Small Plates: Tuesday, 6/12

photo: Ian Froeb
Finally, fondue.

Sorry for the late start this week. Yesterday involved staff meetings. Several hours of them.

Speaking of late starts, Simply Fondue has finally opened at 1629 Locust Avenue. No word yet on days or hours. I called over there and got a recorded message. The gist of it: The restaurant offers free valet parking Wed.-Sat.; leave a name and number for reservations. If you want to check it out, definitely call ahead: 314-335-7750. As soon as I receive more concrete info, I'll pass it along.

After I drove by Simply Fondue, I decided to check up on the progress of some of the new restaurants that the Downtown St. Louis Partnership trumpeted earlier this year.

photo: Ian Froeb
Coming soon: Jim Edmonds' Fifteen

First up is Fifteen, Jim Edmonds' restaurant and lounge at 1900 Locust Avenue. Not much happening there today, but work seems to be moving along both inside and out. The original press release from the Downtown St. Louis Partnership projected a summer opening, and that seems possible.

Later this week, I'll let you see what's up at a few Washington Avenue addresses.

-Ian Froeb

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