Woman Sees Her House on TV, Discovers It Was Suspected Serial Killer's Torture Den

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The north St. Louis County house where Maury Travis, then Catrina McGhaw, lived.
Catrina McGhaw was watching an episode of A&E's Cold Case Files on suspected St. Louis serial killer Maury Travis when something struck her as strangely familiar.

The house where Travis is suspected of tying up, torturing and killing at least two -- and possibly as many as ten -- women is the same house McGhaw rents now, she tells KMOV (Channel 4).

"This whole basement was his torture chamber, and it's not OK," McGhaw says on KMOV.

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Mystery Solved: Glenn Jamboretz Was Behind Brentwood's Most Bizarre Election Ever

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Doug Miner,
The book and jam sent to Saunders and her supporters.
After a year and a half, one of Brentwood's most bizarre political mysteries -- one that involves strawberry jam, a dead pregnant possum and a 1950's novel -- has finally been solved.

Glenn Jamboretz, CEO of Glennon advertising firm and a former consultant for Brentwood Mayor Pat Kelly, is the man behind the electioneering whodunit, all to stop a woman he calls a bully and a terrorist from winning an aldermanic election. On Tuesday, the Missouri Ethics Commission smacked him with a $2,000 fine for violating several state election rules.

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Poop in the Loop: Who Let This Turd Sit on the Masters of Sex Walk of Fame Star?

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Your poop does not belong in the Loop!
Dear inconsiderate St. Louis dog owner,

I'm proud of St. Louis. We may not be the most exciting place in the world, but there are a few things we do well.

And you managed to shit all over two of them.

(Well, not you, most likely. I'm guessing it was your dog. But STILL.)

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Ten Years Later, Lost Purse Shows Up Intact in Blueberry Hill Bathroom Ceiling

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Photos by Lindsay Toler
Rose Martelli Lorre's ten-year-gone purse, including all her credit cards, keys and phone.
Someone hid Rose Martelli's purse in the drop ceiling of the women's bathroom in Blueberry Hill's Elvis Room. It was such a good hiding place that staff only found the purse last week, ten years (almost to the day) later.

And Martelli -- now Rose Lorre, 39, a freelance writer living in Montreal -- says one thing's for sure: She's not the one who put it there.

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Did the Dybbuk Box, the Haunted Relic Behind The Possession, Try to Kill One Last Time?

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Dybbuk box.jpg
Jessica Lussenhop
The dybbuk box is finally six feet under.
We here at the Riverfront Times are big fans of locally-sourced ghost stories (if you missed it, check out our cover from last week: Five St. Louis Ghost Stories That Just Won't Die).

So we figured Halloween was a pretty good day to check back in with the Kirksville owner of the "dybbuk box," one of the supposedly most haunted artifacts in the U.S. and the inspiration behind the Sam Raimi horror film "The Possession."

Turns out the dybbuk (a Hebrew word for ghost or demon) may finally be at rest, but not before it threatened life and limb one last time.

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Pujols Wasn't the First to Say Goodbye: Other Farewell Letters to St. Louis

Albert Pujols's farewell letter to St. Louis that ran as a full-page ad in the Post-Dispatch last week inspired anger and tears in equal measure. But, as some readers pointed out, farewell letters to the city are nothing new, though of course few who have left the city have been able to afford full-page newspaper ads. Unreal spent a few hours rummaging through various archives and found these bits of ephemera:

Garry Templeton, the Cardinals' switch-hitting, All-Star shortstop, was a man of few words. In a late-August game back in 1981, he responded to some hometown hecklers with an obscene gesture. The Cards traded him to the San Diego Padres at the end of the season for a light-hitting SS named Ozzie something.

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Daily RFT PSA: Don't Get Caught Running with the Runs in Tower Grove Park

Don't let this happen to you.
Sometimes a long run, walk or bike ride can get downright stressful. You feel great. Your muscles are warm and humming along, lungs are pink and healthy, endorphins are pumping and then it happens: Nature calls, urgently.

Now, some folks may set their routes around the eventuality of really, really needing a portable convenience at some point. Unreal certainly plans long runs with a rough map of the closest city park and its outhouses in mind.

But in the winter, the Porta-Johns in Unreal's neighborhood park, Tower Grove Park, get stored. The horror! Running weather is back and we need those!

Mandy Walsh, the recreation coordinator at Tower Grove Park, says that the portable restrooms will be back in action in April, when the playing fields open for business again.

Can't hold it that long? Walsh says the old covered stations will be available the second weekend in March. So keep the faith, dear runners: Nice private peeing sessions will again be yours in just two weeks.

Your Fun Snow Fact of the Day

The word for "snow" in Tajik is "barf." "Yellow snow" is "zard barf." There is a brand of laundry detergent called Barf, available for purchase across Central Asia and in parts of Europe.

image via

We learned this fun fact from some former Peace Corps volunteers who served in Uzbekistan, a land where Unreal yearns to travel. (Unreal will accept any donations from loyal readers who want to help us achieve this dream.)

We were saving this fun fact for a snow day, and also we were reminded of it this morning as we watched our dog squat down and relieve herself in the backyard. It also seems a fitting memorial for Sargent Shriver, founder of the Peace Corps, who died this week but who would no doubt be thrilled to learn what his agency has contributed to human understanding.

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Homeless People Displaced from Hopeville Camp + $1 Rooms At Hyatt Hotel = Solution?

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View is better up here.
So the city is booting out the homeless from "Hopeville," a makeshift encampment underneath Tucker Boulevard. What to do? Well, consider this:

The St. Louis Business Journal just reported that the Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch is running a promotion this summer: from May 23 to August 31, they'll be offering five rooms for a buck each.

Unreal wonders: Does anybody else see a solution here?

Wanna Be A St. Louis Rams Cheerleader? Get Out Your Crop Top, Jazz Shoes & Checkbook!

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Unreal has only ten more days to decide whether or not we'll audition for the St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders squad for the 2010-2011 season.

Oh, the pressure!

As if the demands of doing aerial spread-eagles before a panel of discerning judges wasn't stressful enough, we've just learned that no "colored hose" or thongs will be allowed.

And, they want us to pay to try out!

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