Friends Help Raise Funds for Jessica Powell, Survivor of Brutal Domestic Violence Attack

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Donna Criiaag
Jessica Powell
A woman is trying to make a recovery after being stabbed several times in a brutal attack that saw three others murdered. Jessica Powell suffered serious injuries and her medical expenses are going to be astronomical, so her friends and family are holding a fundraiser to help out.

On Valentine's Day last month, Shawn Kavanagh, 23, went to see his estranged wife, Jessica (then Kavanaugh), 27, who had been living with Lexy Vandiver, 29, and her two kids. The two women worked together at a nearby nursing home. Visiting at the home was Tara Lynn Fifer, 22, who was also a co-worker.

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Jacque Sue Waller's Remains Found Two Years After Her Disappearance, Husband In Jail

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Find Jacque S Waller
Jacque Sue Waller
Two years ago this Saturday, Jacque Sue Waller disappeared after visiting with her estranged husband. The long search for the mother of three came to a sad conclusion this week.

The Cape Girardeau County Prosecuting Attorney's Office announced yesterday that law enforcement agents recovered the body of Waller. They provided no information on how or where the remains were located.

The man authorities charged with her murder, husband Clay Waller, is already in Cape Girardeau County Jail and has been since August of last year.

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Colonel Tim Fitch of St. Louis County Police Wants to Arm Teachers. He's Right

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Colonel Tim Fitch of St. Louis County Police wants to arm teachers.
In reaction to the Newtown massacre, Colonel Tim Fitch of the St. Louis County Police Department has proposed arming local school officials.

He's concerned about that critical window between the moment a homicidal maniac enters a school and the moment the police finally arrive. A lot of carnage can be wrought in those five to ten minutes.

So Fitch wants to solve a gun problem with more guns. He told The Beacon yesterday: "They say more guns are not going to solve anything.... My response is, then what is your idea?"

Actually, I don't have one. Arming school personnel might be a good idea.

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Sarah Kendzior, Local Author, Calls Out Woman Behind "I Am Adam Lanza's Mother" [UPDATE]

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Liza Long Sarah Kendzior.jpg
MSNBC screengrab
Liza Long, on left, and Sarah Kendzior, right.
Update: Sarah Kendzior and Liza Long release a joint statement, via Kendzior's website.

Yesterday, a personal essay entitled "I Am Adam Lanza's Mother" lit the internet on fire. It was published on the website Gawker, but it originally appeared Friday as an entry on a so-called "mommyblog" called The Anarchist Soccer Mom.

The author is Liza Long, a divorced mother of four living in Boise, Idaho. The subject of the piece is her psychologically disturbed son "Michael" in whom Long sees flickers of Adam Lanza, the gunman in the tragic Newtown massacre.

"I live with a son who is mentally ill. I love my son. But he terrifies me," Long writes.

The response to Long was overwhelmingly positive. That is, until a local author and recent Washington University Ph.D. named Sarah Kendzior entered a very different opinion via her own blog: That Long is exploiting her son and has "violent and paranoid fantasies."

Naturally, all hell broke loose.

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Couple Sues Doctors For Decapitating Their Baby During Labor

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child tombstone.jpeg
Melissa Wiese via Flickr
Hey, buddy. How are you? Havin' a bad day?

Well, if so, you may want to mosey on down the internet trail and skip this post. Because this is the worst story we've heard in a really, really, really long time.

Here's what happened to a young St. Louis couple and their unborn baby, according to a lawsuit filed this week.

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