Meet the Easy Chicken, a St. Louis Start-Up That Rents Backyard Chickens

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Look how easy! | The Easy Chicken

If you really want to be an urban hipster, you have to have chickens. But they're kind of a hassle -- how do you build a chicken coop? And keep them warm in the winter? And what exactly do chickens eat? The Easy Chicken can help you out.

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Mango Celebrates Peruvian Independence Day with Special Menu This Weekend

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Nectarine Chicano | Jessica Lees

Mango Peruvian Cuisine (1101 Lucas Avenue; 314-621-9993) is celebrating 193 years of Peruvian independence from Spain with a three-day fete.

Owner and chef Jorge Calvo created a special three-course dinner menu that will be offered Saturday, July 26, through Monday, July 28.

"This event for the Calvo family will be their way of celebrating this national holiday with their family and friends," says marketing manager Jessica Lees. "There's actually a pretty large Peruvian population in St. Louis, and our menu of traditional dishes and familiar street food will make them feel right at home."

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#73: Parmesan Chicken Broth at Bocci Wine Bar

Bocci Wine Bar's parmesan chicken broth with chicken confit. | Caroline Yoo

My partner is picky. Though he refuses to admit it, his decade-plus career in the kitchen has made him blasé about going out to dinner. It's rare that anything wows him, so when he tasted Bocci's (16 North Central Avenue, Clayton; 314-932-1040) Parmesan chicken broth and proclaimed it "the best dish [he's] had in a long time," I obviously took notice.

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Lucky's Market Opens July 30 in Ellisville


Looks like the county is following the example of Lafayette Square: Specialty grocer Lucky's Market (15830 Fountain Plaza Drive; 303-530-0782) is set to open Wednesday, July 30, with a slew of events. Fields Foods (1500 Lafayette Avenue; 314-241-3276) opened last year in Lafayette Square; both markets focus on locally grown produce and organic and natural products.

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The Best Food Events in St. Louis This Weekend: July 25 to 27

Catch food trucks and Field of Dreams on Art Hill tonight. | Tyson Blanquart

St. Louis Craft Beer Week kicks off this weekend with lots of events. It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend, so even if craft beer isn't your thing, we've got some ideas for you. Check out our food-related recommendations after the jump.

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Why Are the Urinals at 801 Chophouse Filled with Ice?

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Caroline Yoo

When our photographer went into the men's room at 801 Chophouse (137 Carondelet Plaza; 314-875-9900) to shoot a portrait for our roundup of the 10 Most Beautiful Bathrooms in St. Louis, the manager wanted to make sure that each urinal contained a fresh bucket of ice.

What? Ice in the urinal? We had to know more, so we called the manager and got the full story.

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Chef Christopher Lee Leaves Mad Tomato to Start Chef's Table STL

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Christopher Lee | Cheryl Baehr

Chef Christopher Lee has left Mad Tomato (8000 Carondelet, Clayton; 314-932-5733) after less than a year. He's moved on to a personal-chef venture called Chef's Table STL. We talked to Lee about what's next for him.

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Plank Road Pizza Now Open in Cottleville

Outside Plank Road Pizza. | Andrew Brewer

Plank Road Pizza (5212 Highway N, Cottleville; 636-477-6155) is now open in Cottleville in St. Charles. It's one of several new restaurants out west, including Rack House Winery and Se7en Cupcakes and Martinis. An 1841 home -- the oldest still standing in Cottleville -- houses the restaurant.

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Check Out the Final List of Breweries and Barbecue for RFT's Q & Brew in the Lou

A pour from participating brewery Urban Chestnut. | Jennifer Silverberg

Our inaugural Q & Brew in the Lou celebration is officially less than a month away. We've got a killer lineup of breweries and barbecue masters, which will be enjoyed in air-conditioning, no less. Check out who will be there and find out how to score tickets after the jump.

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Sauce on the Side Now Open in Clayton

The "Which Came First...?" calzone, filled with roasted pulled chicken, applewood-smoked bacon, jalapenos, egg, onion and mozzarella. | Jennifer Silverberg

Sauce on the Side's second location at 7810 Forsyth in Clayton is now open. The first calzone eatery opened downtown in August 2012, and owners Brendon Maciariello, Ryan Mangialardo and Daniel Porzel announced the Clayton location this past April.

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