The Best (and Worst) High School Mascots in Missouri

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georgebovard via Flickr
We're not sure what this mascot is supposed to be. A kidney? A jellybean?
We've had enough with the prototypical St. Louis question, "Where'd you go to high school?" After looking at the Missouri State High School Activities Association's list of every school mascot in the state, we think a much more entertaining question would be, "What was your high school mascot?"

Missouri has some doozies. Best-known are the Kewpies, the Hickman High School mascot named after a bald baby doll. There are the Joel E. Barber Middle School Buckskins, apparently named after clothing, and the West Plains High School Zizzers, named after nothing at all.

We looked through our list of favorite names and decided that they deserve some recognition. Drum roll please, as we announce the inaugural Riverfront Times Best Mascot Name Awards:

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How St. Louis Rams Rookie Ethan Westbrooks' Face Tattoo Helped Him Get to the NFL

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Hjelle on Flickr
Somewhere on that field is a rookie with a face tatt.
Before he was that St. Louis Rams player who beat out Michael Sam for one of the last spots on the 53-man roster, Ethan Westbrooks was that Rams player with the motivational face tattoo.

The tattoo on his left cheek reads, "Laugh now, Cry later," with a picture of a happy face and a sad face.

So why get a face tattoo (if you're not boasting about how many people you killed in prison)? Westbrooks says he wanted a constant reminder, something he could see in the mirror, to push himself to achieve his goal: playing football professionally.

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Michael Sam Cut from St. Louis Rams Roster, Practice Squad

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Michael Sam.
If Michael Sam is going to be the first out gay player to play in the NFL, it probably won't be with the St. Louis Rams.

Coach Jeff Fisher called Sam last weekend and met with him Sunday to tell him he's one of four players cut from the Rams' 53-player roster.

"It was a football decision just like it was a football decision back in May to draft Mike," Fisher tells Yahoo Sports. "It's been all about football. I was pulling for Mike; I really was. I don't say that very often."

Immediately after being cut from the roster, Sam had two options: sign to the Rams practice squad or join another team, either as a waiver pick or a free agent. But by the time the Rams filled the practice squad Sunday night, it was clear none of the ten players would be Sam.

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Why It's OK, and So Not OK, for ESPN to Report on Michael Sam Taking Showers

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ESPN's Josina Anderson talks about when Michael Sam showers.
Michael Sam showers. He is also gay. In the world of professional football, this is news.

At least, it's not news until some Rams defensive player anonymously admits to ESPN that he keeps tabs on his gay teammate's nudity and says that Sam delays his showers so none of his teammates think he's trying to have sex with them.

"Another Rams defensive player told me that, quote, 'Sam is respecting our space,' and that from his perspective, he seems to think Michael Sam is kind of waiting to take a shower as not to make his teammates feel uncomfortable," ESPN reporter Josina Anderson answers when asked about how Sam is fitting in on the team (and not how Sam is fitting in in the showers).

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Allen Craig Selling St. Louis Home After Trade to Boston (PHOTOS)

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Images via
Who wants to buy Allen Craig's home?
As Allen Craig settles into life with the Boston Red Sox, he is selling the home where he and his family lived while he played for the St. Louis Cardinals for just under $800,000.

His 4,881-square-foot Chesterfield home may not be as fancy as the 10,800-square-foot mansion retired Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter put on the market in May, but hey, not everybody gets $63.5 million contract offers.

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Fan Promises Free Drinks Forever if Michael Sam Sacks Johnny Manziel, Sam Does Twice

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Michael Sam celebrates after sacking Johnny Manziel.
Be careful what you bet on, or you'll have to put your money where your tweet is.

Twitter user @SquareKnight made a boldly hyperbolic wager with the world before Saturday's matchup between the St. Louis Rams and the Cleveland Browns.

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Ride a Camel at Busch Stadium Today for "Hump Day"

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schmich on Flickr
"Hop on, kid."
What's the one thing that makes going to a St. Louis Cardinals game even better? Riding around the stadium on camelback, of course.

Grant's Farm is bringing some of it's most popular animals -- camels, baby goats and a Clydesdale -- to Busch Stadium for tonight's Cardinals game against the Boston Red Sox. Starting at 5:15 p.m., fans can ride camels for free outside the stadium and pet the goats and Clydesdale inside.

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The St. Louis Cardinals Is One of America's Most Hated Sports Teams: Survey

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Jon Gitchoff
These fans don't care who hates them.
A survey released on Reddit shows seven states hate the St. Louis Cardinals more than any other team. And by "hate," we really mean, "are jealous of."

The only team more hated than the Redbirds? The New York Yankees.

Reddit user scolbert08 surveyed baseball fans all over the world, and the results are pretty entertaining, if predictable.

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Who Wants to Buy Chris Carpenter's Palm Beach Mansion? (VIDEO)

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Chris Carpenter's Palm Beach pad.
Don't let that $625,000 price tag fool you. To buy former St. Louis Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter's 3,335-square-foot home, you'll need to pony up another hundred thou' or so just for the country-club membership.

Just like all the residents of the BallenIsles Country Club, Carpenter bought a membership in order to live on his quarter acre in a house with four bedrooms, four full bathrooms, $50,000 sound system and private pool. A basic tennis membership costs $65,000, according to the Los Angeles Times, while access to the full clubhouse, including three championship golf courses, starts at $120,000.

Want a peek at the Cy Young Award winner's Florida pad? Here's the video, which has already been viewed more than 5,400 times:

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St. Louis All City Boxing Offers At-Risk Kids Free Lessons, Vegan Grub

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Ray Downs
DeMarcus Murphy and Marcus Luther in a friendly spar at STL All City Boxing.
It's almost 6 p.m. at a south-city boxing gym and young folks -- boys and girls ranging in ages from eight to seventeen -- are warming up by throwing shadow punches, practicing their footwork, or catching their breath from a run. In a few moments, two youngsters will lace up some gloves and enter the ring for a friendly spar to practice the skills they learned from their coaches.

Marcus Luther and DeMarcus Murphy, both eight years old, strap on their head gear and get into their corners. One of their coaches, a burly, no-nonsense man, holds a stopwatch. "Go!" he yells, and the two young fighters move toward each other with a boxer's swagger well beyond their age, each maintaining a well-structured stance, ready to strike.

Murphy throws a punch, causing his dreadlocks to fly back. Luther ducks and returns a swing that barely misses his opponent. They back up, do it again, this time connecting more than the last, and again.

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