Weekend Eats

Look at all them big-box stores, pardner.

Sorry for the dearth of posts today. Dallas is so huge it takes half a day just to run a few errands.

(Not really, but I've never seen so many big-box stores and strip malls in my life. I visit here maybe once a year, and I think the number doubles each time.)

All in all, though, it was still a busy week here at Gut Check -- and after I have a few days of Texas-sized relaxation (and a Shiner Bock or two), next week will be even busier.

No plans for the weekend? Tomorrow you can stop by the Soulard Farmer's Market for the Chefs at the Market series. Alison Sieloff has all the details here.

Sunday you can enjoy the Starvin' Artist Barbecue at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis. Paul Friswold spills the beans here.

Whatever you do this weekend, eat something good!

-Ian Froeb

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