Yikes: St. Louis Twitter's Most-Used Curse Word is "Faggot"

Missouri doesn't like the word "fuck." As for the other F-word...
Data is a funny thing. Sometimes, you crunch the numbers and discover St. Louis is among the most charitable, creative and happy cities in America. Other times, a linguistic analysis of Twitter data reveals the St. Louis region uses a homophobic slur -- faggot -- more often than other curse words.

This distressing news comes courtesy of Jack Grieve, a professor in forensic linguistics at Aston University in England.. On Thursday, Grieve began tweeting out maps showing the relative frequency of curse words used across America. According to Gawker, the data was mined from almost a billion tweets (containing nearly 9 billion words) from October of 2013 to November of 2014.

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Jennifer Joyce Has Twitter Shit Fit Over Stray Rescue Criticism

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image via Facebook
Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce

Who's standing in the way of justice for Brownie? The pit bull was set on fire in 2013 and burned so badly he had to be euthanized. Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce initially charged a St. Louis woman named Adrienne Martin in the dog's death, but dismissed the case last month, saying a key witness was no longer cooperating.

Randy Grim, the founder of Stray Rescue, believes Joyce didn't have to drop the case. KMOX published a story on its website Monday quoting Grim saying that Joyce should expect a visit from him as he demands justice for the slain pooch.

Joyce didn't wait for Grim to come knocking. Instead, she took to Twitter last night -- and attempted to shame him into an apology.

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Six Things to Know About Bringing High-Speed Fiber to St. Louis

File photo
Is the sun setting on St. Louis' opportunity for ultra high-speed fiber?

Four years ago Google announced that it would test an ultra-high-speed fiber network in one United States city before exploring how to deploy similar networks across the country. With a speed of about 100 times faster than the standard Internet connection -- one gigabit per second -- Google Fiber in 2010 held the promise of revolutionizing productivity while increasing jobs and sparking an economic boom.

Naturally, St. Louis wanted a piece of that action. Mayor Francis Slay's office put together an application detailing why the Gateway City should be Google's guinea pig and even PC World backed St. Louis as a good candidate for high-speed broadband.

Alas, Google's fancy-pants network went to St. Louis' cross-state rival Kansas City, which has attracted new business to the region thanks to its newfound high-speed access. In fact, we didn't even land on Google's list of post-KC cities that would receive the fiber treatment. But that doesn't mean St. Louis has forgotten about the endeavor.

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The Best Fan Freak-Outs From Chris Colfer's Book Signing in St. Louis

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@chriscolfer | Twitter
Smile, St. Louis -- you're on Chris Colfer's candid camera.

With the gorgeous weather St. Louis has been having, it certainly feels like life is a song here in the Gateway City. Recent visits by Glee cast members simply add the grace note.

St. Louis had its first taste of Glee when Alex Newell served up a saucy headlining set during this year's PrideFest downtown. But Newell, who plays Wade/Unique on the hit FOX television series, was just the beginning of the city's obsession with the show.

On July 15 hundreds of adoring Gleeks filled the St. Louis County Library headquarters, where Chris Colfer signed his new book The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning and answered questions about his life on Glee. The author and actor, who plays Kurt on the series, name-checked vocalist Adam Lambert and political figure Hillary Clinton before signing books for more than 800 fans.

And that's when all hell broke loose. The good kind of hell. The hell that's full of squeals and hugs and selfies.

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St. Louis Native/Bravo Exec Andy Cohen's Twitter Chat Goes to the Dogs

bravoandy | Instagram
It's puppy love for Andy Cohen and Wacha.
Bravo executive Andy Cohen might live in New York City, but he's still got provel running through his veins. The St. Louis native will be back in town to prove it this Sunday, Feb. 23, when he serves as grand marshall and host of the 21st annual Beggin' Pet Parade in the Soulard neighborhood, the Gateway City's Mardi Gras headquarters. Cohen will lead parade festivities before ceding the spotlight to musical guest Barenaked Ladies.

A longtime producer for the Bravo cable network, Cohen has overseen some of the pulpiest reality programming of the past decade. Cohen's Real Housewives franchise and spinoffs habitually are the center of watercooler talk, and Housewives reunion shows eventually led the Clayton High School grad to create and host Watch What Happens Live, late night's only live, interactive talk show.

To celebrate Cohen's return home, Beggin' (a brand of dog treats from St. Louis-based Nestlé Purina PetCare) and Cohen joined forces for a Twitter chat, welcoming questions from dog lovers and Cohen enthusiasts. Here's what we learned about @Andy from the #BegginPetParadeChat, which made it to Twitter's "trending" leaderboard:

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Did Jack Dorsey Fire the "Real Brains" Behind Twitter Before It Hit Big Time?

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Jon Gitchoff / RFT Slideshow
Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey in St. Louis.
A new book on the founding of Twitter slated to come out next month claims St. Louis native and Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey kicked the "real brains" behind Twitter out the door before the company became what it is today, possibly cutting his friend out of billions.

The New York Times published an adapted excerpt from the book Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal written by Nick Bilton. In it, Bilton describes the relationship between Dorsey and Noah Glass. The two met while working at Odeo, a podcasting platform that Glass cofounded with another tech entrepreneur and which hired Dorsey as an engineer. They soon became "inseparable," biking around San Francisco and drinking at concerts.

But then Odeo fell apart, mostly due to Apple getting into the podcast game. Odeo's founders needed to come up with something new. After a drunken conversation between Dorsey and Glass, according to the book, Twitter was born, and a friendship would ultimately die.

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Jay Nixon's New Airplane (and Its Fake Twitter Handle) Take Flight

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kingair250 image.jpg
This was inevitable. Last week the new $5.6-million airplane allegedly purchased to shuttle Gov. Jay Nixon around Missouri was the talk of Jefferson City. And as any controversy goes these days, "PlaneGate" now has its very own Twitter handle @KingAirJay.

The first (and so far the only) tweet went out on Friday and tracked the airplane's flight from Rolla to Jefferson City using the website And while @KingAirJay has been fairly idle since its debut, the plane it intends to mock has not.

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Slay's Latest Playoff Wager [UPDATED]

Categories: Cardinals, Twitter

Updated October 23:

Were we the only ones who thought this would never happen? But let it be said of our mayor: He is a man who knows how to take his lumps.


On the bright side, think of the flacks in the SF City Hall who have to eat t-rav now.

Original post after the jump.

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RFT's 5 Favorite Tweeters in St. Louis

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus famously said, "You cannot step twice into the same stream." Nor can you click twice into the same Twitter.

But the following five members of our city's Twattering class seem like a good read every time we wade in -- if for only 135 characters.

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The Joyce of Reason: Circuit Attorney Tweets Complaint About National Priorities

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US military drone strikes killing civilians? PACs masquerading as non-profits to get tax breaks and influence elections? B-b-b-b-BORING. Let's talk more about NFL referees.

Thanks to Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce for saying this morning what needs to be said: