St. Louis MuckFest Scuttled by ... Excess Muck?

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Photo courtesy of Flickr/Presidio of Monterey
Competitors in a California-based mud run get filthy for the prize.

So here's how crappy St. Louis weather has been lately: Organizers had to cancel the St. Louis MuckFest because it's too damn mucky.

That's not a joke.

MuckFest MS is a fundraiser for multiple sclerosis that involves intrepid souls racing for 3.1 miles over "mountains of mud and outrageous obstacles that spin, swing, and fling them up, down, and sideways," in the words of its organizers.

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Crazy Golf-Ball-Size Hail Pummels Far West St. Louis County

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Cassandra Langley
Property manager Rick Schmitt holds some of the biggest hail from this morning's storm.

Welcome to this very gloomy Tuesday, and may we suggest you put your car in the garage if you're out in the far west-county area? There's an angry storm system churning through St. Louis, bringing with it plenty of hail -- some ice chunks are as big as golf balls.

Out at the Innsbrook Resort near Wentzville, administrative assistant Karen Denson says the staff scrambled to get all their vehicles under some kind of shelter.

"It was pretty dramatic," she says. "It started hailing little, and just kept getting bigger and bigger."

The storm got so bad, she says, the hail actually took out a couple of security vehicles' windshields. Here are some of the craziest hail photos we've seen from around the area.

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It's Stupid Cold in St. Louis This Week

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Herkie on Flickr
It's going to be a "berry" cold week, STL.
Get your layers on, St. Louis, because we're in for a week of bitter cold.

Forecasters say temperatures will plummet Tuesday from a sunny 24 degrees during the day to a blustery 8 degrees at night.

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Another Polar Vortex Winter? Experts Say Probably Not in St. Louis

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"Cold" is better than "polar vortex cold."
The polar vortex is coming, but this winter, it may miss St. Louis.

The U.S. winter forecast from Accuweather stirred up some national headlines this week by predicting that a winter like last year's, complete with extremely low temps and high snowfall, is likely in some parts of America -- but not so much in the Midwest.

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Storm Chaser Gets Coveted Shot of Lightning Hitting the Arch -- And It Strikes Twice!

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Photo courtesy of the Gateway Arch
The Gateway Arch is struck by lightning several times a year, but there's never been any problems.
After years of hunting for the perfect shot, a St. Louis photographer took an electrifying video of the Gateway Arch getting struck by lightning last Wednesday.

Dan Robinson, the guy who caught the Arch's most recent encounter with lightning on film, was on a business trip in West Virginia as he monitored storms in St. Louis. He noticed the storms were "very lightning active," so when he saw one on its way to St. Louis, he packed it in early and headed for home.

Using a high-definition video camera, Robinson set up shop on Memorial Drive and waited, literally, for lightning to strike, though he didn't expect it would be twice.

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Summer Polar Vortex Hits St. Louis: 10 Outdoor Activities To Do Before It's Hot Again

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Foolish Cross via Flickr
Now this is how you spend a summer polar vortex, St. Louis.
If only the polar vortex came every summer -- and never in the winter.

After a demoralizing and brutal winter under the icy thumb of the polar vortex, St. Louis is feeling a similar weather pattern that's capping summer temperatures at a pleasant 80 degrees.

It's not exactly a polar vortex, because the air mass cooling us off is coming from western Canada, not directly from the arctic, meteorologists tell the Associated Press. But with temperatures this nice, who cares?

See also: 25 Reasons to Love Summer in St. Louis

In honor of the season's uncharacteristically lovely weather, Daily RFT whipped up ten outdoor activities -- the kind that St. Louisans endure in the dog days of summer but that are so much more fun without sweat rags and dehydration.

Here are our suggestions for the best way to enjoy this week's "polar vortex":

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St. Louis Gets the Shaft in Tornado Weather Map

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Uh-oh, a storm's a-brewin'. Slip on your raincoats, St. Louis!
Remember when Monday night's storm brought rain, heavy winds and thunder through the St. Louis region?

Well, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration tried to give us a heads up that the storm could be a real dick.

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Tornado Touches Down in University City; Heavy Rains Bring Flooding

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UPI/Bill Greenblatt
Three cars were stranded after heavy rains Wednesday. No injuries were reported.
So far, this spring is shaping up to have as much extreme weather as the frozen winter St. Louis just survived.

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Everyone You Know Gets Car Washed, Goes for a Jog as St. Louis Warms Up

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Paul Sableman on Flickr
It's finally warm and dry enough to get a car wash!
We don't want to jinx anything, but it sure is starting to feel like spring in St. Louis.

After a winter full of polar vortices, frost quakes and far too many snow days, St. Louisans are itching to feel the sun on their skin -- and to get those salt stains off their cars.

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Amateur Weatherman's Warning for Missouri Is Kinda Spectacular

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Meet Frankie MacDonald, a 28-year-old weather guru from Nova Scotia whose YouTube forecasts have become something of an Internet sensation. Earlier this week MacDonald issued a dire message for Missourians: Be prepared for a major winter storm this Sunday, March 2.

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