In the Kitchen: Can'taloupe

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photo: Ian Froeb
Yes, that's parsley.

Before we embark on another busy week here at Gut Check, I thought I'd show you the result of my first attempt at making ice cream.

In fact, I decided to make sorbet. Canteloupe sorbet, to be precise. Pretty simple recipe: Puree four cups of chopped canteloupe, mix with a homemade simple syrup and freeze.

Here's a tip: When your ice-cream maker's instructions tell you to freeze the freezer bowl for six to twenty-two hours before using, err on the side of twenty-two. There was no way the ice-cream maker was going to finish at a reasonable hour, so I took the slush I had and froze it overnight.

The flavor was excellent, a burst of pure, sweet ripe canteloupe, but the texture was on the icy side, even for sorbet. Lesson learned. And now a week of good eats.

(And, yes, that's a sprig of parsley in the picture. I thought a sprig of mint would be a nice touch for the photo. But I didn't have any mint. I had parsley. I'm learning, food bloggers. I'm learning.)

-Ian Froeb

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