Green Accolades for MoBot Cafe

The Green Restaurant Association has named Sassafras, the cafe; at the Missorui Botanical Garden (4434 Shaw Boulevard), a Certified Green Restaurant. (That's trademarked, fyi.) It's the first restaurant in the state to be awared the designation.

Details on just how green Sassafras is after the jump...

From the press release:

The restaurant was remodeled in early 2005 to incorporate environmentally friendly materials. Tabletops and divider walls are made of recycled paper products and renewable agricultural resources. Areas around the service counter are made of natural cork oak bark, one of the best-rated sustainable materials available. Ceiling tiles contain over 70-percent recycled content. Ceiling lights use energy efficient fluorescent bulbs, and accent lighting uses compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). Natural light is maximized through skylights and windows.

Visitors will also find napkins and menus made from 90-percent post-consumer recycled paper, with no chlorine bleach. Food is served on colorful, washable dishware with real cutlery, so there is less disposable waste. Aerators installed on kitchen sink equipment help to conserve water.

Sassafras staff recycle all paper, glass, plastic, aluminum, steel, cardboard and more. Visitors are also encouraged to recycle waste in marked bins at the restaurant entrance. To-go orders are served in recyclable paper boxes, as opposed to polystyrene containers.

- Ian Froeb

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