Chef Cary Neff Talks Changes at Central Table and Educating the Community

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At the sandwich counter at Central Table Food Hall. | Jennifer Silverbeg

We knew there'd be big changes to Central Table Food Hall (23 South Euclid Avenue; 314-932-5595) when executive chef Nick Martinkovic left for Blood & Sand, but they're finally here. We sat down with chef Cary Neff, who oversees operations, about his new executive chef, community outreach and sweet pea squash.

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The Precinct Sued By Cincinnati Restaurateur

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The bar at the Precinct, with Cards memorabilia. | Nancy Stiles

Just when things were looking up for the Precinct (1900 Locust Avenue; 314-588-8899), it has been dealt struck another blow. Cincinnati restaurateur Jeff Ruby is suing Jim Edmonds and Mark Winfield's company MWS, LLC for use of the name "The Precinct." As Edmonds and Winfield have told us and many other publications, the name comes from the fact that the actual police precinct headquarters are moving in next door. Ruby doesn't think so -- he think it has something to do with his high-end steak house called Jeff Ruby's Precinct.

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Ultimately, it will be up to the court to decide. But let's review the claims, shall we?

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Bobo by Night Keeps Bobo Noodle House Open Late

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Vegetable pho at Bobo Noodle House. | Bryan Peters

Bobo Noodle House (278 North Skinker Boulevard, University City; 314-863-7373) is getting into the late-night game. The southeast Asian outpost of the Zoe Robinson empire will reopen Thursday nights from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. as a no-cover bar with drinks and dancing.

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India Palace's Gulab Jamun: A Fried Delight with Exotic Spices

Categories: Sugar High

Welcome to Sugar High, a series devoted solely to spotlighting the best ways to sate a sweet tooth in St. Louis. We'll sample the best the city has to offer at restaurants, bakeries and holes-in-the-wall, and provide some insight on how these confections are made along the way.

India Palace's gulab jamun. | Mabel Suen
Every culture has its own take on treats made with fried dough. At India Palace (711 Olive Street; 314-621-8533), it's the gulab jamun, described on the menu as "sweetened milk balls." The phrase means "rose berries," named after the dessert's rose-infused syrup and round shape.

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Se7en Cupcakes and Martinis, and Its Sin-Inspired Treats, Coming to Cottleville


At its very best, dessert is an indulgence -- some might even say sinful. That's the idea behind Se7en Cupcakes and Martinis. Seven, of course, refers to the seven deadly sins, not the very disturbing (but classic) David Fincher film. Husband-and-wife team Rebecca and Paul Tedford are opening up the bakery-cum-bar in Cottleville this summer.

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Banh Mi So #1 Closed for Renovations Until May 28

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Hu tieu bo kho (Vietnamese beef stew) at Banh Mi. | Erika Miller

South Grand Vietnamese restaurant Banh Mi So #1 (4071 South Grand Boulevard; 314-353-0545) will be closed for more than five weeks beginning today, April 22, for renovations. Owners Thomas and Lynne Truong announced on Facebook yesterday that they will reopen Banh Mi May 28 "with bright eyes and bushy tailed."

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Evangeline's Owner Don Bailey on Baling Hay, Playing Music and His Dream Last Meal

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Evangeline's Owner Don Bailey | Mabel Suen

When Don Bailey spoke with Gut Check about the opening of Evangeline's Bistro and Music House (512 North Euclid Avenue; 314-367-3644), he was adamant that he does not consider himself a chef. Be that as it may, the Millstadt, Illinois, restaurateur knows how to cook up some serious Cajun food, honing his craft in the Big Easy, post-Katrina.

Bailey is quite a storyteller. Get him going, and he will talk about his travels around the world playing music for the military, the time when he was given Louis Armstrong's red beans and rice recipe, or his kitchen adventures while on tour with his former band. Here, has a few more tales for us, as well as some thoughts on the St. Louis dining scene and his pants-free, QVC after-work ritual.

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What Is St. Louis' Most Underrated Patio?

The rooftop patio at Vin de Set. | Laura Ann Miller

We made it, y'all. It's finally patio season. We spent the whole weekend outside, and we can't believe we aren't drunk on a patio right now. There are so many good spots here in town, but not every day can be spent poolside at Cielo. So we want to know -- what patio is totally underrated?

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Guess Where I'm Eating This Breakfast Pizza and Win $20 to Porter's Chicken

Yummy breakfast pizza. | Nancy Stiles

We hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend with some outdoor fun. Alas, now it's a cloudy Monday. But maybe we can make it a little bit better with some free food. All you have to do is guess where we ate this breakfast pizza yesterday.

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Strange Donuts Approved for Second Location in Kirkwood

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The "Bart's Revenge" doughnut. | Jon Gitchoff

Speculation has been rampant ever since Strange Donuts (2709 Sutton Boulevard, Maplewood; 314-932-5851) announced it would expand to a second location after only a few months in business. Soon, fans were guessing Kirkwood would be the place -- it's fairly central and is similar in feel to Maplewood, home of the original. That is indeed where the second location will open sometime during the next few months.

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