Storm Chaser Gets Coveted Shot of Lightning Hitting the Arch -- And It Strikes Twice!

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Photo courtesy of the Gateway Arch
The Gateway Arch is struck by lightning several times a year, but there's never been any problems.
After years of hunting for the perfect shot, a St. Louis photographer took an electrifying video of the Gateway Arch getting struck by lightning last Wednesday.

Dan Robinson, the guy who caught the Arch's most recent encounter with lightning on film, was on a business trip in West Virginia as he monitored storms in St. Louis. He noticed the storms were "very lightning active," so when he saw one on its way to St. Louis, he packed it in early and headed for home.

Using a high-definition video camera, Robinson set up shop on Memorial Drive and waited, literally, for lightning to strike, though he didn't expect it would be twice.

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VIDEOS: Kansas City Schlitterbahn Tests World's Tallest, Fastest Water Slide

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Verruckt has 264 steps leading to the top, where four-person rafts will take riders down at 65 mph.
After six weeks and $1 million worth of delays, Kansas City's Schlitterbahn water park is finally testing its newest water slide, billed as the world's tallest, fastest and steepest.

Named after the German word for "going insane," the Verruckt water slide has 264 steps leading to the top, where four-person rafts will take riders down a seventeen-story fall and send them the equivalent of two football fields in eighteen seconds at 65 mph.

The ride was supposed to open May 23, in time for Memorial Day weekend traffic, but designers say the ambitious ride needs more fine-tuning before it can open to the public.

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VIDEO: Mike Anderson Surprises His Kids at Home, Talks About Prison and the Future

The moment. | Jessica Lussenhop

Yesterday was a huge day in the Anderson household -- Cornealious "Mike" Anderson was released from prison, and came home to surprise his children, reunite with his wife and eat a real meal for the first time in nine months.

Daily RFT was at the courthouse yesterday. We were also invited to his home immediately afterward and witnessed the moment he surprised his young sons who hadn't been told yet that their father was a free man.

We also got a chance to sit down with Anderson and his wife, LaQonna, to ask them how they're doing and what's next for them in the future.

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"Real Escape Rooms," the Mind-Bending Puzzle Game, Comes to St. Louis (Video)

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Tom Carlson
This is Trapped: Volume 2's final puzzle: A locked box...that has no lock.
This week's Riverfront Times cover story delves into St. Louis' first "Real Escape Room," an attraction that places a team of wannabe Houdinis in a locked room -- with an hour to escape.

The first of these locked room experiences popped up in Japan in 2007. Here in St. Louis, a bio-medical engineer at Philips named Nir Chezrony concocted the fiendish puzzles of Trapped: A St. Louis Room Escape: Volume 2 and enlisted the help two fellow engineers and a high school English teacher to bring his vision to life.

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VIDEO: This St. Louis Vaudeville Performer Really Hates Dick Pics

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Tom Casey
Gents, Sammy Tramp would like to have a word with you.
Hey dudes, it's quiz time: Let's say you like a girl and want her attention. Do you:

A. Buy her flowers.
B. Read a novel so you can offer intelligent-sounding sentences during conversation.
C. Send her a dick pic and a badly misspelled text message -- "nice titssss. fwb?"

Too many guys fail this test, says St. Louis vaudeville performer Kyla Louise Webb. So she wrote a song about it. The tune, titled "Don't Send a Dick Pic," is catchy as hell and contains strongly worded advice to guys who choose Option C.

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After a St. Louis Father's Tearful Plea, Facebook Makes Look Back Video for Dead Son

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John Berlin asks Facebook for his son's "Look Back" video.
Facebook will make a special Look Back video for a St. Louis father whose son died last year after his tearful YouTube plea went viral Wednesday.

John Berlin can't access the Facebook account of his son Jesse, who died at 22 on January 28, 2012. He doesn't have the password.

Without access to the account, Berlin can't see his son's Facebook Look Back, a new feature that encapsulates a user's Facebook history into a one-minute video in honor of the site's ten-year anniversary.

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KDHX's Chris Ward Shows the World What #FacebookIs10 Videos Should Really Look Like

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Courtesy of Chris Ward
When his #FacebookIs10 video wasn't good enough, Chris Ward made his own.
You've seen 'em. You probably can't escape them. You may even have one of your own.

The "Facebook Is 10" videos randomly compile moments from your online life into a sappy video montage in honor of the social network's tenth birthday.

But when Chris Ward, 88.1 FM (KDHX) marketing and communications director, let Facebook put together his mini-movie, it was mostly pictures of cats and Nicolas Cage. That's when he decided to make his own.

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New Yorkers Throwing Pizza on Joe Buck is the Funniest Thing You'll See Today

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Funny or Die
Joe Buck cannot believe that just happened.
New Yorkers really, really do not like Joe Buck.

In a spoof Super Bowl commercial released Thursday, Buck gets abuse (and a pizza!) hurled at him from New Yorkers who make it clear they hate his guts.

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How To Watch Construction Live During the St. Louis Gateway Arch Expansion

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The webcam's view of Walnut Bridge, live midday Monday.
Two cameras aimed at the construction under the St. Louis Gateway Arch went live this month, webcasting up-to-the-minute views of downtown and the waterfront.

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Sociopath Street: Local Starts Online Support Community for Sociopaths (VIDEO)

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Tom Carlson
Jessica Kelly
Jessica Kelly is a sociopath. She is 28 years old, not a serial killer, works a white collar tech job and has identified as female since her early 20's. She has a blog. She says she experiences no remorse and "little to no effective empathy."

Just six months have passed since her diagnosis, and Kelly says she wants to "demystify" the condition and educate the public. Last week she launched, an online forum she hopes will become a community of support for other sociopaths and those with antisocial personality disorders.

"I am outing myself because I think there is a lot of misinformation, and there is a lot of stigma," she says. "When people hear the word sociopath they run. I want to paint a somewhat humanizing picture of the condition."

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