to say to the mayor of Milwaukee.
Mayor Francis Slay is hitting back at Milwaukee's campaign to get Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina off the All-Star roster, and he's doing it in true St. Louis style: with a smile on his face and baseball tickets in his hand.

Invoking what Daily RFT hopes is the next great rivalry between two great beer towns, Slay invites Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett to a game between the Redbirds and the Milwaukee Brewers at Busch Stadium in August.

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St. Louis Cardinals Fans Are 2nd Most Loyal: Study

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Jon Gitchoff
Only New York Yankees fans are less likely than St. Louis Cardinals fans to jump off their team's bandwagon during a losing season or to jump back on after a few wins, according to researchers at Emory University.

The three-part 2014 MLB Fan Analysis aims baseball's penchant for statistics at the fans, ranking each team in terms fan equity, or the measure of a fan base's intensity controlling for market size or team performance.

Unsurprisingly, the study's researchers, Mike Lewis and Manish Tripathi, find plenty of evidence of what they call "superior fan support" from St. Louis fans, the self-described best fans in baseball. The Cardinals are in the top five teams (along with New York, Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia) whose dedicated fans fill stadium seats despite their team's record or the ticket price.

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Milwaukee Brewers' All-Star Game Ad Proves Everyone is Jealous of the St. Louis Cardinals

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Barbara More on flickr
Don't take it personally, Yadi. Everyone's just jealous.
The Milwaukee Brewers just can't take it anymore.

After five consecutive years of watching St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina win a spot on the National League All-Star roster, Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy is fighting back in a mudslinging video worthy of a political campaign:

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Vedad Ibisevic, Who Grew Up in St. Louis, Scores Bosnia's First-Ever World Cup Goal

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Jon Gitchoff
Vedad Ibisevic against Argentina's defense at Busch Stadium.
Vedad Ibisevic, who attended Roosevelt High School and Saint Louis University, scored the first-ever FIFA World Cup goal for Bosnia-Herzegovina national team Sunday.

Ibisevic's last-minute goal wasn't enough to bring Bosnia to victory over two-time world champion Argentina, who won 2-1, but the moment was still historic for Bosnian sports fans, especially in St. Louis, which hosts the largest Bosnian community outside of Bosnia.

See also: St. Louis Flares Up Over Bosnia Soccer Celebrations at Busch Stadium

ESPN commentators were quick to bring up Ibisevic's roots in St. Louis' Bevo Mill neighborhood, although they should probably have done more research first:

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Jon Hamm, St. Louis Cardinals' Most Handsome Fan, Gets His Own Bobblehead

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Jon Hamm makes a handsome bobblehead.
In a marketing move worthy of Don Draper in Mad Men, the St. Louis Cardinals announced that famous actor and lifelong fan Jon Hamm will get his own theme night at Busch Stadium this summer.

Hamm, who grew up in St. Louis and graduated from John Burroughs High School, gave interview after interview after interview about his love for Cardinals baseball -- especially acrobatic shortstop Ozzie Smith -- in the lead-up to his Disney flick Million Dollar Arm, where Hamm recruits pitchers from a pool of cricket players in India.

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Scottrade Center: St. Louis Is Better for Watching Hockey than Chicago, New York, LA

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Herkie on Flickr
Scottrade Center: The sixth best place to watch Hockey in the U.S., says Stadium Journey Magazine.
Die-hard fans, an exciting atmosphere and relatively cheap snacks and tickets make Scottrade Center the sixth best hockey stadium in the country, says Stadium Journey Magazine.

The magazine ranked the home of the St. Louis Blues at No. 6 between the New York Rangers' Madison Square Garden (No. 7) and the Philadelphia Flyers' Wells Fargo Center (No. 5). Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, topped the chart at No. 1. United Center, home of the Chicago Blackhawks, is No. 9.

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St. Louis Mostly Likes Its New Professional Soccer Team's Name

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Danny Wicentowski
The execs behind St. Louis' new pro soccer team: USL Pro VP Jake Edwards, Jim Kavanaugh and Tom Strunk of SLSG, USL Pro president Tim Holt.
We're not the St. Louis Arches, the Pioneers or River City FC.

Saint Louis Football Club is the newly official, no-fuss name of St. Louis' newest professional sports franchise, and the club's supporters seem pretty much fine (though not exactly ecstatic) with it.

Soccer fans have been suggesting names for the United Soccer Leagues team based on St. Louis landmarks, animals and other team-name inspirations for weeks now. Fans supported a traditional and simple name like Saint Louis Football Club from the beginning. But after all that guessing, many soccer supporters (and Daily RFT, for that matter) were betting on something slightly more exciting team name, especially one of the most consistently popular proposals, the St. Louis Chupacabras.

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How T.J. Oshie Won Over America, Our Hearts and (Maybe) the Cover of EA Sports' NHL 15

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Twitter/TJ Oshie
Even the dogs love TJ.
St. Louis fans have loved him for years, but Blues forward T.J. Oshie wasn't exactly a "star" around the rest of the league. Before the end of this season, his best year was 19 goals and 54 points. (He bested that by a few points this year.) And although he brings much more to the Blues than points, it's fancy stats that gets one special attention around the hockey universe.

That all changed ever since Oshie became America's favorite hockey player. And now, he might get one of hockey's greatest -- or at least one of its coolest -- honors: the cover of EA Sports' NHL 15.

The transformation from skilled forward to superstar happened when Team USA played Russia. Due to turmoil in Ukraine, Russia's anti-gay laws and Vladimir Putin's ability to strike fear in Americans' hearts with just the sight of his oft-bare chest, the Cold War had seemed all but reignited, which wasn't helped by the fact the games were being held in Russia. And when Team USA and Team Russia took the ice, there was much more on the line than a gold medal -- at least for the U.S. audience.

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SE Missouri State Redhawks Accidentally Tweet Pantsless Bathroom Photo (NSFW)

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CTRL+C: The most dangerous keys on the Internet.
It's a tale as old as Twitter: A PR peon tweets a harmless message from their employers' official Twitter account and -- oops! -- mistakenly links to the wrong photo. Occasionally, it's a very wrong photo.

Southeast Missouri State University became the most recent victim of copy-paste tweeting on Friday, when the official Twitter account for the college's athletics department tweeted a surreal photo of two women hanging out in a bathroom in various states of undress.

The tweet was quickly deleted, but not before other users screencapped the photo.

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Michael Sam Protesters Boycott St. Louis Rams, Visa While Supporters Start Online "Kiss-In"

Michael Sam's now-famous kiss is causing all sorts of uproar.
Now that Michael Sam is officially the first out gay man in professional football, supporters and detractors alike are making their opinions known with boycotts and a "kiss-in," or a sit-in with same-sex kissing.

Conservative Washington, D.C., lobbyist Jack Burkman says he has organized Christian leaders and grassroots organizations in more than twenty states to boycott the St. Louis Rams as well as Visa, the first company to give Sam an advertising contract.

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