MU Wants to Reignite Missouri-Kansas Football Rivalry, But KU Is Too Busy Pouting

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Will Mizzou ever play against Kansas in football again?
It has been two years since former rivals the University of Missouri Tigers and the University of Kansas Jayhawks faced off on the gridiron.

MU head coach Gary Pinkel told football fans this week that he'd like to reinstate the annual Border War rivalry game, especially since the Southeastern Conference declared its teams must play an opponent from another major conference every year starting in 2016.

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On Mizzou's NFL Pro Day, Michael Sam Tells Supporters "I Will Be a Tiger Forever"

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Michael Sam.
All eyes are on Michael Sam.

As Michael Sam steps back onto his ol' Mizzou stomping grounds Thursday for pro day -- where NFL scouts watch players on their home turf before the draft -- football fans across the country wonder where the man aiming to be America's first openly-gay NFL player will land, if he's drafted at all.

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Mizzou's Michael Sam Comes Out; May Become First Openly Gay Player in NFL

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Michael Sam.
Michael Sam, a defensive lineman formerly at the University of Missouri, came out yesterday evening in two simultaneously released interviews with the New York Times and ESPN.

"I am an openly, proud gay man," he told interviewers at the sports network.

After an extremely successful final season with Mizzou, Sam is entering the 2014 NFL draft this spring. If he's drafted, he'll become the first openly gay player in the league.

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Mizzou Receiver Dorial Green-Beckham Arrested with Pound of Marijuana, Released

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Greene County Sheriff's Department
Dorial Green-Beckham
A week after helping the Missouri Tigers win the Cotton Bowl, sophomore receiver Dorial Green-Beckham was arrested in Springfield after police found a pound of weed in the car.

Green-Beckham and four people in their twenties were pulled over just before 10 p.m. Friday night when a police officer noticed the car's plates were expired by three months.

The officer smelled marijuana, eventually searching the car to find a pound of weed and drug paraphernalia. Police arrested driver John McDaniel, 22, Pat Prouty, 20, and Green-Beckham on suspicion of felony distribution of a controlled substance.

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Once Again, Nelly Says What We're All Thinking, Represents Missouri, Shows ESPN What's Up

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Erin Kinsella
Auburn, Auburn, Auburn -- it's all ESPN wants to talk about.

Auburn University's miraculous, tie-breaking 100-yard touchdown last weekend obliterated ESPN commentators' predictions for the college-football postseason, and talk on TV and online is all about whether the one-loss team deserves a spot in the BCS championship game.

Just one problem: They have to beat the University of Missouri first.

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How to Beat Auburn: 5 Tips from a 'Bama Fan for the Mizzou Tigers

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If anyone knows Auburn's weaknesses, it's an Alabama fan.
The University of Missouri Tigers are still new to the SEC, so a University of Alabama fan offered up some advice to best the school's fiercest rival, the Auburn Tigers, in the championship game.

In an open letter to Mizzou that went viral on Monday, a 'Bama fan known only as 5026 says the Crimson Tide will be rooting for Missouri during the game Saturday at the Georgia Dome -- not too far from Alabama.

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Brad Pitt Regrets Dropping Out of Mizzou

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Brad Pitt, full of regret.
Brad Pitt wishes he did not drop out of the University of Missouri.

Why? Because who would do such a foolish thing? What kind of guy would just give up on academics?

Pitt, who grew up in Springfield -- where his parents still live -- opens up about his loneliness and his unfinished academic career in the upcoming issue of Esquire.

It's a must-read, Missouri!

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Mizzou: Adorable Ten-Year-Old Boy Tells College Men How to Be Gentlemen (VIDEO)

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via YouTube
Cole knows how to be a gentleman.
Is chivalry dead? It doesn't have to be! That is, according to an adorable ten-year-old boy who knows how to be a gentleman -- and is spreading his message of kindness at the University of Missouri.

"I may be a kid, but I'm a gentleman in the making," says Cole, age ten, in a video titled "The Extra Mile," which has now gotten more than 250,000 views. "Now I'm not gonna sugarcoat it. I know how to treat a lady."

Who is Cole? And why is he giving flowers (and joy) to random women on Mizzou's campus?

Check out the video below and our interview with one of the Mizzou students behind it.

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Mizzou Cops: Gavin Stark, Drunk Baseball Player, Damages Alum Center, Assaults Student

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Gavin Stark.
Gavin Stark, a University of Missouri senior and baseball player, is accused of drunkenly causing quite a commotion on campus Monday night -- allegedly smashing a rock through a window, shouting profanities at officers and throwing a fellow student's computer to the ground.

Around 11:30 p.m. on Monday officers received a phone call that Stark was actively vandalizing the Reynolds Alumni Center. When they arrived, "Mr. Stark immediately assumed a fighting stance against the officers and started yelling profanities at them," Captain Brian Weimer of Mizzou's police department tells Daily RFT.

It gets a lot worse.

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Mizzou Athletic Department Says "You Can Play" to LGBT Students (VIDEO)

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mizzou video 1.jpg
Athletic Director Mike Alden.
If you're a Tiger, you're a Tiger -- and if you can play, you can play!

Such is the message of a newly released promotional video from the University of Missouri's Athletic Department, promoting LGBT rights and diversity on their sports teams.

"The Mizzou Athletics Department strives to provide a safe environment for our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender student athletes," Mike Alden, director of athletics, says in the video. "No individual shall be judged on the court, in the locker room or amongst each other based on their sexual orientation and their gender identification."

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