Whole Foods CEO Exposed

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey

Oh, man. I can't believe I missed this story this morning: Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey has been exposed as "Rahodeb," who for eight years posted on a Yahoo! financial message board, slamming such Whole Foods competitors as Wild Oats and promoting Mackey's skills and -- in at least one case -- his good looks. This could very well be the smoking gun the FTC needs to deny Whole Foods' proposed buyout of Wild Oats. If you're wondering, Rahodeb is an anagram of his wife's name. (Wall Street Journal - Subscription required, but I had no trouble reading it without.)

Related: Today I tried the fig-orange gelato at the Brentwood Whole Foods. It was delicious, like a Creamsicle making out with a Fig Newton.

-Ian Froeb

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