Saint Louis FC Partners with Chicago Fire in MLS, Signs First Players

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Danny Wicentowski
The execs behind St. Louis' new pro soccer team (from left to right): USL Pro vice president Jake Edwards, Jim Kavanaugh and Tom Strunk of SLSG, USL Pro president Tim Holt
Worry not, St. Louis sports fans. Just because Saint Louis Football Club is partnering with Major League Soccer team Chicago Fire doesn't mean you have to like Chicago sports.

"We still want people to hate the Cubs," says Saint Louis Football Club general manager Jeremy Alumbaugh. "We still want people to boo the Blackhawks when they come here. We're not asking them to be Chicago Fire fans. We're asking them to be Saint Louis Football Club fans."

The partnership between Chicago's MLS franchise and STLFC, St. Louis' new professional outdoor soccer team, resembles Major League Baseball's farm system, Alumbaugh tells Daily RFT. Chicago will send MLS players here to play in St. Louis, and the two teams will share scouting initiatives and ideas, both on and off the field.

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Andy Cohen Asks St. Louis: Is It Just Me, or Is Stan Kroenke An Asshole?

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"SIlent" Stan Kroenke -- is he or isn't he an asshole? (Spoiler alert: He is.)
By now you must have heard the news that Stan Kroenke, the millionaire owner of the St. Louis Rams, is planning a new stadium in Los Angeles.

It's the first time since he bought the land in Inglewood, California, that Kroenke has shown his intentions to own an LA-based team. Kroenke still hasn't spoken about it publicly, living up to his nickname, "Silent Stan."

See also: Rams Owner Kroenke's NFL Stadium in Los Angeles Will Be Ready by 2018: Report

Andy Cohen, a St. Louis native and producer who now runs his own Bravo entertainment talk show Watch What Happens: Live, followed along with Monday morning's big sports news and had a question for the residents of his hometown:

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VIDEO: St. Louis All City Boxing Gym Students Sweep State Championships

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Ray Downs
Training at St. Louis All City Boxing.
St. Louis has a rich history with boxing; it stretches back to the 1904 Olympics. But in the last several decades, the number of gyms where at-risk youth can learn to spar for little (or no cost) shrunk to six from almost twenty.

That's where St. Louis All City Boxing comes in. Named for its regional approach to helping young boxers, All City gives students the boxing moves (and life skills) they need to succeed.

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5 Things We Learned During a Day with Slick Willie Shaw of the Harlem Globetrotters

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Steve Truesdell
Slick Willie Shaw of the Harlem Globetrotters is pretty darn tall. Not quite as tall as the Gateway Arch, but tall. See more photos.

St. Louis doesn't have a professional basketball team, so it's not every day that a 6'6" dude invites us to visit the Gateway Arch with him. But we certainly weren't going to turn down Slick Willie Shaw, a forward with the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters.

Shaw was in town last week to speak to schools and check out the facilities at Scottrade Center, where the Globetrotters will play the Washington Generals on January 2. "We haven't played the Washington Generals in over five years, and the last time we lost to them was in 1971 at a buzzer-beater," Shaw says. "Those guys really think they can relive 1971 all over again?"

That kind of smack talk was what made us anxious to hang with Shaw during his downtime. A frequent St. Louis visitor, the ball-spinning expert was eager to explore downtown and take the cramped tram ride to the top of the Gateway Arch. Here's what we found out about this brilliant basketball buff:

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No NFL Team, Not Even St. Louis Rams, to Move to LA in 2015 (UPDATE)

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Theo Welling
Don't worry, St. Louis Rams fans. Rumor has it the team will stick around for a while.
The chances of the St. Louis Rams or another NFL franchise moving to Los Angeles next season and ending that city's two-decade-long football drought are becoming increasingly unlikely, according to a new report from the New York Times.

St. Louis has been fighting to keep its NFL team in town even as rumors spread that owner and Walmart heir billionaire Stan Kroenke committed to moving to LA after buying a 60-acre plot there for a brand-new stadium.

The Rams move to a year-to-year lease on the Edward Jones Dome in 2015 after negotiations over stadium improvements stalled. But even though St. Louis' blue-and-gold could leave for Los Angeles, news coming out of the NFL seems to indicate they won't...yet.

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Angry Rams Fans to Donate Jerseys to the Homeless After Players Support Ferguson

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Rams player Kenny Britt Instagramed this photo before last Sunday's game, saying it was dedicated to "#MikeBrown, his family and the Community of #Ferguson."
Are you pissed off that players for the St. Louis Rams are supporting protests against the police killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner? Ready to boycott the team and get rid of your jersey?

We know just what you should do.

The group Boycott St. Louis Rams is organizing a jersey and clothing drive Saturday for the homeless, accepting donations of Rams gear from fans (or ex-fans) who don't want to sport the team's logo after players publicly supported the Ferguson protest movement.

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Rams' Davin Joseph Writes "I Can't Breathe" on Cleats for Eric Garner: Ex-Fans Burn Jerseys

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Rams player Davin Joseph may have been inspired by his teammate Kenny Britt , who last week posted this photo of his Michael Brown wrist tape before the game.
Last week, it was five members of the Rams' high-flying receiving corp who made a public show of support for the Ferguson protests by making the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" gesture as they took the field.

But if their critics -- such as the St. Louis Police Officers Association -- assumed Rams players had gotten their fill of social commentating, they'd be wrong.

This past Sunday, Rams starting guard Davin Joseph made his own statement by writing the recently coined rallying cry against police brutality, "I can't breathe," on his cleats. The words serve as a tribute to Eric Garner, who was recorded saying "I can't breathe" repeatedly after being placed in a fatal choke-hold by a New York City police officer in July. Joseph Tweeted a photo of his cleats prior to the game against Washington.

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Hands Up, Don't Apologize: St. Louis Rams, County Police Squabble Over Non-Apology

Jessica Lussenhop
Jon Belmar, chief of the St. Louis County Police, says the Rams apologized.
Did St. Louis Rams VP Kevin Demoff apologize to St. Louis County Police for the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" gesture at Sunday's game? Depends on whom you ask.

Police say yes, he apologized. That's because Demoff called county police chief Jon Belmar Monday after five Rams players took the field before the game against the Oakland Raiders with their hands raised, a symbol that has come to represent Michael Brown surrendering to Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson before being fatally shot in August.

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Rams Players Support Ferguson with "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" Entrance at Raiders Game

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Jessica Lussenhop
Michael Brown Sr. (L) gives the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" sign during a protest with Lesley McSpadden, Michael Brown's mother, and Pastor Carlton Lee.
Rams up, don't shoot.

Five players for the St. Louis Rams took the field at the Edward Jones Dome Sunday with their arms raised in a symbol of solidarity with Ferguson, where an unarmed black teen was fatally shot by police in August.

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Joe Buck: My Father Wouldn't Have Let Kroenke Stay Silent on Rams Future

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Herkie on Flickr
Will they stay or will they go?
Well, are you happy now, Stan Kroenke? You've gone and disappointed Joe Buck.

The son of legendary sportscaster Jack Buck criticized Kroenke, the Walmart heir billionaire owner of the St. Louis Rams, for staying silent on persistent rumors that he's trying to take the team to Los Angeles.

"I don't know how you're an NFL owner in a city like this with the kind of sports fans we have here and you're as invisible as this man has been," Buck said on FOX 2's Sports Final with Martin Kilcoyne.

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