Chef Chat: Joy Christensen Makes Sundaes and Merriment at the Fountain on Locust

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The Fountain on Locust's Joy Christensen. | Mabel Suen

Looking back on it, Joy Christensen admits she didn't know what she was getting into when she opened the Fountain on Locust (3037 Locust Street; 314-535-7800). She thinks that's a good thing. "I think that is how a lot of stuff gets done," she muses. "If people knew how hard some things would be, they wouldn't even try to do them."

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What is St. Louis' Most Underrated Muffin?

Banana-split muffins at Annie Moons. | Mabel Suen

When it comes to breakfast, we tend to agree with Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation -- why don't we just eat it all the time? However, you can't always grab a plate of eggs Benedict to go. A warm, fresh muffin will have to do. We realized we don't talk about muffins very much here on Gut Check, so hopefully you can help us out.

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The Best Food Events in St. Louis This Week: January 26 to 29

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Stop by the Tree House after-hours for the first STL Vegan Drinks event.

We can hardly believe January is already over. Well, almost. Finish it up with a bang with a wild game dinner, or pretend you're in New York at the James Beard House with Josh Galliano. Continue on for our food-related recommendations.

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Guess Where I'm Eating This Steak Salad and Win $20 to Apollonia

Steak salad with asparagus tips, roasted fingerling potatoes, mixed greens, roasted tomato vinaigrette, Gorgonzola cheese and red onion.| Nancy Stiles

Clayton Restaurant Week is sadly over (don't worry, it pops up a few times a year) but we got to squeeze in a meal at one of the coziest spots in the neighborhood. If you think you know where we got it, take a guess in the comments and we'll hook you up.

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Anheuser-Busch Buys Seattle Craft Brewer Elysian Brewing

Categories: Beer

Elysian is a Seattle-based craft brewery. | Richie Diesterheft

Anheuser-Busch is continuing its foray into the craft beer game: the acquisition of Seattle brewer Elysian Brewing was announced today. The buyout includes the brewery and its four area brewpubs. Elysian was founded in 1996 and currently distributes to eleven states, though not Missouri (yet).

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Original Red's Barbecue in Ferguson Closes

Categories: Food News

A protest happening outside of Red's on August 30, 2014. | Bryan Sutter

Red's BBQ (9300 West Florissant) has announced it will not reopen after sustaining damage in the Ferguson protests. The West Florissant mainstay tried to bounce back after protests in August and reopened for a short time. However, following the announcement of the grand jury decision, Red's was looted and burned.

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El Burro Loco, a New Traditional Mexican Restaurant in the Central West End

Categories: First Look

Tacos at El Burro Loco: tilapia, pastor and carne asada. | Photos by Mabel Suen
El Burro Loco (313 North Euclid; 314-224-5701) opened in the Central West End on January 13, filling a sizable space once occupied by Pasta House Co. Passersby might still notice some remnants from the Italian eatery around the edges of the exterior -- fortunately, the colors of Italy and Mexico's respective national flags interchange easily enough.

Behind the unassuming glass doors, however, the new restaurant takes on an identity all its own with a veritable kaleidoscope of vibrant Mexican-themed paintings and art filling every nook and cranny in the space. The menu matches this intensity with a bounty of house-mixed margaritas and piping hot plates.

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Help Budweiser Find Its Lost Puppy for the Super Bowl

Categories: Beer, Media

Help this handsome rancher and his majestic horse! | YouTube screenshot

Anheuser-Busch announced a few weeks ago that the iconic Clydesdales would be returning for Budweiser's 2015 Super Bowl ad. Last year, the commercial depicted a very cute friendship between horse and puppy, which will be back come game day. But alas, said puppy is "missing." We must find it.

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The Best Food Events in St. Louis This Weekend: January 23 to 25

Wolpertinger 2014. | Jon Gitchoff

January is already almost over, hopefully taking cold temperatures with it. Celebrate with crab boils at Broadway Oyster Bar's famous festival, or celebrate four years of "Wolpie" at Urban Chestnut. You can even get your seed swap on thanks to Gateway Garlic. Continue on for our food-related recommendations.

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Al Forno É: A New Pizzeria Featuring Specialty Wine-Based Pizza Sauce in the Delmar Loop

Categories: First Look

Al Forno É's "Pizza Alfredo" with herbs, artichokes, spinach and cherry tomatoes. | Photos by Mabel Suen
There's something special about Melville Avenue, a short strip of storefronts off of Delmar Boulevard's main drag. It's been home to everything from the Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant Seoul Taco to the traditional Indian cuisine of Taj Mahal. Last month, yet another ethnic eatery set roots on the all-too-easily overlooked street, and its contents bear a one-of-a-kind style of pizza worth the slight detour.

According to chef-owner Mario Esquivel, Al Forno É (567A Melville Avenue; 314-757-6542) is Italian for "it's in the oven." The native Guatemalan received formal culinary training in his father's hometown of Calabria, Italy, and opened his own Italian-food catering business in Clayton after moving to St. Louis three years ago.

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