The Fox Theatre Nominated for Best Restroom in America (PHOTOS)

Photos courtesy of the Fabulous Fox Theatre
Could this be the best bathroom in the country?
When Liberace, the piano-playing phenomenon with a penchant for sublime glamour, appeared at the Fox Theatre in 1982, he held a press conference in one of the dazzling theater's most elegant spaces: the women's bathroom.

Today, the Lower Ladies' Lounge and Puff Room is one of ten finalists for the America's Best Restroom Contest, but if the Fox's ritzy restroom is going to win, it'll need your vote.

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Someone Who Loves Getting Peed On Took Over This St. Louis Sign, and It's Hilarious

Well, you don't have to be so pushy about it.
Our money's on Chuck Berry.

The St. Peters location of the St. Louis Frozen Custard Factory closed recently, and it looks like someone's been messing with their sign.

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Throwback Thursday: "St. Louis Has It All from A to Z" is Still Amazing 40 Years Later

P is for pretzels and paddlewheels.
St. Louis, we've got it all. And we have the jingle to prove it.

A rediscovered tourism video from 1974 went understandably viral in St. Louis this weekend as a new generation heard the catchy theme, "St. Louis Has it All from A to Z."

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In St. Louis "Remake" of Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial, Nothing Goes According to Plan

Bud Light on YouTube
Are you up for whatever happens next?
Remember that Bud Light commercial from the Super Bowl?

No, not the cute dog who befriends a Clydesdale. The Bud Light commercial, where an unsuspecting dude goes for a highly orchestrated and totally random night out with Reggie Watts, Don Cheadle, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a bunch of twins and a llama.

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Applying for That St. Louis Reality Show for Twentysomethings? Here's Your Competition

Courtesy of Haley Mirabelli.
Here's who is applying for the mystery St. Louis reality show.
After Daily RFT broke the news that a The Hills-style reality television show could be coming to St. Louis, our twentysomething party-animal readers started sending us their applications.

The casting call asks for college graduates or students working their way through college who rage at nights and on weekends with a boisterous group of close friends.

"Do you have champagne taste on a Bud Light budget?" the casting flier asks. Fifteen of our readers e-mailed us to say they do.

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France Warns Tourists Against Visiting North St. Louis

Ed Yourdon on Flickr
"Welp, no Crown Candy Kitchen for us, ma belle ."
The U.S. State Department keeps a list of countries where extreme human-rights abuses, active military conflicts or weather disasters would prevent Americans from vacationing safely.

Turns out, other countries have the same list -- and St. Louis is on it.

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Brit Expat Declares St. Louis "Best City in America"

image via
Mark Sutherland, the Brit who loves St. Louis.
More than twenty years ago, an intrepid Brit named Mark Sutherland left his home in southern England and, inspired by a half-hour BBC travel show that told of a city of brain sandwiches, frozen custard and "a 192-metre steel arch," plus an acceptance letter to Wash. U., ventured westward to St. Louis.

He liked it here so much, he stayed. He even composed an essay in praise of his adopted hometown which ran yesterday in the Expat section of the London Telegraph. Well, actually, he said it was the best city in America.

Within hours, of course, it went viral in St. Louis. Though some St. Louisans received it with enthusiasm, others gleefully -- that is, mockingly -- began quoting some of its choicest lines.

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Want to Let Someone Down Gently? Wash. U Undergrads Have an App for That

Philip Thomas, left, and Andrew Hess, right, at Wash. U's engineering school lounge.
It all started on line at Steak & Shake. Washington University engineering students Philip Thomas and Andrew Hess were at the fast food joint last month with a female friend when a creepy stranger approached them and asked their friend for her number.

"We just thought there has to be a better way to deal with this," says Thomas, a senior From Cleveland, OH. And from there, a site that gives people an entertaining alternative to giving out a fake number, was born. TextReject is kind of like the 1990s Rejection Hotline meets Texts from Last Night.

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As Romney Vid Goes Viral, Don't Forget Missouri is Mormon Jerusalem

"The Last Day of Pompeii" by Karl Briullov
End-times: Jackson County on Wednesday?
Where will you be during the Second Coming of Christ? You might want to consider Jackson County, Mo.

In the final days of the presidential campaign, a 2007 video of Mitt Romney angrily (and somewhat hastily) explaining the end-times theology of Mormonism has become an internet sensation. In the video, shot off-air during a radio show by secret camera (damn them!) Romney is asked about the Second Coming of Christ, which some Mormons believe will happen in Missouri.

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Tisha "UnArmed" Shelton is Getting Reality TV Show Offers

Tisha UnArmed sushi.jpeg
Tisha UnArmed via YouTube
No hand roll?
Well, that didn't take long.

Yesterday, we wrote about Tisha Shelton, a.k.a. Tisha UnArmed, the 25-year-old Arnold resident and viral-video star.

We caught up with her later in the day to find out what it's been like to see her video views skyrocket to 1.6 million in a matter of days. And to ask an inevitable question: Have her homemade videos demonstrating everyday life without arms caught the reality TV circuit's attention?

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