Anheuser-Busch Condemns the NFL's Handling of Domestic Violence


Anheuser-Busch has been the official beer of the NFL since 2011, but that didn't stop the company from making its first statement on the league since the Ray Rice scandal came to light. In an official release, A-B says it is "not yet satisfied" with the NFL's handling of the situation.

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Blind Tiger at Sutton Place to Close Friday, September 19

The Bolo pie at Blind Tiger. | Jennifer Silverberg

Mike McLaughlin's rookie restaurant the Blind Tiger at Sutton Place (7376 Manchester Road; 314-646-8822) will close this Friday, September 19, after just a year in business. When we reviewed the pizza, ribs and whiskey joint, we acknowledged that there was some work to be done, but the pizza is just delicious. It first opened in December 2013.

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Mama's on the Hill to Open Second Location September 22

Mama's Pasta Challenge at Mama's on the Hill. | Zach Garrison

In another expansion announcement this week, Mama's on the Hill (2132 Edwards Street; 314-776-3100) (formerly known as Mama Campisi's) will open a downtown location on September 22. The somewhat beleaguered restaurant claims to the be originator of toasted ravioli and is home to a very hefty food feat, Mama's Pasta Challenge.

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How to Make Grenadine at Home in 3 Easy Steps

Categories: Drunken Vegan

Fresh grenadine at home. | Patrick J. Hurley

The Drunken Vegan, a.k.a. Patrick J. Hurley, is a full-time barman at the Civil Life Brewing Company and cocktail enthusiast about town. He's an unapologetic drunkard, a vegan and a bon vivant, and, no, he doesn't think those last two terms contradict each other.

To most, grenadine brings to mind those clear bottles of screaming chemical red mix in the liquor aisle at the grocery store. That stuff is made from corn syrup, red dye and natural and artificial flavors and tastes like -- well, it's hard to say what exactly it tastes like. In its current state, it's used for color only. What it ought to taste like and be made from is fresh pomegranate juice. The good news? It's very easy to make it at home.

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KimCheese to Hit Creve Coeur in October

kim cheese burger.jpg
The Kim Cheeseburger. | Jennifer Silverberg

Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant KimCheese (13435 Olive Boulevard, Chesterfield; 314-485-1408) has announced that a second location will open in Creve Coeur next month. The original is inside a former Dairy Queen, but don't let that fool you. The burger is one of the best -- and we mean the best.

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The London Tea Room's Blueberry-Lemon Cake: Perfect Pair with a Fragrant Cup of Tea

Categories: Sugar High

Welcome to Sugar High, a series devoted solely to spotlighting the best ways to sate a sweet tooth in St. Louis. We'll sample the best the city has to offer at restaurants, bakeries and holes-in-the-wall, and provide some insight on how these confections are made along the way.

London Tea Room's blueberry-lemon cake. | Photos by Mabel Suen

While growing up in the county of Hampshire on the southern coast of England, the London Tea Room's (3128 Morgan Ford Road; 314-241-6556) manager Jackie James adopted a knack for baking at an early age. She'd wait for her parents to go on their weekly Saturday stroll, during which time she'd experiment in the kitchen making pots of tea and sandwiches to go with her homemade rock cakes, shortbread and sponge cakes.

When Pat and Alan Richardson decided to open up a mom-and-pop tea shop to coincide their furniture business in 2007, James seemed like a natural choice to fill in when the cafe lost its baker. Since then, she's developed the range of in-house baked goods for the pastry case, including everything from rock cakes and their family's recipe for scones to a tried-and-true customer favorite: moist and flavorful blueberry-lemon cake.

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The 5 Best Oktoberfest Celebrations in St. Louis This Fall

Deutschland und bier! | Jon Gitchoff

One of the great things about St. Louis is its history. We can celebrate Mardi Gras with the best of them, thanks to our French roots, but St. Louis also had a large amount of German immigrants in the 19th century (Anheuser-Busch, anyone?). Today, that mostly means we have some awesome Oktoberfest celebrations starring Germany's best export, beer. There are celebrations all over town, so grab some friends and start drinking. One heads up, though: Belleville, Illinois, won't be having an Oktoberfest this year because of its 200th anniversary celebration, which takes place on the same weekend.

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Vote for St. Louis' Most Underrated Pumpkin Beer

What's your favorite brew? | Jennifer Silverberg

Scratch what we said last week -- it really does feel like fall. Pumpkin beers are everywhere, the more exciting sibling of the ubiquitous pumpkin spice latte. With the amount of craft breweries in town, we also have an unprecedented number of pumpkin beers. You gave us some great nominations for lesser-known brews. So what'll it be? Should we check out Charleville Brewing, Crown Valley, Ferguson Brewing or Square One?

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Chef Chat: Alex Cupp Is Adam's Smokehouse's Pit Boss

Categories: Chef Chat

Alex Cupp of Adam's Smokehouse | Cheryl Baehr

After cooking for the city's well-to-do at a private club, Alex Cupp was looking for a new culinary path. He never expected it would lead to the barbecue world, but when he saw the sign for a then-unopened Adam's Smokehouse (2819 Watson Road; 314-875-9890), something told him to go inside.

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St. Louis' "Best" Bean Pie, the Dessert That's Good and Good for You

Categories: Eat This?!

A slice of bean pie. | Stu Spivack

Bean pie is a classic dish in the African American Muslim community. When Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammed set out the group's dietary restrictions in the 1960s, popular items like sweet potatoes were out and the high-protein navy bean was in. It's the main ingredient in bean pie, and Muhammed claimed it could extend your lifespan.

Bean pie especially took hold on the east coast, but you can get them right here in St. Louis -- if you know where to look. Wanting to taste this unusual creation, we decided to seek out the maker of the self-proclaimed best bean pie in St. Louis.

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