One Last Ride on the Ancient Mayan Kingshighway Viaduct

Photo Courtesy of Flickr/Paul Sableman
The Kingshighway Viaduct, circa 2013

Earlier today, the Kingshighway Bridge closed over the Union Pacific Railroad tracks between Southwest/Vandeventer and Shaw Boulevard. Over the next two years, the bridge will be demolished and rebuilt.

We found ourselves getting nostalgic for the Kingshighway Skate Park after a properly joyous send-off this weekend.

See also: Things Got Rowdy at the Kingshighway Skate Park

But after watching an oddball video that recently surfaced on YouTube, we're also getting oddly nostalgic for the bridge itself.

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[VIDEO] Curtis Tinsley: Drawing Comics in a Post-Star Clipper Era

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Curtis Tinsley, a local illustrator and the pen behind our regular Crit Pick Comics feature -- walks us through some of his latest work (hey there, runaway sperms) and the genesis of his own business, Silverhand Comics.

He also touches on the recent Star Clipper closure, which was a real disappointment for comic appreciators around St. Louis. However, there is an underground indie comic scene building in St. Louis, and Tinlsey and company are on the frontlines.

Video and editing by Steph Zimmerman.

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[VIDEO] Inside St. Louis' Only Hospital for Dolls

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Welcome to the Doll Hospital from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

Anyone who's ever loved a doll knows the anguish that comes when dolly gets damaged or broken.

Terri Rankin's family has been rescuing dolls since 1979. Now Rankin runs Cathie Lee Doll Hospital, named after her mother, in north St. Louis County.

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What's It Like to Bare It All For PETA? Let These Naked Activists Explain [VIDEO]

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Stephanie Zimmerman
Emily Lavender, Shena Hendrix and Georgia Argiris braved the cold, naked, to promote PETA's campaign "I'd rather go naked than wear wool."
We all have causes we support. But few of us believe strongly enough in them that we'd parade around naked to raise awareness for the issue. With that in mind, Riverfront Times recently followed along with three PETA activists to better understand what it's like to bare it all in public.

"They're shocked to see us out there," Emily Lavender tells Riverfront Times videographer Stephanie Zimmerman while shivering alongside fellow volunteers Shena Hendrix and Georgia Argiris.

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[VIDEO] After Grief and Loss, Tracy Frank Finds Peace Through Fire-Spinning

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Tony Barsanti
Tracy Frank performing her fire-spinning as Rosy Glow.
The only reason Tracy Frank's young daughter Hadley is still alive is because of a stranger's quick thinking.

An army paramedic who happened to be on the road that day in 2012 cut Hadley out of her car seat after an accident killed Hadley's father, Frank's ex.

"She's still here," Frank says, holding back tears that come when she remembers that fateful accident. Between her ex-husband's death and their divorce two years earlier, "I've definitely been through most of the hardest things that adults can go through in their life in the span of about four years."

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Conan O'Brien Makes His Own Commercial for St. Louis-Based Invisible Girlfriend

Categories: Video

Invisible Girlfriend: Fake love. Real sad.
What happens when fake love starts to feel a little too real?

Comedic genius Conan O'Brien thinks he knows. He aired a parody commercial for the St. Louis-based tech startup Invisible Girlfriend on his TBS show Conan Monday night.

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[VIDEO] Surprised Cop Caught in Fox 2 Report Gets Featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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KVTI-TV (Channel 2)
"Wait, are those cameras rolling?"
St. Louis' KTVI-TV (Channel 2) got a special shoutout from comedian Jimmy Kimmel this week, thanks to a surprised cop's not-so-quick thinking.

Reporter Anthony Kiekow was giving a live update about a fire at an assisted-living facility in Herculaneum, about 30 miles south of St. Louis, when a police officer behind him realized he might be on camera and nervously scooched himself off camera.

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VIDEO: St. Louis All City Boxing Gym Students Sweep State Championships

Categories: Sports, Video

Ray Downs
Training at St. Louis All City Boxing.
St. Louis has a rich history with boxing; it stretches back to the 1904 Olympics. But in the last several decades, the number of gyms where at-risk youth can learn to spar for little (or no cost) shrunk to six from almost twenty.

That's where St. Louis All City Boxing comes in. Named for its regional approach to helping young boxers, All City gives students the boxing moves (and life skills) they need to succeed.

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[VIDEO] Cody Floyd: Student by Day, Drag Queen by Night

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Nicola Muscroft
Cody Floyd becomes Duchess.
When he's not studying art and fashion design, Cody Floyd transforms into Duchess, a social-butterfly drag queen with a glam look and killer dance moves.

Even when he's being his more masculine self, elements of Duchess shine through in his glitter nail polish and eye for beauty.

"Duchess and I both reach into that realm of androgyny," Floyd tells Riverfront Times videographer Nicola Muscroft. "Most of the time, Duchess is a little bit more feminine, obviously. Cody is a little more masculine, not too much."

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[VIDEO] David Metcalfe: Insurance Man By Day, Roller Derby Jammer By Night

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Nicola Muscroft
David Metcalfe, a.k.a. D Mouthful.
David Metcalfe's typical work day is nothing special.

He sits in a cubicle. He compares auto-insurance policies. He drinks coffee. He gets an hour for lunch.

But on Tuesday nights, Metcalfe sheds his bow tie, button-down shirt and buttoned-up demeanor for his alter ego D Mouthful, a roller-derby jammer whose name (he swears) is not a dick joke.

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