In This Week's Issue

photo: Ian Froeb
I'm in ur hamper, hiding ur Interwebz.

For reasons I couldn't possibly explain without several more years of education, this week's issue is not yet available online. In lieu of a photo from the new issue, I offer a picture of my cat Lilly.

But there's a hard copy of the new issue here at my desk, so you'll find it in the nearest RFT box soon enough. Go take a walk and see. Here's what awaits you.

I continue my "summer vacation" in Illinois at Erato in Edwardsville. Malcolm tries to keep down pickled pig lips (with a little help from a bag of Red Hot Riplets). And we welcome Kristie McClanahan to the Drink of the Week column, where she enjoys a rum and Coke at the Arena Bar and Grill.

Links to the Web page to follow.

-Ian Froeb

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